Gamergate Fourth Anniversary

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It’s the fourth anniversary of #Gamergate and even though Gamergate itself is over, the aftershocks continue to rumble on, both genuine and fraudulent. It’s so silly really, one simple thing could help stop things carrying on this way.

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“See… I can get you what you want, I can. I can get you anything, you just have to talk to me, you have to trust me. You can trust me, ’cause I’m your priest, I’m your shrink… I am your main connection to the switchboard of the soul. I’m the magic man… Santa Claus of the subconscious. You say it, you think it, you can have it.”
– Lenny Nero, Strange Days

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13 Responses

  1. DuckRotation says:

    Remember when the majority of people talking about gamer gate couldn't stop using the word cunt? Man I'm sure some dumb made up shit about an industry that's doing better then ever in history sure must have changed things in order to justify the massive hate campaign sent to people. I'm sure that it wasn't just a bunch of autistic people placing a laser beam of concentration on something completely irrelevant. You can't really take back all the dumb shit done by people calling themselves part of your movement. Especially when … A lot of you are now fucking blatant /r/thedonald whiney crybabies. The only censorship going on is everyone telling people what games they can't make. Mind you the only ones doing that are the ones claiming their industry is being under attack.

  2. Bobby Bee says:

    Sounds like a very fair review of Gamergate, well done, havnet heard it summed up so fairly and concisely before. Funny how every industry that gets taken over by SJWs gets labeled sexist and racist when they point out the quality of the product is diminishing while it is turned into political propaganda. For once I think we totally agree lol.

  3. John Lenin says:

    There are fucking Fascists and then there are apologiests for fucking fascists. We’re going to exterminate both.

  4. Jonathan Bahr says:

    Still remember where I was when I heard about it; Listening to “Gamers with Jobs” podcast during a late night at work. Later found out a couple of the participants were on the GameJournoPros list.

    Later on a few more regular guests lost the plot as well.

    It was a real turning point for that show. Couldn’t listen to it after a couple more months after listening to it for a few years.

  5. Ralph Martin says:

    I couldn't put it better myself.
    My gaming and sci-fi group. Was loads of what would be called "outcasts" we did and still do welcome everyone.

  6. ExpressionAmidstCacophony says:

    Happy anniversary. I'm still not dead.

  7. Dissonant Vibe says:

    Jim, Jim, Jim…you're talking to much sense here…haha.

    I would say that while Gamers Gate may have exposed media corruption and incompetence, distrust in the media has been increasing for a long time. I think the Iraq War really exposed problems in the media to a lot of people

  8. The Squiggy says:

    Spot on Jim. Thanks for being a voice in this. Happy gaming day!

  9. Ike of Pyke says:

    Viv is still amazing

  10. Mark Magenis says:

    The first digital drama I encountered was pre internet days, late 1986, that resulted in secrecy/doxing/job terminations and a substantial threat based arround data protection – not to mention the worlds airline comunication systems crashing – happy days.

  11. Michael McNaught says:


    I bought your book Jim. One by one they picked us off… And it's still goin' on. Figured it was due when the went after your benefits and got you kicked off twitter.

    Btw you should tell KIA it exists somehow, maybe get it on the sidebar…saw a thread the other day with peebs shocked some "
    "academic" had made "a gamergate book"…cept it wasn't, it was an anti-gg "academic resource" filled with hilarious bullshit (for only $100! /s).
    Hope you're holding up ok, Signed a Burns lovin' Scots Egalitarian you used to know by another name.

  12. james bryant says:

    Dear god the first openly trans person I met was at my local gaming club.
    Took about 5 minutes to get over it.

  13. Giovanna Liviana says:

    The actual anniversary (or at least the date on which most seem to agree) is the 28th, the date on which the "Gamers Are Dead" articles came out, which turned a (relatively) tiny group of people concerned with violations of journalistic ethics into a massive consumer revolt.

    The hashtag was tweeted out late on the 27th by Adam Baldwin, but at that time, it was only the name of the scandal itself.

    The "movement" started on the 28th.

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