Gamer Girls Are Not Being Oppressed

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Bloomburg is really trying to use fake statistics to show the ‘oppression’ of girls in gaming and eSports. However, statistics will easily show this to be not true.

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24 Responses

  1. [666] DeGoA - says:

    2:20 I puked inside of my mouth hearing that

  2. Peter Udir says:

    This hit the nail in the head. good video man

  3. Gordon Freemason says:

    There is pretty good evidence that men have better reaction times than women, on average. That does pertain to esports as well as regular sports.

  4. Kronick Introvert says:

    but aren't they watering down physical requirements for the police force and military?…it's just feminist logic…the best woman is simple the best woman…the best man is the best…period…even a man won woman of the year…smh…

  5. Sneaky Sneaky91 says:

    I hate how it’s always the worlds fault that girls don’t play video games and stuff like that

  6. Stain says:

    like pewdiepie says girls aren'r video games

  7. chryz.wonderland says:

    Omg,seriously. ..let's just round up all the people who spread B.S like this. I'll give em a nice surprise as they wait for their activist badges.

  8. Ajani Akwara says:

    Just git gud

  9. Richard Samuelson says:

    Oh, and giving women special privileges for something everyone has to put up with makes women seem like self-entitled children who cannot deal with the real world.
    Great job, Progressives! You just demoted all of womankind to helpless toddlers who need their guardians' protection!

  10. Richard Samuelson says:

    4:19 That describes Affirmative Action in a nutshell.
    Companies hiring women over men and non-whites over whites just because they have to, not because they're the best fit for the job. The left wants Equal Outcome, not just Equal Opportunity.

  11. Ismoa 2607 says:

    If you want to play in esports just get good.

  12. puteraslayer says:

    subbing you from Malaysia. Awesome video. Yes we need more woman that play games. Not Candy Crush.

  13. Milan Tique says:

    lol only 45% of 2018 gamers were female? you mean out of the 2 genders only half are women? my god. that is just un-American lol

    also that stat is completely false since there is no way to figure out how many men or women play video games

  14. Mrboy21ful says:

    Difference between gamer and twitch thot gamer

  15. Abe Roman says:

    YouTube is also not oppressing you lol You just mad Jack Black got 3M subscribers.

  16. Ricardo Coleman says:

    It's impossible to be selectively marginalised on the basis of gender in a truly anonymous space. Either your game character is not anonymous or your not being singled out for your gender

  17. Tiberion Jraxiosn says:

    my phone is not a vidju gem

  18. karma tam says:

    Since there seem to be no feminist here I’ll pretend to be one
    Now I demand you delete yourself from existence

  19. Mustafa 98625 says:

    You sound like bird man but with a deeper voice you guys should do a colab

  20. Kaiser Wilhelm II says:

    You got nothing on me.

    1v1 me FarmVille Esports

  21. Out Of Position says:

    What about chess? I thought there was different leagues that were separate for women and men. Would you categorize esports like that?

  22. DanceMomsLollies says:

    As a female i literally cannot fault any of your arguments cause I agree with all of them. I’ve had sexist comments before but ya know what? There’s always going to be assholes, that’s the world we live in. People also get racist comments yet you don’t see a campaign to feature more Indians etc. Geguri is a professional Overwatch player who plays in the Overwatch League and she’s female? So if she can do it why can’t any other girl do it? Git gud scrubs and stop asking for special treatment cause y’all are making it worse.

  23. Nick 46 says:

    Everyone knows that if you have a vagina, you're oppressed, obviously duuuuhhh…….

    If anyone gives a reply that you believed I thought this, I will proceed to insult you, because you have to be brain dead.

  24. Steven Lengenfelder says:

    Men have different brain structures and are, in general more intelligent. Don't hate me for saying that. Just facts. Women, through biology just so happen to be on average, intellectually and physically weaker then men.

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