Gamer Cringe Compilation

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The “i dont know guy”

This video is for entertainment purposes only

Don’t take this seriously

Gamer Cringe Compilation

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21 Responses

  1. Ben Breuker says:

    N O T I C E M E Šęñpäî notice me

  2. Ben Breuker says:

    1:34 HIPPO Crits

  3. Gecko557 Aj says:

    Good to see sammy here

  4. Arctic Leak says:

    The first frame is of a man who is clearly dead inside

  5. Faint Smile says:

    who is the pacman guy

  6. Jenna the pansexual lemon says:

    How is that first guy married? Its not even about looks, it's about how he acts. This man belongs in an insane asylum.

  7. Lord Of Toasters says:

    Being a below-to-average gamer, Idk if I should be offended or not.

  8. Dj Spaghet says:

    Oh god…

  9. Robert Bueno says:

    Pac Man dude should be a sitcom character

  10. Typical Cringe says:

    drinks fake bleach

  11. Peculiar Little Planet says:

    The "I dunno" guy looks like Gerard Way

  12. Derp Mcsquirt says:

    This is horrible

  13. Viktor Aggerholm says:


  14. gavyn young says:

    What the freek

  15. I only comment in 3 word says:

    Wish I Have Dementia

  16. I am a Chicken says:

    I dunno asks questions I dunno

  17. I am a Chicken says:

    I have not cringed

  18. ஃ ஃ says:

    I dunno

  19. John Doe says:

    What did the cashier mean when he told the Pac-Man guy
    "keep the great yellow one from going through my wallet again?"

  20. Jamie Adams says:

    The first guy: Pac-Man makes your nipples tingle. Far too much information, mate!

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