Fund-raiser Stream/Playing Arcade Games With Wackeroni

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I need to make my rent payment by Dec 5th, and am currently trying to get a job.
Thank you to everyone who has donated,You guys are awesome!!!!!!
Donation amounts and rewards below:
$1-$4= Shout-out
$5-$9= You chose a stream or a video title.
$10-$19= You can add your own shout-out and a link to my video descriptions.
$20+= You can cohost a video or a live stream with me.
If you have another Idea, get a hold of me, we can work something out.
Click the thing to donate:
Join the Drinkin and Gamin Discord:

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  1. Zeke ZekeKan says:

    Yeah fuck Google, your videos are awesome. This bowls for you.

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