Frogger Arcade Game Review – SEGA/GREMLIN developed by Konami

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Here’s a quick video demo of a Frogger arcade game cabinet I picked up. Great game!

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32 Responses

  1. Anthony the App Guy says:


  2. Yumry says:

    Might be getting one of these machines soon, my dad's friend says he might give us his Frogger, super awesome. I've always wanted to have some arcade machines, lately I've been checking Craigslist a whole bunch to see if I can find anything. Nothing yet, but maybe some day I'll find something I can afford and fix up.

    PS – If you read this, what's the best method for painting a cabinet? I have a Cherry Master slot machine that I'm in the process of converting to MAME, it's going good so far but it looks like it has black plastic laminate on the sides so I'm not so sure how to go about painting it.

  3. Kurt Mauer says:

    Please someone tell me what it means when your frog turns red.

  4. ClassicTVMan1981X says:

    The relationship between Sega and Konami over this game may have lasted a little longer if only a disclaimer for Konami were included in the original arcade flyers, which at the time of its original release would read:
    "The FROGGER arcade game is manufactured by Gremlin Industries under license from Konami Industry Co., Ltd., Osaka, Japan." Elsewhere in the world, Sega also marketed three other Konami games, Scramble, Super Cobra and Loco-Motion (Japanese and European name: Guttang Gottong).

  5. Jalen Sonic Gamer says:

    SEGA mad Sonic The Hedgehog

  6. Ken Rawlings says:

    Great game frogger!  I have the GAKKEN handheld

  7. Nicholas M Daskievige says:

    Frogger was in Seinfeld

  8. John's Arcade Game Reviews & Tech says:

    Why not? 🙂 I like to show what's going on in each of the vids.

  9. Jaden H. says:

    The gay rage?

  10. pgj1997 says:

    0:53 you seriously didn't notice the monitor isn't in position?

  11. PinBallReviewer says:

    Dang I need to shop with you. o.O
    $25 for a cab dang that is a steal!

  12. Chad Quick says:

    I love this game. It is so much easier to play in the arcade with a good joystick. Used to play this at a local quickie mart. They had three games in the back: Frogger, Moon Patrol, and Mario Brothers. This was in 1984-1985.

  13. dakarus says:


  14. carm3d says:

    @Eurt76 What else goes on in the gayrage?

  15. Eurt76 says:

    Damn, saw frogger the other month for 100 bucks on craigslist. Didn't bother asking about it. There's some game I see in philly that might be a conversion of it but I'm not sure. The wires when you open the coin door look 1000 years old. It's expensive to buy and hard to fix up. Oh well, I might get it.

  16. Eurt76 says:

    We are in the GAYrage!

  17. Henry Petty says:

    lol "Hey guys we are in the GAY-RAGE!!" LOL thanks for the videos how much you want for the Donkey Kong cabinet? I've been needing one forever. Great vid

  18. BossBossly says:

    Very nice, fun game and a true classic. I love the marquee on that cabinet and how the tire mark runs down the bezel and control panel.

  19. Atmus says:

    first vid of your i have watched and dude you are hyper its awesome

  20. gutsman004 says:

    Man,I was hoping it had the original WG monitor in it so I could ask if you could give me a value on a resistor that burned out on mine.The thing's burned to a crisp so I can't read anything and I can't find anything online about it.Oh well….

  21. Dow's Photography says:

    That APB looks SWEET in the garage.

  22. unearthVII says:

    great man!!! good to see your collection!!!!

  23. Gamester81Arcade says:

    Excellent pickup on the Frogger cab! It's a great addition to your already amazing collection.

  24. Boxy Brown says:

    Love your videos, happy gaming

  25. sinistermoon says:

    Very awesome!

  26. Leighton Williams says:

    @djpipotheoriginal lol, I'd imagine he ment Gamerage but it was cut short a little bit early.

  27. Leighton Williams says:

    I wish I had the room you got, I have been thinking of getting a small cab, preferably a small playchoice or a small cab in general because I miss those games but the trouble is finding a spot to put it in with out being in the way or having to move it every five minutes. lol ( Oh and the cost of actually buying one. lol )

  28. lilmul123 says:

    You have an awesome hobby. I have only a Neo Geo cab right now and I used to have a Choplifter and a Street Fighter II, but I'd like to get back into it some day.

  29. Luis Flores says:

    0:07 did he say gaaaayyrage just kiding nice vid dude

  30. jumblejunkie says:

    holy rats nest inside! Cab looks great though!

  31. Henry Petty says:

    awesome John!!!

  32. OldMusicOnVinyl1 says:

    Frogger is an awesome classic game. I have it in MAME.

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