Friday the 13th Killer Puzzle – JASON’S COLD HEART! Ep. 2

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Outtro song: By SpacemanChaos!

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46 Responses

  1. Lee Ryan Marinduque says:

    Delirious i thought you like teddy bears not cat

  2. Good or evil King good queen bad says:

    Oh Nooo penis has died

  3. Good or evil King good queen bad says:

    If Friday the 13th was teen titans go I would like Jason to kill robin

  4. Pauli Castillo says:

    I would give you my heart delirious 17:13

  5. Jayden Barnette says:

    I guess you can say those stoners were…STONE COLD!

  6. Brian Stafford says:

    happy birthday to me

  7. Brian Stafford says:


  8. Glitchy Fur says:

    9:18 sing-ger

  9. Girl Foxy Gaming says:


  10. Isaiah Fluellen says:

    wait are you Jason vorhes

  11. F I N E S S E B E L I Z A R I O says:

    Vanoos is the best not delirious

  12. Alberto Medina-Santacruz says:

    did you forget you8 can combiane wapons to make better ones

  13. Jonathan Trimble says:

    delirious do you love kittys as much as teddys?

  14. Jonathan Trimble says:

    mom shut up-Jason voorhees 2018

  15. Johny Games says:

    Probably you are so good because you are the number 1fan of jason

  16. Juan Pablo says:

    the lvl 11 of killer puzzle DEAD MEAT was added to the game and killed him

  17. Aden Voois says:


  18. the king of l4d2 says:

    Delirious is a great rapper

  19. Red Play says:

    Love you

  20. elaine cotterill says:

    When delirious rung the other phone I said 2 thing 1 do you wanna be in probation 2 new phone who dis lol

  21. elaine cotterill says:

    14:11 flute aaaauuuuaaaa

  22. elaine cotterill says:

    Do you wanna be a singer AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH beautiful volcals

  23. elaine cotterill says:

    Gonna kill everyone in the whole wide world…SHIT

  24. elaine cotterill says:

    Ice ice jason……aaaaaaaaah

  25. Doge WOW MUCH RECORD says:


  26. Abigail Horning says:

    Gonna kill this man, gonna kill this girl, gonna kill everyone in the whole wide-SHIT

  27. GamerkiddoCody says:

    Im a good gnome and youve been G N O M E D

  28. Aurourascout says:

    Gonna kill this man gonna kill this girl gonna kill everybody in the hole wide worl- shit!

  29. Taivanbat Tumurbaatar says:

    I have the golden crowbar

  30. Alan Givens says:

    Jason gets a lot of weird weapons in this game.

  31. Aaron Loflin says:

    Well Linda from bob's burgers is dead…..twice

  32. johnnie Tuff says:

    What if u don't get kill zone

  33. Kawaii Girl says:

    lol friday the 13th is my brothers bday. The day this was posted to be exact.

  34. GNKG Chum - Roblox and more says:

    Fight! 34:37

  35. MYTHICAL KAOS INC 43 says:

    This was on my b day

  36. Jason Voorhessgamingx says:

    I have a question can u change Jason for for story mode

  37. troolface yanghebat says:


  38. Veronica Mora says:

    Delirious always make me happy and laugh

  39. Jeslyn Lip says:

    I kept laughingwhen jason missed with the guy stabed on the skeleton arm

  40. Whizkey _ says:

    Sup delirious

  41. Turtle Troop says:

    23:26 r.i.p "need a hand" joke

  42. Mckenzie Yang says:

    U can take off the mask when you finish the level

  43. k j says:

    When Jason fell in the hole it was the final friday

  44. denzel zaid says:

    Delirious is being Jason while playing the game

  45. michele Shaw says:

    It is

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