Free PC Upgraded to a $250 Gaming PC

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Being the go-to PC building guys in your city has its benefits. We find a lot of used PC’s that people just want to get rid of, and today we are giving this old i7 860 Dell XPS Studio desktop a new life. How does it perform?

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27 Responses

  1. Matthew says:

    Plans on moving XPS 8500 I got for free into a microatx case

    *watches video


  2. AMallah 64 says:

    How do I use the 20% code. Is it at purchase???

  3. Meliodas Masina says:

    First off I love what you do!! And I’m a huge fan. if you could please donate I want to get at least a computer to start any amount helps… my family is not doing well and we can’t afford a computer for me so if you could help thank you so much!!

  4. Theodore Oei says:

    you know from where i come from you can get a 2016 office key or windows 10 key for nearly 3 bucks

  5. Stealth Elmo says:

    well my lil brother has a windows 10 laptop and he gets trash frames and ping is too hight he plays ok on a trash grafic settings if u ever gift a free laptop for gamimg hmu man i would really apriciate it man keep doing what ur doimg man ur amazing

  6. Juan Gonzalez says:

    This some cool shit

  7. Lil Chris says:

    Is that the Z-Line designs something chair?

  8. lightingvickey says:

    2 mins of silence for who dint notice that benchmark scores

    Fake benchmark idint expect this :

  9. Lazy says:

    For 250 dollars i got an rx 570 strix 4gb 8gb kingston low profile ram ddr3 a kl-c500 psu a gigabyte motherboard a a8-5500b arctic 64gt cooler 3.8 terabytes of hdd space and an aerocool aero 500.

  10. DmanPC1 says:

    Flip pc

  11. SweaterFlix says:

    Why a windowed case with that god awful cooler?

  12. MR. cz says:

    I don’t get it how can you get 130 FPS on overwatch with such old parts damn

  13. ADRIAN CORIC says:

    Just a quick question not related to the video, it might sound dumb for some of yall but i was wondering i i could use my cooler from my i3 4th gen processor for like a i7 4790k ? I dont know mutch about parts for processors and compatibility…

  14. stev _ says:

    Where can I get the RGB fans?

  15. Vandiekins says:

    Hey there. I have notices you have the monitor as me. Just wondering if you have had any issues with it, like some thin lines running across the whole screen or part of the screen looking damaged after not being used for some time?

  16. Dominykas LT says:

    Nice pc build fam. I was wondering if you could help me out on my rig. It's decent, but i still get alot of frame drops in games like fortnite, Cs:go and other. The specs are better then this pc (not the graphics card) but the performance is not enjoyable at all. Also bought 16 gb of ddr3 ram (8gb x 2), and started to get alot of bluescreens on my pc since i upgraded my ram. Maybe you can give me some tips, cuz this is really frustrating..
    PC Specs:
    Gtx 750 ti ; AMD Athlon x4 860k quad core; 16 gb ddr3 ram 2400mhz; 240 gb ssd;

  17. Dark Knight says:

    Yo, should I do i5 8400 with 1050ti or ryzen 5 2600 with rx 580? Its for gaming

  18. SimplyMigz says:

    I have the exact same case

  19. ManateeGaming says:

    That i7 cooler is triggering my OCD

  20. Team Alpha says:

    Well Done Team Alpha Gaming Approves 🙂

  21. Kick Mi says:

    This channel is a great channel these guys know what there doing they have inspired me to make a channel of my own keep up the good work Toasty Bros

  22. Odd_Golden says:

    This is how I built my PC a year ago

  23. Mobile Players says:

    Why the rx 570 gpu you bought without any bidding? It a used one too but this one and other ones does requires bidding.

  24. Matthew Day says:

    Did you switch the 2x 4GB into one channel and the 8GB in the other

  25. blastt says:

    Can you message me on Instagram I really need help on a pc it’s my first one my insta is chase.schafer

  26. Dexterity Gaming says:

    I thimk I broke Office. I bought once as a student and i have on five PCs. Is that normal?

  27. TheBlockyGuy MCTF says:

    Hey Matt I found an asus strix gtx 970 OC edition with 4 gb gddr5 for 80$ what do you think?

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