Free Gaming PC Build 2018 – Benchmarks in Fortnite, PUBG, Far Cry 5

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The free gaming pc build series concludes today! The PC consists of an i7 2600, GTX 960 2GB and 6gb of ram. In this video, we are going to be going over the additions made to the PC and then benchmark it at 1080p in 3 popular titles.

👉Specs List
– I7 2600
– GTX 960 2gb
– 6GB DDR3
– 1TB Seagate HDD
– Cooler Master Q300L –
– Seasonic 550FM –

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33 Responses

  1. Paul Rippcord says:

    What absolutely love with this case is the room for customization. Hate the crappy bottom filter? Create a magnetic dust filter from scrap material. Think the front and top filters look too plain and come off to easily? Add a bunch of short metal studs (the kind that you find on jackets or wrist bands) in between the intake holes and whip out the spray paint. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

  2. GH radical says:

    Why do I watch these videos iam too young to get a job and my parents will NEVER get my any parts to build a pc or get me a pre built pc

  3. Zaxe says:

    I mean it's not really considered free it was an gift…. You might remember me from your streams <3 :p

  4. hybrid1880 says:

    How do you deal with Dell Optiplex motherboards that have proprietary power? What did you have to do to the power pins on the motherboard?

  5. c bishop says:

    im still running a 2600k with a z77 board and a rx580 8gb and 16gb of ram love ive had it since 2012 (not the video card thats new'ish) its still a beast

  6. DaviTuga says:

    I wish I had a pc gamer 🙁

  7. arun srivastava says:

    Give me plz I wanna play Fortnite

  8. Ign0r3 Me says:

    I want a PC please

  9. DarkWEB76 says:

    Q300L Great Ideas

  10. Uncertain Logic says:

    man, rebuilding old pcs is great fun. My desktop has a distinct lineage all the way back to the great-great-great-great grandfather of it. One of the hard drives comes from the from my first franken-build that I did 2 years ago. That thing was a beast, I took a couple old computers from work that I found in closets, a computer my coworker gave me, and played mix and match until Franken-Beast was born. 4 or 5 versions later I'm at my current configuration.

    RISE frankenbeast, rise!

    I may well end up going with a new motherboard and case one of these days. When I attached the CPU cooler I used all the grace and charm of an enraged gorilla and now 2 of the 4 ram slots are kaput.

    Funny how that works. 🙁

  11. Marco Herrera says:


  12. Melvin Dinkins Jr says:

    Love the Q300L

  13. al jiester Olivar says:

    i didnt own a pc before and i really want to experience how it feels to have one pls let me handle that.

  14. IDMooseMan says:

    Q300L; An SSD would be an awesome upgrade for this system.

  15. Michael Mongalo says:

    someone gifted me the same pc, dell xps 8300 but with an i5 2300, 8gb of ram, 700w 80plus bronze psu, hd6950 and a dead mobo 🙁

  16. X58 Gaming says:

    I'd love to see that i7 paired with some more powerful GPUs! It would be great to see what it's limits would be as people still rave about the i7 2600k's ability to keep up with modern GPUs but nobody talks about the stock clock variants for more budget gamers.

  17. weealexZ says:

    You sound so much like vsauce

  18. Andrew Lott says:

    The studder is probably because of ram, not vram, I know fortnite alone uses 6 gigs on my pc and ram causes isues at just 80 percent usage

  19. Mr Clyburn says:


  20. I DUBSTEP says:

    I want that pc

  21. Cathal Smyth says:

    I need it pretty badly, I only have a Ryzen 2200g and no gpu!

  22. xd Happyツ says:


  23. da 31x54 says:

    So i can get a free pc ?

  24. Reese says:

    Never owned a pc and want one bad it would be put in great hands I'll have it thanks xxxx

  25. haunted by you says:

    a gameboy is better than my pc

  26. Zach's Tech Turf says:

    Q300L, awesome video!

  27. Pierre Lourens says:

    old case is better

  28. ME NAK ZIN II says:


  29. phil Jt says:

    I'm rocking a Dell XPS 420 with the red GPU as my tv entertainment center, gaming PC, and windows browser. any thoughts on cheaply upgrading mine like you did with this one?

  30. voteDC says:

    When I first started watching this channel I wondered why it was called the Toasty Bros as I only ever saw Matt in videos, I didn't know Jackson existed.

  31. Macky Boy says:

    Q300L i wish to have this pc coz i cant afford my own pc coz im playing games in an internet cafe and i cant help it. Thaaaank u toasty bros for awesome vids like dis one.

  32. Preston Mathis says:

    Q300l sell the PC and see what you could build brand new g5400 2200g.

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