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  1. AnimeBoy says:

    Well, shit! I would be pissed off if somebody hacked my Z girls account.

  2. Ids Eekerk says:

    I know this channel a few years, and i started to see al vids of Boogie, now i have vacation since 27 aug for 3 weeks, but this Francis vid frightens me. And i have a few years to go πŸ™‚ Fantastic what you do now in 2018 and in the early years. One of my hero's.

  3. Sirjosh 209 says:

    Anyone watching from 2018?

  4. Mr. Hyruletauren says:

    ItΒ΄s been 8 years since Ray William Johnson made him famous.

  5. tortoise 2.0 says:

    He makes it seem so real!

  6. Jesus Christ says:

    Who else is watching after his draw my life video

  7. BigMike1294 says:

    Please don't stop doing Francis sketches!

  8. Take Hofstra says:

    8 years ago when I still played the game, I thought this was real!

  9. da_bois _know_me says:

    He was so small untill someone gave him a shout out and now he has 4.5 million subs

  10. Jsjdndbdbh Hdhdhjddj says:


  11. Mexy says:

    Dont cry francis πŸ™

  12. Nostromo says:

    Still here in 2018 Francis. Here's another 0.1 cents towards your monthly sub. And some therapy man.

  13. Enclave Soldier says:

    hey goiys it's me Francis

  14. BAP BIP says:

    Dang ive been there and I feel bad

  15. Huhy 7 says:

    No king rules forever my son.

  16. RandomGAMINGVideos says:

    That picture in the background lol

  17. Cleavatron says:

    I miss this so much.

  18. rainingjimmy! says:

    I was the haker no lie

  19. GOD says:

    I want that princess leia poster hahahaha

  20. Sam Wise says:

    I’ve cried shits sad when you get hacked

  21. Steven Jones says:


  22. Nick Sommerer says:

    2010 was filled with earrape

  23. Marcus Mckenzie says:

    Who doesnt love a good rage!!!!

  24. Wanderer says:

    He's a comedy genius, and man has he came far with his life, and he will go further.

  25. Poly says:

    Back when sarcasm and satire wasn't a way of comedy. When videos like this were somewhat easily to take at face value and believe this guy was serious

  26. Stacie Streck says:

    God, this video is such a classic. It's the reason I even know who Boogie is! I can't even BELIEVE it's been 8 years since it came out.

  27. jokinha23 says:

    sem vida

  28. JayPlaysArcades says:

    Boogie has really come a long way.

  29. Spag Heddy says:

    Who’s here from Boogies latest video?

  30. jack kitchen says:

    Remember to secure your accounts folks

  31. mary rivera says:

    AWwww it ok

  32. James Michael Harding says:

    That poster on the wall……*drools*

  33. shane the ninja boy says:

    angry german kid mode activate 2:17

  34. Marvel Stuff says:

    @WOWchick Most reliable place

  35. Capt. Turdick says:

    Idk why it's Feb 2018 and I'm just now seeing this for the first time. Dilly Dilly

  36. Cesar Camacho says:

    Time pass so fast, i remember when this came out

  37. Jason says:

    2018 Bois

  38. lucas L says:

    Vim pelo jovem nerd

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