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Fortnite down as Season 7 adds planes, ziplines, custom weapons and new locations to a snowy island – everything we know so far

Epic has also confirmed that Season 7 will bring a brand new sandbox mode to the game called Fortnite Creative. The Minecraft-esque mode will be available for all Season 7 Battle Pass buyers from tomorrow, before becoming playable for all Fortnite players on 13 December.

Snow has also begun to fall on Fortnite island, which we can only presume will get heavier as the week goes on and Season 7 approaches.

The Battle Royale phenomenon shows no signs of abating. Earlier this month, developer Epic Games said that Fortnite has 8.3 million concurrent players and that the game has now topped 200 million registered players. A quite staggering number, particularly as the game celebrated its first birthday in September.

That it continues to attract such numbers worldwide, with a recent release in Korea boosting its numbers still further, means that anticipation for Season 7 is about to reach fever-pitch. But what will the next major update to the game bring to its map and mechanics? Here is everything we know about the upcoming season so far, from confirmed details to the leaks and rumours from Reddit’s Fortnite super-sleuths.

‘Fortnite’ Season 7 Battle Pass Revealed, Here’s What’s In It: Weapon Skins, Airplanes, More

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