Fortnite on Xbox One S

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35 Responses

  1. Weather Man says:

    I got a xbox 1s for Christmas I was so happy 😀

  2. Broc Manuel says:

    You're better at fortnite my brother is not very good at it

  3. Jaden Halevi says:

    How did u record this?

  4. michal madrid says:

    What is your name in Fortnite?

    My SpottyAttick4292 or Michałmadrid

  5. Russ Stokes says:


  6. Reed Clark says:

    2019 ENYONE

  7. Urso Chitado says:

    MENS EM PLENO 2018 EU ESTOU COM UMA DÚVIDA……DEVO COMPRAR O: PlayStation 4 ou Xbox one S ?

  8. Mini_ Libra says:

    Ta modifié les texture de ton jeu enculé , tu cherche a dénigré la beauté du jeu sur la one s

  9. riley the gacha girl says:

    I just got an xbox 1 s

  10. Dominic Selleck says:

    I have an Xbox 1 X

  11. SorraGames says:

    This is literally me when I’m playing fortnite on my Xbox one s

  12. 757Mysteries says:

    I got the same Xbox today…

  13. Victor Prieto says:

    are you a noob/or pro

  14. Vinkel 44 says:

    You are a fucking NooooooB

  15. David Turner says:

    Who else is getting a xbox one for Christmas

  16. Dragoon Games says:

    2018 anyone lol i usally dont do this heheh…….eh……….k

  17. memes pubg says:

    Com o cartão ssd? Ou sem?

  18. UnknownGamer says:

    I have the Xbox one s and I’m playing on a 1800 dollar oled Samsung and it don’t even look that crisp. It’s hazing in the background and nothing looks crispy clear unless it’s within 10 feet. Any idea why. Also only got the tv cuz of a raffle I entered or I would be using an X.

  19. Brick Studios says:

    Ahhh the glory days

  20. Laffy Taffy 4554 says:

    Rip 3rd default dance at 0:18

  21. Adam Roy says:


  22. Bloody Morgs says:

    I made a video of it as well hopefully some of you could watch

  23. Thee kaio says:

    N sabe construir kk

  24. xZgreed1337 says:

    I have a video from season 2 too

  25. MP- Recruta says:

    It is on Xbox one X ?

  26. ChasVlogs Team says:

    0:08 i miss that emote!!!

  27. NEXO - Gaming says:

    Are you on 720p or 1080p

  28. JIRKA DIVIÅ  says:

    IT I
    IT IS

  29. anonymous gaming says:

    Pls subscribe to our channel

  30. S4LTY YT says:


  31. Dragon Tanker says:

    First of all it's not dark only at night unless you did something to your settings

  32. victoriaxxyolo says:


  33. ShEhaN Zoforo says:

    No one thanked the bus driver

  34. ShEhaN Zoforo says:

    None thanked the Bus driver

  35. Ghost Max says:

    Ahh when it was peaceful..

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