Fortnite Nintendo Switch DIY Edition

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DIY Nintendo Switch Fortnite Special Edition!
Everything you need to make your own!
Dbrand Switch Skin:

Fortnite Decals –
Fortnite Decals Part 2 –
GameSir Keyboard and Mouse –
Kontrol Freek CQC Thumbgrips –
Kontrol Freek Battle Royale –
SteelSeries Artis 3 Bluetooth –

💥💥💥Stuff I Use💥💥💥
Music Source:

Game Capture:

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23 Responses

  1. Reino Van Rooyen says:

    I went to dbrand to see if I can find a pokemon themed skins…not sure how to navigate the site

  2. GamerRising says:

    I hate Fortnite but thumbs up for the nice design!

  3. diggykanga says:

    Kinda looks to much, less is more

  4. TheKingKurb says:

    As a sign fitter I must say you've done a terrible job

  5. RukaXV says:

    Hey, remember when these guys actually had consoles and controllers repainted with special designs and didnt put stickers on them and call them "special editions"? I do.

  6. Carlos Hernandez says:


  7. KirbyKid says:

    Why dont you just put one CQC KF on the left and keep a Battle Royale KF on the right

  8. Jose Sediles says:

    Ugly AF!

  9. glp fan says:

    Could you try a ns nes skin or something like that for the switch

  10. Timothy Hiehle says:

    The content looks so So Good! Are you shooting in S-log at f1.4?

  11. Terrence Leong says:

    Hm.. Nice. Buy the pro controller should had design base on the flying Bus. So a bus controller, a parachute switch and the world on dock. Get it ?

  12. Mozzie says:

    How to ruin your switch

  13. Lucas Boi says:

    Plz don’t do that to Nintendo

  14. Ilija Djuric says:

    What is beter ps4 or Nintendo switch

  15. BF Javion says:

    Kevin's videos are doo doo

  16. cat says:


  17. cat says:


  18. LR Nappa says:

    DIY nintendo switch cancer edition

  19. NoganNaul says:


  20. deleted account says:

    Make a smash bros themed better

  21. GamingSabina99 says:

    Who else saw the dancing figure beside the megaman head at 2:40

  22. Alexander Remgen says:

    Fortnight fan base 4 year old kids

  23. Taqi Mollah says:

    ooo I'm a Nintendo fanboy and I can't like anything without the Nintendo stamp of approval or famous.

    Seriously guys grow up. Just accept it. This video isn't harming anyone

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