“FORTNITE FOREVER” – A Parody Of A$AP Forever By A$AP Rocky

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As soon as I saw the incredible piece of art that is “A$AP Forever”, I was mesmerized by the effects and cinematography, and knew I wanted to remix it in some way. Over 85 hours of editing and work went into this, so I really hope you all enjoy. I know that in general parodies on YouTube are overdone and are almost always cringy, but I gave this my best and am really proud of this one.

Shoutout to Rocky and Dexter Navy for inspiring this video. I know I didn’t perfectly recreate the effect or flow of the original video, nor was I able to do crane shots in the intro, but I did my best with what I had. Check out the original here in case you haven’t seen it (you need to! it’s incredible.)

For those wondering, the effect at 1:18 is intentional. It’s a little easter egg/homage to A$AP Mob’s “Yamborghini High” music video. Another incredibly creative and inspiring vid from Rocky.

A VERY special thanks to these homies for helping out/starring in this video:
Myro – https://goo.gl/Ds318d
Jmoney – https://goo.gl/V7gf9V
Nolcro – https://goo.gl/Vx83xV
Tank – https://goo.gl/bnzpcr
Luck – https://goo.gl/XVs2P2
Lotus – https://goo.gl/Q35ApK

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– “FORTNITE FOREVER” – A Parody Of A$AP Forever By A$AP Rocky

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26 Responses

  1. Grim says:

    I know videos of this style can be bad, but I really invested tons of time into this little passion project of mine. Hope you all enjoy.
    Go watch the original for reference if you haven't ever seen it before. Link in description 🙂
    For those wondering, the effect at 1:18 is intentional. It's a little easter egg/homage to A$AP Mob's "Yamborghini High" music video.

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  2. Jaden Accord says:

    I normally hate these types of videos, but this AMAZING. The editing is just incredible and the rap didn't actually suck as much as I anticipated

  3. Rumbi Ncube says:

    This is underrated. Let’s make it blow up.

  4. Jacob Saumaka says:

    I love dis

  5. Stormv says:

    Knowing the living hell it is to make an edit like that make it so much better to see one

  6. Space Toast says:

    Noice m8

  7. Synergy FOREIGN says:

    This anit a parody this is ANOTHER SONG

  8. Nasty Nas says:

    What. The. Phuck

  9. Jake Coons says:

    Lmaoo this is fire

  10. TohoGames says:

    fucc off ching chong

  11. aldio rizkiko says:

    nice bro

  12. Jihadi Jeff says:

    Eh eh eh

  13. Extreme Memes says:

    Actually pretty good

  14. Theoball :D says:

    How does this not have 24 million views??

  15. DeViLso says:

    Why ain’t this popping and why haven’t streamers reacted to this you deserve to be bigger

  16. Martay Novak says:

    Needs more views

  17. Mortabe says:

    deletes pubg

  18. adominator06 says:

    This is awesome keep up the work

  19. Rosay says:

    Beat fortnite edit I’ve seen yet

  20. Deadly Punk says:

    How has this dude not blown up yet!?

  21. Xinics says:

    lmaooo bro this is actually kind of bars for a parody and I love how you tried to do mobys editing that was actually sick my dude. God Bless Your Soul For Marvellous Eternal life! There Will Never Be A End! Set For Eternal Life! May Your Family Have A Eternal God Loving Relationship! Amen <3 🙂

  22. John Goojten says:

    That was fuckin amazing g

  23. Dániel Hizoh says:

    This is fuccin genius

  24. Lil Joker says:

    dude, check A$AP Rocky – Buck Shots – "this ain't Fortnite nigga" :D:D:DD

  25. Theoball :D says:

    this shit fire as fuck

  26. Paradocks Freeze says:


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