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Floor 9 has FINALLY been RELEASED for Swordburst 2!! This ominous volcanic map called VA’ ROK comes with new mobs & bosses to fight, and new armor & swords to collect!! Join me as I conquer the NEW floor!
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30 Responses

  1. ThatOneGuy 0 says:

    Floor 10!!!!!!!!!

  2. Kingdomz Blox says:

    I have 10 more lvls than u and I’m still stuck in floor 8 ;-;
    Res crystals op lol

  3. LOL4TIGERZ z says:

    Legends never die

    Until they're forgotten

  4. Lonely Blade says:

    can you donate me? add me im razmuck44 : )

  5. Lonely Blade says:

    what is floor 9 ?

  6. Emmanuel Castro says:

    I don’t like how much he spends his robux

  7. Spencer Wong says:

    I wish there’s like a chance for a accessory in the chest

  8. Robwayne Tristan says:

    ityaicecream is the best name

  9. jovian thompson says:

    tbh if he was a lil less dramatic it would improve his

  10. jovian thompson says:

    why is his voice so annoying acting with that every youtubers persona instead of talking normally

  11. RAGING ORANGE says:

    Im at floor 8 im level 50 I think im scared to fight I can get killed by mobs there Soo I game at gloomlands

  12. Terrence Sacres says:

    Theres Dog Chest

  13. RJ Jerome says:

    I want some

  14. Lyn Kit says:

    Legend will die if you out of robux XD

  15. Gosts says:

    Why u ignore fans ;-;

  16. Ordinal Derp / Haiku says:

    Hi twiisted, um what happend to corrupted duo, i am his friend on roblox but hes banned do u know what went down?

  17. GamerKids Nguyen says:

    I’m lvl 57 and i have FLOOR 9 XD I died so much at the mini boss

  18. Allen Dusty says:

    I found a legendary gives vel 1M in a secret place

  19. Drake Playz says:

    1 vs 1 me if I win give. Me robux

  20. Gabriel Macaraeg says:


  21. Legend Levi says:

    Literally half of the video isn’t about Va rok

  22. Jenerinjo Landvreugd says:

    I need to grind for it

  23. JordanCskywalker ! says:

    Who Else Thinks You Should be able to Run In Mobile?

  24. Soccer Kid231 says:

    hey pandora do u have aura can i have 1 XDDD if yes my username is furygalaxyboy please gimme a aura ( yea whatever im a begger)

  25. Yuno Zee says:

    This video succ but Mrs incredible is thicker then a bowl of oatmeal

  26. NotYourMythicalGamer 111 says:

    crystal chest is there but it gives much less

  27. NotYourMythicalGamer 111 says:

    aand i want 300 robux

  28. NotYourMythicalGamer 111 says:

    i want to trade you my azurite longsword and i want u to max it and give it back

  29. Starlord Slayer says:

    y did he run like that after he died in va rok

  30. Inno Inii says:

    Is this the last update?

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