FIFA 19 – No Rules Mode Challenge

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32 Responses

  1. darkwear gt growtopia says:

    it took u 1 sec to make money

  2. darkwear gt growtopia says:

    than just grab the ball.and run than ir came to amercia foot ball

  3. Sandrof 429 says:

    real madrid succc

  4. Max LutherMLKPLAYZ Kaeng10 says:

    can you give me the fifa 19 plz jianhaotan

  5. Sean Andrew Diaz says:

    I love football soooooooo much my favorite soccer player is ronaldo

  6. error 404 says:

    What’s the point of the referee in this mode hahaha

  7. Mansour Tchourtchaev says:

    Can you play this mode in ONLINE mode?

  8. Yen Yen says:


  9. Thila Giggs says:

    I feel Dan!

  10. smile _luffy says:

    Have a Copyright…….

  11. Hannah Shafiah says:

    This match is so exciting bcos Dan and Jianhao are equally good even though Dan lost

  12. Marouane Feysal says:

    Vincent would have won thus

  13. Sparky_ Gamez says:

    76th comment… 7 hours after release of video… what happened?!

  14. Cristiano Ronaldo says:


  15. GREAT GRENADE says:

    Make one more

  16. Matthew Lim says:

    Shouldn't outfield players be able to play goalkeeper

  17. Zulfaqar Mohd says:

    today is my sister birthday

  18. Anshuman Kala says:

    It's very fun and it's great

  19. Muhd Afif Danial says:

    dan is so shit at FIFA

  20. Hari Premkumar says:

    Song at 4:09 till 4:16

  21. RTG Gaming says:

    Best vid ever im telling my frens

  22. Ashwinnie Ramesh says:

    Why is JianHao and Dan always so handsome in every vids…. Keep it up guys will like every vids.

  23. MSNBarcelona playz says:

    New vid

  24. Unspeakable Gaming says:


  25. Horsy VLOGs says:

    2:32 the guy that jianhao tackle falls and he just punch the ball so it is handball but there is no rules

  26. Lakshmi S says:

    I am 56th comment

  27. DuosHD says:

    Real Madrid is a pro team so u should use other team

  28. Jane Castro says:

    Hi jianhao tan love your vids so so so so so so so much by the way I play fifa 18 17 & fortnite

  29. Super 35 says:

    Great video! 😉

  30. JianHao Tan says:

    This is my favourite mode….

  31. Sylvia Suryadjaya says:

    Ooooo Good Vid

  32. Kai Jun says:

    Isit possible for the keeper to run out the box wif ball

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