Fallout Test Kitchen: Nuka Cola Quantum

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George and I do some soda cooking and whip up some Nuka Cola Quantum!

Check out George’s channel where we made Nuka Cola:


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Paw Prints by Bob Hart

Joy by Alex Keren

Move On by Ziv Moran

Sleepover by Kyle Britton

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35 Responses

  1. Al ChestBreach says:

    Thanks for watching everyone! We'll definitely be doing more of these and thanks for all the heads up about the things we goofed up on like the zesting and such. Have a great weekend all! 😀

  2. MRRJ6549 says:

    Lmao "this is red by the way"

  3. Diogo Almeida says:

    You need to stir/mix the finished syrup BEFORE adding it to seltzer water because of settling!!! Just common sense earned through life experience….

  4. HailingHayles says:

    Uhhh… should someone tell them how to properly zest?

  5. Felix says:

    You forgot the Strontium Isotopes…

  6. Nicolas Cage says:

    Come on dooooooown to Al’s soda shop, we got zesty salsa soda!

  7. JETWTF says:

    7:16 I pity your downstairs neighbors. Creaky floors from hell. Just shifting weight and floor creaks…. I can imagine a simple fart and get a floor creak. Anyone living below would think those above were clucking on a springy/creaky mattress all day everyday in all rooms.

  8. President of YouTube says:

    F*ck now I’m hungry

  9. Gary Stinten says:

    Oi you two..

    Here now!

    Brahmin roast or fuck you.. idiot sandwiches..

    What are you?

    Lol kidding.. that was my best ramsay impression.

    Could you please do the brahmin roast?

  10. JackManic1984 says:

    Zest is just the colored part of the rhine. the piff of the citrus will make things taste bitter.

  11. Dale Chance's Ejaculatorium says:

    Fallout Nuka Semen Quantum

  12. Cole Privett says:

    Spends 20 mins on how to make coolaid

  13. Doc Holliday says:

    I knew this was going to be a disaster when you couldn't even manage to make koolaid

  14. Dylan Hutto says:

    Please do more!

  15. Mitchell Bourassa says:

    Says the F word, made me miss when you didn't have to worry about monetization so much.

  16. Swank Mann says:

    Al you need to upload a Cleveland Brown companion mod with you doing the voicing. Would be too good

  17. Mike Lopez says:


  18. Derek Hall says:

    i think real nuka quantum has coke in it

  19. Andrew Adam says:

    Please show more.

  20. BreekiBandit says:

    Wonder if they're piss glows now

  21. John Lee Pettimore III says:

    Y'all don't cook much, do ya?

  22. Sarah Gardner says:

    Semen water.. I died

  23. PeculiarGaming says:

    I recommend watching in double speed for added hilarity.

  24. Benbebop says:

    Why is the entire video just low quality guitar music in front of cooking? Is it on my side or something?

  25. Jess Sciotino says:

    I have and made the nukacola. If you do half brown sugar half white cut the seasonings down to half.nukacola Taste a tad better

  26. FreshPrince ofRP says:

    Don't use liquid measuring cup for dry ingredients…

  27. jacob mosher says:

    you guys might want to you a dry measuring cup for the sugar instead of a liquid measuring cup thats way to much sugar.

  28. Jake R says:

    You guys should get drunk during these

  29. Alan J Rubin says:


  30. michaelgamer60 .DLC. says:

    Do you feel something rediation coming tru youre body?

  31. Gavin Savage says:

    Binging with breach

  32. David Lamphier says:

    2.25 oz is 4.5Tbsp… You could have just used a measuring cup…

  33. M Ouija says:

    I never got any of the Fo4 DLC until the week after the summer E3 announcement of 76. I'm going to have PTSD night terrors of Bottle and Cappy tonight.after I thought I put that jingle behind me. Nuka World was relentless, barbaric capitalism, which ranks it #1 in most terrifying Fallout experiences. That goddam jingle…..

  34. Bound Turdsburry says:

    Man, I've always wanted to be like sir Albert Breach here. Please, everyone who reads this, click like on the video. Subscribe if you are new to Alchestbreach!

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