Fallout: New Vegas – Max Speech Final Boss (Lanius)

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Defeating Legate Lanius with 100 Speech skill. Great voice acting.
Music from ending slideshow.
Fan film: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WCrM1_7wnDU

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26 Responses

  1. Alex C says:

    I feel like the Legate’s armour is the item with the best graphics in the game

  2. Throw a Chair says:

    "The West shall fall as the East fell, and all the tribes that stretch to the setting sun shall bear the mark of the Legion."

    "Stop villain! The Legion is no match for the Silver Shroud! Death comes for you, evildoer!"

  3. James Samson says:

    Speech 100 on Lanius
    Guns 100 on Oliver

  4. Forever Young Gamer says:

    Who would win legate lanius vs naruto

  5. fleshlight that cries says:

    Nigga's fast

  6. Ag Houser says:

    Courier: talks a commander of the reincarnation of the Roman empire out of attacking the Hoover dam that would be an easy victory for the legion. SPEECH 100

  7. Samir Chamssine says:

    We all know that 76 completely sucks…

  8. The Angry Blyat says:

    THIS is exactly why I loved this game more than F4 because this battle could be completed with words or with fighting. In 4 it’s all so decided it’s hardly an RPG

  9. Vic Ben says:

    season 2 when??

  10. mr_death47 says:

    Holy shit i did not think it was possible

  11. Speak khmer says:

    How do you want to show up in the world, Attractive with me http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3wCPZjqwE4&list=UUyYb9w__7IKEwH_jnzpjoqg

  12. Wil Crawford says:

    Aaaannnddd now we have 76…

  13. Vaping Fury says:

    Yes, this particular part of the game's dialogue is impressive but it doesn't exactly excuse the other parts of dialogue in the game.

  14. Crow says:

    I remember finishing this except at the end I said “I will await that day lanius”.

  15. Turdaboda says:

    I think your character is Ben Shapiro.

  16. nintendoboy17 says:

    The only appropriate ending for the Legion is death. Lanius is not worth keeping alive, compared to Ulysses and Graham.

  17. Jesus Christ says:

    The next elder scrolls isnt even going to be an elder scrolls game at this rate.

  18. Mamoru Shiikuro says:

    Fallout 3 Colonel Autumn
    C A:You again
    LW:Don't do this
    C A:Ok(leaves)

  19. Sirballin System says:

    See this? This is what fallout 4 will never accomplish.

  20. Ian Berry says:

    The real Fallout 3 and the last good and lore consistent one.

  21. AppalachianWolf says:

    My loyalty shall always remain with Obsidian.

  22. Melon Scumpthin says:

    Dagoth Ur 2?

  23. Jose Dubon says:

    Watching this after playing Fallout 76 its like purify myself

  24. Night Elf says:

    i remember how hard i was trying to get enough charisma for the speech check, putting on charisma clothes, taking mentats, because i was just a little off, thankfully i managed to barely pass

  25. Something SomethingSomething says:


  26. ThatGuyRed says:

    [speach 100%] Lets settle this with a game of caravan
    Legate lanius – This "caravan" intrigues me very well I will honour your wishes and do battle with cards but don't think you stand a chance once I learn the rules I will crush you then crucify you so no one hears about this

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