Fallout New Vegas is Actual Garbage

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I really like Fallout New Vegas

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today in good music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4caTCHR4xo

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30 Responses

  1. Francisco The Disco says:

    We know it’s you, Todd

  2. Marcus Santora says:

    see a video shitting on new vagas RÈEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  3. Weed Mills says:


  4. Weird Name says:

    T'es con

  5. Anthony Lawless says:

    Didn’t watch the video just came to ask how you could be so blind

  6. TheWildWookiee says:

    Who didn't pay the toll fee to the troll

  7. Hugo G. Rios Morales says:

    Another stupid video by another stupid YouTube user. (Inb4 another stupid comment by another stupid YouTube user)

  8. Luke De Bruin says:

    I have never heard so much Sarcasm before

  9. Age Restrictions says:

    U wot m8

  10. Collin Ennis says:

    This game didn't age very well but I picked it up again and enjoyed the we'll decently well

  11. Portaller says:

    This is master class trolling. I salute you, sir.

  12. Cub3D says:


    I N C O R R E C T

  13. Driss says:

    I certainly love Fallout NV, but the fact that almost 3k people have already disliked the video without catching the joke shows how we idolize a game with no actual reason. And how fool we are repeating shit of others.

  14. Dragos Varga says:

    You sound like Elliot from Mr. Robot

  15. thursdae says:

    Are you seriously calling West Virginia the Midwest…..? What.

  16. The Iyrosthenes says:

    He’s joking you morons. Good video btw man it’s funny

  17. Spookyman says:

    H-hey guys it's me , not Todd Howard.I-I just wanted to k-know if you have heard of this awesome game called Fallout 76?

  18. sckrood says:

    i see that you need views

  19. Henry Chitham says:

    I know this is a joke but it does stumble onto some legit criticisms of New Vegas.

  20. theDragons Keep says:

    You are wrong and its that simple

  21. some chill dude says:

    I clicked on this expecting a well thought out argument (or a bad one) and soon enough realized it's just a RIP on 76, well played.

  22. SM SMASHER says:

    U stupid normie?

  23. Call 0 Defalt 25 says:

    Who wouldn't like it, it is really good

  24. Pewien pan z miasta says:

    Heretic detected.

  25. Carnage Eternal says:

    Just sitting here reading all the comments from people who are new to Mikasacus' videos. :^)

  26. prodbyMEANDI says:

    I mean yeah I get it but why tho

  27. Edim 108 says:

    New Vegas < Fallout Shelter

    I know it's all jokes and stuff, but It really got me at the Colour pallet. I love the way New Vegas palet is and I always was a huge fan of all kinds of deserts, wastelands, drylands, etc. in any game- maybe because I hate cold and I definitely would not wish for a nuclear winter, even patrolling the Mojave…

  28. Son Dante says:


  29. DamonOfTheWind says:

    Fallout was a mistake
    ~Todd Fallout

  30. Чиле says:

    Why would you say something so brave yet controversial

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