Fallout 76 – What Glitches Did Bethesda Patch in Update (In Depth Look)

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Today we see if the XP, Bottlecap, and Duplication glitches were patched in todays update. Along with some smaller glitches as well.


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43 Responses

  1. Darkinvader says:

    On xbox the duplication glicht sometimes make the server crush

  2. Joshua Refuge says:

    Duplicating has nothing to do with the server crashing the servers has been crashing since the goddamn beta. Duplicating has nothing to do with it that's just a bunch of Christmas noobs crying and whining because they want with the higher levels have

  3. Francois Van Zyl says:

    Give all issues with duping how can you allow dupers to sponsor your channel. You cause the issues.

  4. Vincent Valentine says:

    UPDATE: sense they fixed the dupe the servers Ive been playing on have been very stable

  5. mopfire91 says:

    Escuchás eso? ES EL MARTILLO DEL BAN!

  6. Tinturtleman says:

    RGD5IMPACT if you read this I think I know how to level up really fast I’ll like to show you it

  7. Tyler Hogue says:

    Hey is the discord open? I haven’t seen a working link yet

  8. Lawrence Gillespie says:

    In a way, channels like this are white hatting the game – drawing attention to exploitable flaws in the game.

  9. Whatisthespacebar ? says:

    "Patched Duplication"
    I already found a workaround 😛

  10. Mark Gamble says:

    Its also highly likely that anything gained by exploits and real world purchasing will be deleted sooner or later so enjoy it while you have it.

  11. Mark Gamble says:

    After two months the game still isn't stable and that is on Bethesda and no one else, players are doing whatever they can to make the game enjoyable for themselves as they paid $60 for it, Bethesda really should know better than to release a game in this state.

    They have no one to blame but themselves.

  12. Jonathan Thompson says:

    Love the vid

  13. Zachary Stewart says:

    You mic is really quit btw maybe it’s just me lol

  14. smcfadden1992 says:

    The below 0 thing is part of how the games coded, if you increase anything enough it will go negative.

  15. Frell Dren says:

    All glitches fuck with the servers. Ban the glitchers ban them all.

  16. ASMOKINACE xX says:

    No it's not the glitching community that's making this game a failed attempt and unstable it's Bethesda making a crappy fallout that is using a very old game engine from 2006.The gltiches are the only thing that make this game fun to play anymore .. . Half of these glitches would not be a problem if they made a game that was stable in the first place but not they sell a game at full price to the fans and the fans get a half made game that running on the same game engine as oblivion…

  17. amina mirghani says:

    I know of a working duplication glitch PM i’ll let you know about it for RMT only

  18. games says:

    Anyone know if the power armor dupe glitch works on xbox still? I cant get it to work

  19. Jack Hewitt says:

    Nice vid but I have to thumbs down the video mainly because of the last part. It's never ok to cheat especially when it effects the game directly and the people in it.

  20. vkilla147 says:

    What mod is that on your sledge?

  21. Jason Miller says:

    People duplicating make the sever issues super bad all around and that's no exaggeration. If there were just one or two people duplicating or just holding tens of millions in weight in my server it would usually disconnect the server entirely. You trying to push all blame on Bethesda and say that they're just exaggerating how unstable that makes the servers is pretty sad.

  22. Julio Saldana says:

    I'm pretty sure they're patching the duplication glitch so they can try to salvage the little they can so we can have a stable in game economy

  23. darktrain says:

    Bye bye cheaters

  24. Michael Tepes says:

    No carry weight glitch well… Bye

  25. Not Andrew says:

    Lol anyone that uses glitches is scared of the real game and should crawl back to minecraft

  26. Malohn says:

    Can't wait for your channel to die.

  27. Roger Galford says:

    Your an idiot all the glitchs are making unstable

  28. Nathaniel Wangsaputra says:

    wondering why people promote u4gm when g2g sells a lot cheaper, found $35 weapon on u4gm but it's $2 on g2g, the same exact weapon, why?

  29. Cody Gretz says:

    Man quit making videos you whiny ass little cheater

  30. anthony gahan says:

    one shot kill. one hit kill. there's no skill left in a game like that. will that's my thoughts . you have a great weekend mate.

  31. anthony gahan says:

    its about time.

  32. Logan Killucks says:

    These are late glitches fixed in other patches. Way to milk the amount of minutes are in your video. This shows you're an unreliable source for fallout 76 information

  33. Gamer on Fire says:

    Are you actually going to blame Bethesda for the servers, even thought your show people how to get infinite, which is actually breaking the economy of 76? Wow

  34. 10 cent gamer says:

    Thumbs down for promoting 3rd party item selling.

    Edit: you are WAAAAAAAAAAY late reporting on some of these fixes

  35. Billy_Cross says:

    Having said that though I think there was a a duplication issue that was occurring with fusion cores too because it seems like I'd have three or four and then sunlit have five or six and I didn't pick any up and I have no idea how is happening by swear to God it was happening

  36. Billy_Cross says:

    I'm a firm believer they should die fix the current duplication methods and then leave a loophole wait for people to locate and and start making use of that loophole in when they have obvious evidence of people circumventing their past efforts to eliminate duping they should start banning people for it and they should just announced that they're going to do that so that nobody can wine that they didn't know they should simply say we're going to ban duper's from now on and leave a loophole let people do poop and then get rid of them because that shit does like the server and crash the server at times it's annoying as hell when there are other problems in the game already and then you have to put up with other players causing problems through their own actions cheating

  37. Billy_Cross says:

    How does duplicating a bunch of items and selling them or scrapping them account for or alleviate any of the box in this game how does unlimited carry weight do that either you're rationalizing your cheating and exploited and I'm not leaving myself out of this I have been making use of the fusion core recharge method of just logging out and logging back in in fact I just disposed of like 25-30 fusion course because of the weight they take up and the fact that you know I can keep for five of them fully charged at all timesbut even that wasn't necessary as fusion cores are readily available all over the world you can pick them up I mean I can go out in 10 minutes and get 10 fusion course. So you're saying that you're using glitches is quality of life returns for all of the problems in this game is just a rationalization to cheat

  38. Connor 1 says:

    What is the super slug he’s using in the video??

  39. HashSlingingSlasher says:

    Instead of fixing glitches they should fix the fucking game

  40. Cyrus Kourosh says:

    Thank you , simply .

  41. Max-Road-Warrior says:

    Thank god I have over 1.2million lbs of duped stuff!!

  42. BrotherNo JL says:

    Pretty sad people exploiting and monopolizing players for real money to get in game stuff.

  43. nero foxfire says:

    God why do you sound like a whiny Millennial snowflake who is not getting his way jizz. Hell I be happy if Bethesda wiped all servers meaning taking all character that they had on each server and completely erasing them to get rid of all the duped items. I'd be fine with that. you wouldn't but I would

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