Fallout 76 | SECRET TENTACLE MONSTER FOUND! Hidden Location, Secret Loot, & Creepy Lore

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The full story of the Lucky Hole Mine and the secret tentacle monster in Fallout 76!

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27 Responses

  1. Rifle Gaming says:

    You can see the tentacles move on the monster at 0:24 in the video! Something I forgot to point out.

  2. Jeremy Briggie says:

    This guy sounds like James Franco

  3. Eddog Brown says:

    I think you forgot the robot quarry master npc at the end of the cave

  4. D and C studios says:

    It’s just mothman. Those wicker statues are used by his cult

  5. 1NS4N3 Crimson says:

    Idk If it's just me but i believe the excavator armor Is either broke. Or it was nerfed. But its not packing the +100 Carry weight bonus it had. As prior to the update i could carry 360 or so pounds of stuff. Dont know if it's just broke or it was nerfed.

  6. Bethany Pitts says:

    Love the eerie music what is the song?

  7. Cyrus K says:

    Wait, you didn't put any circles in the thumbnail, how am I supposed to know that I want to watch this video??

  8. Unknown 1800 says:

    So know we know where to find Gavin we were looking in the wrong state



  10. Swedish/ Irish American says:

    A video that's informing awesome, i totally passed that tunnel up im logging in right now lmao thanks brother.

  11. NegativeBoi ForReal says:

    Lore Lovers: Omg I have to see this place for myself.
    Me: Seems like a nice spot to take some pictures for my loading screens.

  12. C4tune says:

    Anyone remember Harold from fallout 3 ? Not sure if its related but lot of things line up , eg refer'd to as "Him" "The One Who Grows", "Gives, and Guides", and The Talking Tree… Plus he was born prewar so it could be cannon …

  13. Chappy says:

    3rd one on the left not right

  14. Drake Dragonhide says:

    There’s also another giant head in the swamp

  15. Nextralife says:



  16. MinionOfDeth2112 says:

    Cthulhu slumbers and earth is safe from his wrath…

    FOR NOW.

  17. butterflies_are_stupid 69 says:

    Sounds like hentai to me

  18. Despacito says:

    It’s Hermaeus Mora

  19. Francis Maria Regalado says:

    You found the fucking Dwemer. Congratulations. The poor bodies surrounded with jars were Snow Elves. You might've also seen a Netch right beside them for some reason.

  20. Michael Creech says:

    Damn me and a couple friends ran this place over and didn’t find the secret tunnels it makes my day to discover ancient beings

  21. R. Ortiz says:

    I didn't even know there was a note that I had to pick up for the code. Great video btw! Now I understand all those shrines. D:

  22. fallingbed says:

    I c u. With the destiny soundtrack

  23. Jessie Sevichay says:

    If the game didn't had those many issues I bet it would indeed be considered a lore masterpiece.

  24. MrT703 says:

    Only reason i watched your ad is because ben shipero was in it

  25. Generic Gmail Account says:

    The tentacles are there to represent bethesda's greed.

  26. CheezyTeaCup says:

    The way he pronounced cthulu

  27. Raams Krill says:

    This looks like a clickbait video mainly because of the design of the thumbnail…but who would clickbait this awful game?

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