FALLOUT 76 – Players Banned for Using Secret Room & Unreleased Items!

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Fallout 76 players are getting banned…
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UPDATE: Apparently this was achieved through third party cheating software. It was not done through a simple exploit… these people 100% deserve the ban.

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11 Responses

  1. Sinister Hand says:

    This wasn't accessible through an exploit.
    This was only accessible from purchasing a third party program which was pulled down the day the patch went up.
    Can you update the description, or at least post a comment and pin it explaining that.
    People that did this deserve 0 sympathy.

  2. Undead Unicorn says:

    Was gonna say they shouldn't be banned due to an oversight by Bethesda but I just read the pinned comment

  3. corrion1 says:

    maybe they shouldn't of left it in the game when they launched it afterall it is always online just plain lazy

  4. Jack Long says:

    Not long now before YongYea and Jim Sterling do videos on this

  5. The Outcast says:

    one word sums up this mess of a game ….. JOKE!

  6. kevin mole says:

    shut the game down Bethesda before it finishes you just refund and forget about it give up om it

  7. ZeroLootz says:

    GM island has been in WoW forever, with players getting banned for going to it. Out of all the issues with Fallout 76, this seems like the least of its problems.

  8. AWARHERO says:

    This is EXACTLY the same damn room as in Fallout 4…
    imo, banning people for in-game flaws is a farce…. Take the blame Bethesda and fix YOUR SHIT!
    I'm still saying it, this game CAN'T be fixed…. It's inherently flawed for an online multiplayer game.

  9. 46ScootsMuhGoots42 says:

    is there a tomahawk plan in it? The only plan i really give a shit about. level 84 and still have yet to find one.

  10. Pvt. Ped says:

    Banned for entering a room that bethesda carelessly left in their game, that is unfinished beyond all reasonable doubt is absurd.

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