Fallout 76 “Player Oven” Victim #1

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A man approaches to ask about armor recipes. Unfortunately for him, I only know one recipe.

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20 Responses

  1. Ronin228 says:

    This is a classic Fallout experience

  2. YoYoJovetic says:

    Nice work, evil

  3. josh a says:

    what a fucking hero

  4. Azure Knight says:

    omfg lmao

  5. Brian Keene says:

    Now this is role-playing done right! Fantastic job.

  6. ladiesman0124 says:

    The subtle SS-like uniform has not gone unnoticed. Lol

  7. Alex Duos says:

    All this needs is the Saw theme.

  8. chaz velazquez says:

    Nothing to see here people, move along.

  9. Swift GlassEater says:

    Big fan of your work, Satan

  10. 平秀明 says:

    I demand this to become a part of Fallout lore.

  11. Brolapse says:


  12. Jeff Henjes says:

    As RedEye would say… "Roasted like a squirrel on a stick"

  13. Googled Adick says:

    This is probably the most likely thing to exist in post apocalyptic food starved areas. Ovens designed to look like sanctuaries. Hope they don’t nerf/remove

  14. Dusk Killaz says:

    Teach me how to build this

  15. warbrand2 says:

    new players not understanding fast travel I see.

  16. dasupasin says:

    Subtitles please, we would love to know what he said.

  17. general leo says:

    Who needs npcs this is 100x more hilarious

  18. Nathan Miller says:


  19. Brian H says:


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