Fallout 76 News – Players Being Banned, Bethesda’s Stance on Mods, I May be Banned, Update Tomorrow

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Today we take a look at some of the newest news in regards to Fallout 76. One of the biggest stories is players of Fallout 76 being banned and I might be too. Beyond that Bethesda reveals their stance on third party mods we have right now (prior to their official mod support).

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Bethesda’s Stance on Fallout 76 Mods: https://help.bethesda.net/app/answers/detail/a_id/44429

Fallout 76 Mod: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout76/mods/55

Fallout 76 Player Being Harassed: https://twitter.com/twitch_ajpls/status/1063292165378502657

Player Trying to Get JuiceHead Banned for Fallout 76 Exploit: https://www.reddit.com/r/fo76/comments/a0nxzo/update_on_the_situation_that_juicehead_might_get/

Hacker in Fallout 76:

Matty Quakecon Bag: https://twitter.com/G27Status/status/1068711437122588672

Fallout 76 Misinformation Tweet: https://twitter.com/BoredSuitably/status/1068409827716710400

Fallout 76 Reviews: https://opencritic.com/game/6227/fallout-76

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42 Responses

  1. HateSolstice127 says:

    Could have been avoided by not allowing pvp/friendly fire. But Bethesda has proved to not be smart.

  2. J J says:

    The mod community could well make a much better engine and a better Fallout game if they wanted. Just call it Atomic Wasteland or something and redesign the assets + make your own so they can't sue. Even the underground vaults are not bethesda exlusive as we have those in the real world, designed just for the same purpose.

  3. chad shannon says:

    I have a dumb question the MODS that come in the box for armor, weapons what ever that you find out and about, how do you use those?

  4. Thetreetroll says:

    3:00 you know there just Trolling us now.

  5. Jeremy Holzschuh says:

    Everyone needs to realize that the second you click the play button they are legally binded to the terms of usage. If you do something that goes against that agreement you can get banned without any compensation.

  6. Levi str8 shrimpin says:

    Why use exploits? It's weak imo.

  7. Dexter Darkly says:

    You are a weak lil chode licker aren't ya, my wee fragile one.

  8. Ishla Corrin says:

    Good on Bethesda for banning those players, such behaviour is not required and should never be allowed.

  9. Gusty says:

    i am curious as to how bethesda defines "not functioning properly" considering how a certain number of mods actually improves functionality. especially the "unofficial patch" mod series that exists solely to fix ALL of their games that they themselves dont care to fix

  10. Scott Dean says:

    Remember 76 is fun..With friends and you have to make your own fun..not your type of fun ours we will perma ban someone who spent 60 dollars at least on our game we don't bother with fixing any exploits you may find.

  11. Jonathan Jay says:

    How will the game get better and/or fixed if we can't mod it!?

  12. fore54k3n says:

    Yes media coverage has gone up exponentially while violence has gone down.

  13. katene brown says:

    This game fkn sucks

  14. IDK Studios says:

    I hate the thought of being permanently banned could you emagn buying the 50-60$ game and then being banned And then having a peace of plastic with a home screen on it

  15. JamRock Bless says:

    Also, if you are ok with people being permanently banned for doing something 'naughty' once…then you need to be ok with being permanently banned for doing something 'naughty' once.
    With no second chances.

    And with how frequently 'naughty' changes definition, I am pretty sure that if a black person made a black avatar and called it 'Tom' the some white person would have him banned because to them, the person behind the black avatar is actually a white man and the name 'Tom' is a reference to an Uncle Tom.

    You know why you are all so triggered by this? It's because your society is now weak. You all have this ridiculous notion in your head that you are 'special', so insults are SUPER effective against you babies.
    Great men make great societies.
    Great societies make men weak.
    Weak men make bad societies.
    Bad societies make great men.

    If you were living in poverty or strive or facing a war, you'd see how pathetic people getting triggered over crude jokes in a goddamned videogame is.

  16. JamRock Bless says:

    Wish people would use their head a little and realize 'homophobic' is actually an ad hominem, and the sign of a weak minded individual.
    If you don't know what an ad hominem is, research it.
    As for the term itself, 'phobia' means 'fear of'. In particular, a psychological disorder resulting in anxiety attacks. So using your own asinine metric, you are bullying the mentally disabled…doesn't seem too tolerant and progressive.
    But even more importantly, why is someone deemed as 'homophobic'? Because they discriminate against someone based on their sexual preference?
    Ok, fair enough…IF you would concede that by that logic YOU are pedophobic; because you not only discriminate, but actually CRIMINALIZE people based on their sexual preference.
    And let's not be intellectually dishonest here and conflate sexual attraction with statutory rape, shall we?

    If you want to be able to discriminate against others based on their sexual preference, then you need to allow others to do the same. That's what having morals, ethics and integrity means; it's what you support, but rather whether or not you are consistent in WHY you support what you support.

  17. Nick New says:

    Heres an idea. Put your title in the same order as the videos content.

  18. TheCludo says:

    i personaly can recommend using the german support annyways, because the english supporters seemingly can't read

  19. Tony Braswell says:

    Every time I see fallout 76 news, I always think "There's no way Bethesda can make this worse." And then they proceed to make things worse

  20. EvaUnit02 says:

    Why almost 700 down-votes? Salty Beth fanboys?

  21. BenJ747 says:

    Germans are supposed to be efficient not whining cry babies

  22. PixleatorGames says:

    If they ban people who use exploits, Who will be left?

  23. Axel Stoner says:

    So can't say faggot anymore, what's even the point of multiplayer games now

  24. Something New says:

    It’s literally getting worse! I thought they were cool with mods? Now it’s not? Why are they being so cryptic?

  25. spg77777 says:

    We DO have a First Amendment in this country. Foxtrot Alpha Golf boy could have simply left the game for a while…

  26. Fist says:

    Having watched the video, the reaction was entirely asinine. Sure, they were offensive and they should have been reprimanded, but given the context (this was a joke RP they were doing, and was not at all centered around AJ – and AJ took no action to rid himself of them aside from complaining publicly and reporting them) the punishment was too severe.

  27. David Dundas says:

    Bahahaha Mods cause it to not function properly, has it ever functioned correctly?

  28. Scott Fuller says:

    You are a person of influence, you have nothing to worry about.

  29. neale Browning says:

    I believe around the 10 min mark you are talking about the sound board effect that reinforces Confirmation bias.

  30. Drax imo says:

    I wonder what would have happened if they would have done the same thing and made fun of him for being a cis white male?

  31. Malcolm says:

    I hope you do get banned so you can start making videos on better games. Forget Fallout 76.

  32. Dem0nflare says:

    12 year old's can't be 12 year old's, because of oversensitive parents making there kids whiny like them. This was the reason to play back ops 2, do constitutional rights of free speech transfer to chats? or is that one of the amendment things those hippies are always talking about with there guns.

  33. Iain Duthie says:

    So now an exploit can crash a server wow fallout 76 you can't have to much item clearly

  34. Andrew Glaser says:

    Don't forget that exploits are considered cheating as per community standards. Consider having a look at ESO with a good exploit. Anyone the took advantage was perma banned

  35. phoenix696902 psn says:

    Fucking tattletails

  36. ted. 360 says:

    Are people seriously mad over what their bag is made out of come on

  37. Noodles says:

    Is everyone soft? Does no one have tough skin anymore???

  38. Eldritch Equations says:

    Waaah, I can't be a complete jackass. Immersion broken, 1/10! GD, shaddup whiners.

  39. BoatLoadsofDope says:

    Oooh noo, being banned from Fallout 76… How terrible. What am im gonna do now…

  40. SpetznasMC says:

    i lost 2 hours of grinding due to a gamebug/serverbug lost alot of good loot and alot of levels. Was their any help to get from support? NO. "Not possible" they said…

    so i did find a exploit to bring me back to the level i lost. still lost all my loot.

  41. Christian Sanchez says:

    Bethesda Nazis

  42. Brian Julius Caesar the Great says:

    Gets banned for grenade bouquet exploit… Bethesda Exploits millions of customers gets off scotts free… They're one to talk about exploits they're the creators of exploiting…

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