FALLOUT 76 – HOW did we MISS THIS!? Look at the Pip-Boy Radiation Level!

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Some clever vault dweller noticed something about the pip-boy in the Fallout 76 trailer that most of us missed! #fallout #fallout76

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21 Responses

  1. The_Suspense says:

    As a guy that works with balloons, the answer is No. Latex balloons even with an extra latex liquid layer is still only guaranteed 24 hours and mylar balloons can last a month or more but those are latex balloons in the party so it had to have been within the last couple of days. If you think its 5 years then you need to consider osmosis which is what deflates a latex balloon within hours of inflation.

  2. Richard Armstrong says:

    That isn't 5 hundred rads its just a marker to show if your over the safe amount or not.

  3. rad pockets says:

    Bc it's like fallout 2 mutations that are good or bad but they do have cures but I'm not sure how that's gonna work

  4. Lauren Paige says:

    Maybe everyone left. The Vault Door has been open for Hours allowing Rads to flow in.

  5. travis moore says:

    They could have lasted longer if filled with acetylene.

  6. Memphis Bennetts says:

    U know it is a different time line but there could of been a type of new or different type of helium that doesn't get worn out

  7. Monkeybut1? says:

    The pip boy could be malfunctioning

  8. Nick Turgeon says:

    Maybe the game devs just did it to show off the older model pip boy not everything has a reason people man I swear you do realize that everyone is an individual in the vault we aren't one person so why don't you quit questioning something that is irrelevant we are the citizens in the vault you leave when ever you started playiny the game and anyone who has it before you is already out in the world like god damn it's like people aren't listening to the premise there is no human npcs because we are the humans I'm really excited for this game cause it isn't hundreds of people playing thw same person but actually you're own person you make your own story in this one

  9. Corbin Evans says:

    Perhaps the vault dweller had access to extra balloons and helium?

  10. Xcel ScoPez says:

    It may be that the needle is stating 500 rads is halfway to 1000 rads

  11. ArmedEmu 03 says:

    Or it’s just a trailer

  12. Ink Goomba says:

    Not to be rude great video but just because the baloons are up dosent mean anything it a action game not a baloon simulator, I doubt Bethesda put that much thought into it, I'm just saying

  13. Talonmoon says:

    you said vault 3 I know you meant fallout 3 but piahjdoidaoihfoifhafafafafaf

  14. Potato Boi says:

    It would've been cooler if they decided to release it in October 27: reclamation day

  15. CROSSofSAINTS says:

    I’m betting that isn’t the needle that we will see that indicates the rad level. If you look at the line that points to 5 is the same black line as is the half or part circle of the rad meter… In your clip of fallout 4 the rad level indicator is a red pointer, not black… I believe if 1,000 rads is still the cap then that black line is actually just going to show us the halfway mark to our max rad level.

  16. Stephen Sullivan says:

    I'm not sure this is completely accurate because my son got me a balloon filled with helium for father's day, it is now 8/20/2018 and it is still full and still floating today, i have been waiting to see how long it will stay floating.

  17. Edwin Hillson says:

    its a trailer it dosent matter

  18. JimmyHRamone says:

    Or the 500 rads maybe depends on radiation seeping in to the vault.

  19. spencer says:

    what if 76 was mostly a control vault but they wanted to delay reclamation to see the effects

  20. Seth Riley says:

    Theory: What if everyone in the vault died or left a long time ago and the Mr. Handy’s set all the party decor up. If you watch the trailer, they are just then cleaning up.

  21. Chadwick Jones says:

    I mean maybe the player character stayed in the vault and reinflated some of the balloons everyday because he/she felt left out

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