Fallout 76 – Handmade Rifle Schematics [RARE WEAPON GUIDE]

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In this educational video you will learn how to find the Handmade Rifle Schematics in Fallout 76 in no time. The Handmade Rifle is the best rifle in Fallout 76 so far.

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40 Responses

  1. Jovan Gavrilovic says:

    Selling one for 3000 caps on ps4

  2. Raul Lopez says:

    My first handmade was a two shot, now i raised its damage to 157 per shot. Its a beast of a weapon. Haven't even upgraded it yet.

  3. Pikusaru Pikusaru says:


  4. Ricardo Canales says:

    hello Mr Paganacho! It seems to me you are fortunate enough to be becoming one of the fallout 76 positive vibes haven for the internet, as such you have attracted the likes of many a fallout connoiseur who believes the game to have been… misconstrued and is victim, in fact, of the horrifying and false accusation of being a terrible game. Might i suggest you create a discord channel where like minded players can try to have fun in this sandbox world? ps: the quality of your content is miles ahead of the attention you have received yet, so a steady flow of content would help you create an ecosystem for yourself, good luck!

  5. Trump train says:

    So I’m level 84 so this will not work for me?

  6. HazardPay says:

    Hit 15 on an alt and made my way down to Watoga Train Station.
    Looked at the vendor.
    Plans: Handmade Gun – 648c

    First try, no reload

    Side bonus – on the trip down, I killed a level 40 glowing radstag, got "Speed Demon" mutation while fighting it with a Fireaxe….

    now to figure out how to get rid of rads without losing this mutation….

  7. tackbf2 says:

    took a lvl 17 toon found it first try.

  8. kardhafi says:

    ho wow! You mean i was lucky to have a Handmade gun on my first try on quest in Palace of winding path?? I was so surprise to receice this gun there at lvl 22. ANd got a full equipe handmade gun in Watoga but for lvl 40, i m 34.

  9. kegofort says:

    How many times did you server hop? I've tried about 100times and I'm lvl 20

  10. Stephen Walker says:

    Is it made out of lead? It weighs as much as a missile launcher.

  11. Keegan Anderson says:

    I got a handmade rifle schematic if anyone is interested in buying (Xbox one)

  12. Itheslayer says:

    I found one when I was level five.

  13. Xander's Game says:

    Wow, thanks for explaining that and putting in the work.
    I hope it's a bug too, cause that's a nonsense system, especially if there's no mention of a system like this in game.

    I got a handmade at the end of one of the "miner's locker" side quests, but it's a lvl 15 and doesn't seem very good. Gotta get me those schematics to make a high level one.

  14. Florin Ilie says:

    How about the bolt action rifle plan, is there a similar requirement like with hand made?

  15. laughthis138 says:

    The weapon is like 20 plus lbs

  16. C Koop says:

    Lol this dudes mad entertaining. Subbed

  17. FatherTime63 says:

    oh noooo i had the gun and didnt have any ammo so i recycled it hoping for the plans go build if . sadly nothing what a noob

  18. Freakypedia says:

    Every Scorched has a chance to drop a Handgun. And sure there is a Schematic at harpers ferry, i was lvl 70+ when i was there and bought it.

  19. Andrew Peli says:

    "One of the best weapons in FO76" he says as he pelts a lowly scorched in the head repeatedly and it doesn't die…

  20. Florin Ilie says:

    Paganacho what lvl were you when you finally found the schematic?

  21. Norwegian nightmare says:

    I found one in the swamp at like level 15

  22. Jaxsen Wray says:

    I like how I clicked to see the gun and literally he showed only 20 seconds of scoped firing.

  23. texasdude1330 says:

    Found a handmade off a dead scorched zealot lvl 22 while up in the dry lake bed at the hunting lodge when I first cleared it out Im still lower than level 20 so if anyone wants to friend me I can get the plans at the 2 vendors Snackbar13 is my in game name

  24. Mister Tits says:

    How do you craft a higher level handmade? I can craft a level 15 but do I have to find another higher level plan or what

  25. Krillin IT says:

    Instigating Fat Man for sale 1500 caps, xbox. I need the inventory space lol.

  26. John L says:

    Got it from safe in bottom main building in a ground safe in the temple up north in mountains

  27. Minzimedic says:

    I'm level 90 and picked it up from the watoga vendor just yesterday. I also had a level 45 nocturnal handmade that had some crappy night time bonus but also a +10% extra damage when aiming bonus. It was the best rifle I've seen. I'm not sure what happened to it, it was just gone from my inventory one day.

  28. My Meat says:

    I'm just glad I got the legendary lvl 50 2 shot hand made

  29. Mouth Man says:


  30. Thebull529 says:

    Man, this has to be crazy rare. I'm level 16 and I keep server hoping. But I just can't seem to get the damn thing to spawn. Going on 20 server hops now.

  31. Jake Ryan Booth says:

    Well…fuck. I’m a level 50.

  32. gameboyrib says:

    Anyone wanna selle a handmade rifle schematic? I'm willing to pay up to 1000 bottle caps.

  33. Vixeneye1 says:

    I love your silky smooth voice and your awesome content. Especially your jokes 😀

  34. XDfunnyguy says:

    23 is to high a level it seems

  35. EQOAnostalgia says:

    I got 2 characters to 30 in very short order, then i saw this lol, challenge accepted! I needed a mule/merchant character anyways! 😀

    I'll build an EMPIRE!!!!

    Merchant Max.

  36. Master Ed says:

    Time to make a Russian colony, we kill everyone unless they give everything they have

  37. RedwoodTheElf says:

    So if you're over level 20, your only hope is the patrol quest at the prison…talk about your slow boring grinds.

  38. Daxter Tricks says:

    is a ak47

  39. MrHeston88 says:

    got one with night vision..good gun.but now have a radium rifle with 50 percent armor damage..even better

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