Fallout 76 Feels Like a Nice Fallout 4 Mod

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A few hours in and the first multiplayer Fallout feels very familiar.

40 Little Things We Learned in Fallout 76

Fallout 76 Is a Strangely Lonely Multiplayer Game:

Fallout 76’s Graphics Look Rough:

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38 Responses

  1. kingkoua1 says:

    bethesda are u one of dem O'Driscoll boyz?

  2. Stewart Parsons says:

    This is exactly what I was concerned about and entirely why I avoided it…

  3. Mike Church says:

    Way to disrespect a developer like that cmon ign

  4. Alan Bolat says:

    Just waiting for elder scrolls
    This is lame

  5. Jack Z says:

    Wow, the astounding hype that I have for this game totally just disappeared.

  6. Joshua Gutierrez says:

    Saw this comin a mile away

  7. Citizen Goose says:

    Red dead redemption 2 is a billion times better

  8. ryan labhart says:

    Did you forget they can update anything on a whim with their own platform installer. Did you forget there are many updates to come including multiplayer custom factions and teams. Base building and trading/raiding will be huge later on….

  9. ryan labhart says:

    Because its beta ya fawk…. you think the full game is out beta? Jesus

  10. Jairudius Fryar says:

    I feel like for this guy working for a gaming news company as big as IGN he only seems to know how to relay information he’s heard from others. He thinks that just because it’s on the same engine it’s “basically like a mod” That’s saying that New Vegas feels like a mod even though it introduces new mechanics and a completely new map. You’re giving Fallout 76 a bad description that is nothing like how the game really is.

  11. yoga renaldi says:

    Im glad bethesda didnt improve the graphic so my pc still can run it.. 😀

  12. Ashton Bilon says:

    I’m sad and mad that this kinda wants me to try to refund the pre order

  13. 11d3adly11 says:

    Mistakes are made

  14. Chris Harvs says:


  15. Gurpreet Bhamra says:

    What’s Filip’s opinion on this game?!

  16. Ruairidh Holden says:

    When will Bethesda realise that we actually liked FO: New Vegas for its dynamic story and interesting characters rather than its weapon mechanics?!

  17. Rastrelly says:

    Except a nice F4 mod would be free and less buggy 😀

  18. elijah woodbridge says:

    Im gonna stick to new california

  19. speedosausage says:

    A "Nice" mod is a hell of an overstatement.

  20. AceDreamer says:


  21. Darwin Godfreed says:

    This is the missing fallout 4 DLC, I’ve been saying this since the announcement…

  22. Just Nora says:

    Better than Hunt down the freeman..

  23. devil killer says:

    This game is a dead fish, cash grab,let the modders make the game they would of done a better job..

  24. Marc F says:

    Looks like one too!

  25. WeeWeeJumbo says:

    Nobody wants this trash and I can't wait for Bethesda to step on the rake

  26. WeeWeeJumbo says:


  27. dannyd464 says:

    Beta? Lols

  28. Cami Cami says:

    Thats what i said .aye people

  29. Wolf says:

    I bet it will be free to play in a year

  30. jeelan khan says:

    I knew it

  31. lachlan butt says:

    Best way to put it

  32. 26DeislerFCB says:

    they scared of witcher 3 thats why new oblivion is coming in 3 years

  33. Abradolf Lincler says:

    No NPCs??? I definitely wont be picking this one up.

  34. Ant D says:

    Capitalize on that hate wave ign your reviews still mean nothing. 10/10 ign

  35. TxGermsxT says:

    When playing I actually thought it felt like a spin-off instead of more Fallout 4

  36. Maxx Matlock says:

    Fallout 76 gave me diabetes

  37. freename18 says:

    No npcs in a Fallout game. Do i have to say more?

  38. Catnapper says:

    fallout 3*

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