Fallout 76 – EPIC Rare LEGENDARY EXPLOSIVE Weapons! Explosive Weapon Testing (Fallout 76 Gameplay)

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Welcome to Fallout 76 – Over-Powered LEGENDARY SHOTGUN! Two Shot Explosive Shotgun (Fallout 76 Gameplay) – Check out my other guide videos too.
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Game Overview:
Fallout 76 is a new online multiplayer action role-playing video game. Fallout 76 will be Bethesda Game Studios’ first online multiplayer game. Players may play individually or with a party of up to three others. The game will feature an open world four times the size of that of Fallout 4. The game world is called “Appalachia” and is a representation of West Virginia. It features recreations of real locations in the region, including the West Virginia State Capitol, The Greenbrier, Woodburn Circle, New River Gorge Bridge, and Camden Park. The game will also feature numerous new mutated monsters, several of which—such as the Mothman and the Flatwoods monster—were inspired by West Virginian folklore. The game will include revisions to the SPECIAL progression system. Character attributes fall into one of seven categories: strength, perception, endurance, charisma, intelligence, agility and luck. As the player levels up, they will be able to spend skill points to boost their attributes on a scale of one to fifteen. Players will be able to choose perks, or passive abilities that offer gameplay bonuses. These perks fall into each of the SPECIAL categories and take the form of trading cards. Each card has a value and the player can adopt perks equal to their respective value; for example, if the player has a strength rating of five, then they may equip strength perks worth five points. The player can merge similar cards together to create more powerful—albeit more expensive—perks. The system is designed to encourage the player to recognize the situation they are in and choose perks that aid them rather than passively selecting them and having them for the duration of the game. Fallout 76 will not feature any human non-player characters (NPCs) as all surviving humans will be other players. The game will expand on Fallout 4’s settlements by allowing the player the ability to build bases at any location of the map. These creations will be assigned to the player’s profile and will be removed from the game world when the player is offline to prevent progress from being lost. While other players will be able to attack player settlements while they are online, the game will preserve player creations in some form to prevent players from having to start over if their creations and progress are destroyed. Players will be able to use nuclear weapons to reshape the game world. After acquiring launch codes, the player can access missile silos and fire a missile at any point on the map. This will irradiate the area, which the player can then explore to find rare weapons, gear and items; however, it will also attract powerful enemies and the player will need to be sufficiently strong to survive.


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46 Responses

  1. eNtaK says:

    It's time to do some explosive weapon testing. These are some epic & rare explosive weapons that I thought I would showcase.
    1. What type of build do you play?

    2. Do you have an explosive weapon?

  2. toxic vitality says:

    What console do you play on?

  3. Jackson Cooper says:

    Any chance I could grab that handmade rifle off your hands? Lol. It’s such a cool weapon! At the moment my only explosive weapon is the 50cal Machine gun

  4. Zachary Stewart says:

    Queens are 50% resist to ballistic weapons. So shottys any explosives

  5. lucas micallef says:

    where do you get the databased excavator power armor I really need more carry weight ?

  6. Michael Corbett says:

    I want to say that range on weapons means that the further away the less damage is done at least that's what I noticed in fo4. Even though that shouldn't matter with explosive rounds the programming could for what ever reason make the shotguns useless against a scorchbeast because if the lack of range..

    But just spit balling

  7. SpiderGamez says:

    Explosive weapons are great for killing annoying enemies, like those that spawn in during the scorch beast queen fight, but as a super immersed sniper, I like to pick off enemies one by one but if they’re too close together they all die so I’m always carrying a non explosive sniper fir that.

  8. Alexandra C. says:

    I'm running a shotgun/melee build, idk which one I'm going to settle with! I unfortuntely have been trying to build/buy (in game) the over-powered shotgun but with no luck 🙁

  9. Stephen Zaffarano says:

    I'm just getting sick of wasting 30+ stimpaks when randomly attacked by scorchbeasts. I've killed TWO! Their attack seems to glitch and I'm often faced with constant damage from their energy breath weapon.

  10. cheatman555 says:

    You really need to be inspect the weapons becuz you are not showing the full effects on the weapons

  11. Ray.ping-baby’s says:

    Is somebody selling explosive weapons on ps4 (No problem If it is duped)

  12. Ray.ping-baby’s says:

    Im using a deathclaw gaunthlet melee stealth build its pretty okay

  13. ryan briggs says:

    Fallout is one of the worst games made

  14. Prodyope Papoyan says:

    Fortnite tipe

  15. Frozen_Burrito 17 says:

    My build is a mixture of run'n'gun and support

  16. Groove's Games says:

    My current build is a melee sniper, I have a 2 shot handmade, hardened with a scope and silencer; a 2 shot black powder rifle and a large deathclaw gauntlet. neither gun is explosive would love to have my hand made be explosive. I play on pc as well so maybe I'll find you before I find one myself. Otherwise I'll have to wait till I can make mods for this game too and who knows when that'll happen.

  17. Carver Molark says:

    Can someone sell me a 2 shot explosive shotgun lv50 ps4

  18. AB says:

    I prefer lever action overall, but handmade is possibly tied.

  19. Sgt Trip says:

    I have found quite a few explosive weapons in the uranium fever event, I’ve actually given quite a few away and traded others. I’m playing a support combat medic build, I use 10mm smgs, I have one two shot and one two shot explosive. I use the non explosive in close quarters or caves because I end up doing a lot of damage to myself in close quarters. My only other complaint is that I go through ammo a lot, but as a support player I’m carrying a lot of weight for food, stimpacks, rad aways, chems, etc and I like having light weight weapons and ammo. I was using an explosive pump shotgun, but I traded that for the explosive smg and I’m pretty happy with it.

  20. Single Corruption says:

    Anybody want a two shot explosive Grognaks Axe

  21. Krist Martin says:

    The question is where did you find these super damage weapons? I can't seem to find anything that does more than 200 damage.

  22. Alexandergaming M says:

    I got a explosive the dragon

  23. Dan Keeler says:

    Medic build

  24. andrew dortch says:

    Using a non automatic build with a bloodied mole miner gauntlet as backup. Sadly no explosive weapons I used a 10mm SMG but didn't like it so I gave it back to my brother. I also had a gatling laser but didn't like how it took fusion cores to power and it didn't seem to be affected by the perk. I would like to find one for myself because my brother is the one whose found them and he only found automatic weapons with it that can't be made non automatic. My brother does like the SMG what sucks is its furious not double shot. I would like a lever action handmade or pipe rifle with at least double shot I would be fine with it not having explosive.

  25. Casey Dunn says:

    I'd want the hand made, due to ammo capacity reload speed, and ease of use

  26. Erik Odinson says:

    If Bethesda doesn't think the shotgun is not for flying creatures I think they need to do some research

  27. David Hart says:

    Do u guy now any rare wepon spown locations

  28. David Hart says:

    Imagin in pvp

  29. Jimmy B says:

    melee/rifleman with a two shot explosive handmade that I luckily found in a whitespring blast zone. 6 points into rifleman perk is insane with the TSE…had 9 but scaled back since it was absolutely rediculous, it's awesome that the demolition expert perk also adds damage….just don't get to close. I use the TSE gatling gun for the scorchbeast queen and swap some perks around for heavy gunner instead of rifleman. I really want the TSE 10mm pistol or submachine gun..

  30. CrewsMachine says:

    Shots in VATS with my TSE Handmade seem to do less damage than just normal firing.

  31. skeleton worrior says:

    I do whatever and I don't have any I wish I had one

  32. ReTrO GaMeR says:

    1. Melee
    2.no wish I did tho

  33. SuperOmegax89 O says:

    Can't get accurate damage if your disease gives you extra damage when health is low. What about without it?

  34. qalest says:

    remove all legendary weapons, mutations, and bobbleheads
    fix/balance the game (melee vs. ballistic, cap item stacks, etc.)
    reintroduce the above into a less exploitable platform with wisdom and math

  35. christian kämpe says:

    please i need one

  36. Alpha Gamer says:

    The legendary weapon explosive effect is really good but what I really hate is when you are farming for XP and then out of no where players are killing your trained mobs easily. Its really annoying

  37. Alec Dutcher says:

    Hey if you still have that lever action I would love that hit me up SilentOracle420

  38. 1k no vidoes says:

    I got a stealth build ps good video

  39. Shadowninja gaming says:

    either the 10mm smg or the two shot the dragon

  40. Frank Parrish says:

    If you have an explosive weapon the damage bug will be fixed in this latest update
    Also they are scaling back the XP that you can get from glowing ones when you nuke Whitesprings no more boss level XP farming

  41. Luke says:

    I was running a melee build… until I found a TSE Gatling Gun. In which case I turned into a heavy weapon build 🙂

  42. Robert Ballok says:

    Can i get a decent LMG guys ? ( Techkid14 ) trying to farm one for weeks now no luck :-/

  43. Rickey South says:

    Melee rifleman shotgun era yo

  44. mustacherobot00 says:

    I'm running a mainly semi atomatic pistol and crafting build

  45. Ethan French says:

    I have a 10mm explosive smg like that's and marsupial, I do exactly that it's sooo fun jumping around carpet bombing enemies

  46. Joshua Pfahning says:

    I recently picked a an explosive harpoon gun. I put the flechette mod on it. It hit pretty good, and it actually multiplies my ammo. For one shot I routinely pick up 2-3 harpoons per corpse, occasionally up to 6.

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