FALLOUT 76 – E3 Preview! Bethesda Teases More, Gameplay Reveal Expectations & More!

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★ A preview of Fallout 76’s E3 Reveal! Going over Bethesda’s new tease & expectations on Fallout 76 gameplay/info that’ll be shown!★
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48 Responses

  1. LegacyKillaHD says:

    So what surprises do you think Bethesda has up their sleeves?

    If you haven't already join the discussion on Discord: https://discord.gg/mXa5rRv
    Aswell as stay up to date with all gaming news and upcoming videos on Twitter: https://twitter.com/LegacyKillaHD

  2. Jameson Weimann says:

    This is what happens when time travel is involved.

  3. Dru Owen says:

    I got this in my sub box 2 hours ago? Almost a full week late. Good job YouTube.

  4. x-force-entertainment says:

    awesome! Playstadion 1 1998 graphic is back!

  5. Exotic Echo :P says:

    whispers Thanks, Pete!

  6. Anxiety Prime says:

    The title is a straight up lie dude. No honor disgrace on your family.

  7. Angus George says:

    No one else really curious about that yellow power armor? Helmet looks different from any model I'm familiar with Unless I'm mistaken

  8. Pakorn Wattanavrangkul says:

    It is basically sea of thieves mixed with rust in a FO4 skin.

  9. wood1155 says:

    Bethsedas such a virtue signalling SJW company I dunno if wanna give em any of my cash

  10. Alex Onofre says:

    I hope there are aliens in Fallout76

  11. Ben Grahl says:

    Did he see clothes in the effing dark also he sounds like GLaDOS

  12. Tzo says:

    I'm from the future it comes out Nov 14 2018

  13. Edward Burton says:

    If it’s online I won’t purchase it

  14. Keemstar Platinum says:

    I've got you in my Vault!

    Too obvious, kms

  15. Square Box says:

    Heh, all your info on fallout 76 is absolute bullshit now, since the trailer's revealed!

  16. WarDoctor42 says:


  17. J P says:

    76 will be a team based PvP multiplayer FPS. Similar to Overwatch

  18. chase muschong says:

    Also not an official statement.

  19. Bless Lifestyle says:

    Come onnn solo campaign me na want online

  20. Tristian Bernier says:

    So where's the gameplay reveal?

  21. TheWeeky says:

    Fuck off, its happening at 4 in the morning

  22. Jurrien Rijlaarsdan says:

    I just dont get why playing with infinite ammo is any fun

  23. KanedaSyndrome says:

    I don't want Fallout or Elder Scrolls as MMOs, as these game completely lose their souls if you do this. I want 2 player Co-Op, kinda like in Borderlands.

  24. Ryan Peacock says:

    just putting my two cents in * I belive fallout 76 will take place in WV near Sulphar Springs mainly in the GreenBriar Hotel Vault ((real life Fallout shelter for President and congress )) http://www.greenbrier.com/Activities/Bunker-Tours so what yall think about my thought here?

  25. Sam porter says:

    I think the enclave would fit nicely into this game. rip enclave and hope to bring it back.

  26. Fisto says:

    "doom 2" that game is already out lmao

  27. Niz Dub Games says:

    I for one really enjoyed building in Fallout 4 I know not everyone did but can you imagine building an entire small town or the start to a city. That could be pretty Epic.

  28. Raptor D.O says:

    I live in BA OK and I'm trying to find the right time to see the reveal.

  29. Maga 1776 says:

    Besthesda doing a space rpg? Yes please YES!

    And yes fallout mmo not a big fan but co op would be awsome

  30. Joseph Larsen says:

    Inb4 there is jet in fallout 76… let’s hope they don’t get the lore wrong

  31. Will Thrizzal says:

    Damn this dude would make a video every time Todd Howard took a piss if he knew

  32. bic Baen says:

    >gamebryo engine
    nope, and at best it will be an awkward imitation of them.

  33. Ultimo D says:

    What was the last co-op single player experience we've had from any developer? This is a largely untouched genre. How many great single player games have we played that would've been even better played as co-op? I'm really hoping 76 will be a co-op Fallout.

  34. Clors Miksvent says:

    I just realized something from the Fallout:76 trailer, there is a backpack on the bed right? What if Bethesda is adding backpacks to the game to add extra inventory? Something random that I haven't seen anyone else mention yet.

  35. the wanderer 2077 says:

    Aw come on people let's not lie about online ,it's good

  36. Matthew Lambert says:

    Why the hell don't people say central time also? 630 eastern is 830 central?

  37. kevin coots says:

    I'm worried that I'll hate it.

  38. ✓уeet✓ says:

    Anyone actually considered it could just be ESO but Fallout??

  39. secondswell says:

    I don't know what fallout 76 is but I can tell you this world damn sure doesn't Need a fallout game anything like rust.

  40. Caleb Barynin says:

    Ok serious comment. I want to make a video about this but I just don't have the time. Everyone's focusing on hint's we get from the Fallout franchise itself. No one's looking at the region at what are West Virginia and Virginia known for? The civil war. There's no way they're going to leave that out. We're also post-war which means we're in direct chaos and slavery could be very prevalent. In Fallout 4 they brought in historical factions from Boston: Minutemen, Railroad, Institute. We should have reason to believe that we'll be seeing the Union and the Confederacy. Especially with racism being a very current issue and Bethesda being a corporate entity and an artist having a say on the matter(personal opinion). After all, being progressive is something they do (ie. first AAA game with gay companions). I also think we'll start in the panhandle of West Virginia because it's very historically relevant, it gives us a great starting point, it's also the closest to DC while still being in West Virginia. Also, West Virginia will most likely be called New Virginia because that was its original name and Bethesda likes to dig up historical facts and shove them into every nook and cranny of there games. I love Fallout. Don't let me down.

    Thank you,


  41. Major Jayming says:

    Fallout battle royal
    76 player maps with building.

  42. Niall Mac says:

    Anyone know what gun mods he uses for Fallout 4???

  43. Juanin Juan Harry says:

    Shitty audio

  44. OnlyOneTyping says:

    Obsidian said the same about New Vegas, they said it would be totally different and look how that turned out it was a better RPG.

  45. ph33rmyl33tskillz says:

    I don't get why some people think mmo makes no sense 'couse of the engine. What about elder scrolls online? It has nothing to do with tha main game's engine. Don't get me wrong, i don't want it to be an mmo, just sayin'.

  46. MadCurmudgeon13 says:

    I think Fallout 3 remake is very probable considering that Fallout 3 was given for free when you bought Fallout 4. At least it was for me.

  47. SPIRITED HILLS says:

    I think the reason theres 3 fallout boys on the poster is because they'll be fallout 3 remastered, fallout 76, and a fallout mobile game. just saying

  48. SisAndBroTOYShow Collier says:

    Elder scrolls 6

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