Fallout 76 Builds – The Best INTELLIGENCE Perk Cards to use!

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This Fallout 76 Build Guides goes over All the Best Intelligence Perk Card list, and tells you which ones to use in PVP and PVE.
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1:30 First Aid
2:00 Hacker
3:31 Licenced Plumber
3:51 Pharmacist Perk Card
4:32 Exothic Weapons Perk Card
5:09 Makeshift Warrior Perk Card
5:37 Demolition Expert Perk Card
6:21 Gunsmith Perk Card
7:17 Scrapper Perk Card
7:45 Armorer Perk Card
8:11 Grease Monkey Perk Card
8:26 Contractor Perk Card
8:45 Science Crafting Perk Cards
9:23 Power Smith Perk Card
9:38 Fix It Good Perk Card
9:55 Portable Power Armor Perk Card
10:21 Power Armor Patcher Perk Card
10:31 Chemist Perk Card
10:48 Robotic Expert Perk Card

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• Lore: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lSLcawxCZ6g&list=PLl_Xou7GtCi61p3ekAqNvUTgkIxYhrcx1
• Power Armor Spawns: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0bgzJ7gRiTU&index=3&list=PLl_Xou7GtCi68-_iIMFtMTwgbp2oBC8yK&t=0s
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41 Responses

  1. ESO - Fallout & Elder Scrolls Guides says:

    Part 1 of the new fallout Perk Card Build Guide, I hope you find this video helpful, and yes the next Skyrim book reading episode is not too far away!
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  2. mavrick mullen says:

    You contradicted yourself like 5 times. Also you realize higher intelligence breeds higher scrap over all. so at 5 your getting mediocre pull from scrapping at best while saying getting more scrap is better. You confuse me??

  3. FLGSC says:

    the higher the intelligence, the less your weapon breaks

  4. Richard Lamarre says:

    Higher Int stat makes overall better items, hence the name crafter build to make the best items possible. Get out of clown college boy and step into the gaming world ffs.

  5. Robert House says:

    They should not give up all the crafting perks for an average Intelligence build. It would be more interesting, if players could trade their high crafting skills with other players, for caps, items or protection.

  6. Todd Abbott says:

    You are making some bad assumptions. First of all I am not sure all of these cards can be found in the perk card packs, so you might actually have to take the point in Intelligence to get a chance to things like weaponsmith. I have yet to actually see a card I like in those perk packs. Also understand that many are level dependant, but the packs are not supposed to be level dependant, but I have not seen many of the nicer cards yet and I just turned level 20. Most perk cards either do not do much (10% at most) or they are too narrow… like against diseases caused by certain enemies. They even split shotgun and rifles. Crafting is still a pain because just having the perk cards high enough is not enough and you have to scrap out the specific weapons to get the mods, but as you gain levels you are going to find these weapons more often. I just worry that some things are going to require very rare minerals. I already saw an upgrade for my vault suit that added something like +1 to 4 stats and +2 to a 5th stat, but it required 4 of 3 items and two were very rare. I had one group I think from scrapping T60 power armor pieces, and I found one at the very end of the burning mine (part of the fireman quest) next to a bobble head. You have to mine it from the ground. It was a glowing yellow if I recall. I need to redo that mine 3 more times and I still need the last mineral. I am afraid it is only found in a nuclear zone, but I hope not. I think I will explore some more mines better and see what I can find. At level 30 I want to craft my own power armor.

    I have yet to need hacking or lockpick yet and I am level 20. You do not need above level 3 gunsmith at least until after level 20 (I still need to check as I just got level 20 myself and have not been able to check).

    I am unsure about scrapper. It might only give you more of the same scrap. If it gives you different types of scrap I might get it… especially on things like power armor and high level weapons.

  7. Taylor Riddle says:

    Have you even played the beta? You recommend doing 5 points in the stat but then having all the perk cards to swap out as needed.. you must be getting free perk packs from Bethesda because thats not how any of this works.

  8. Stevie Lantalia Metke says:


    Is my plan for my solo combat perk selection. If it turns out Power Armor pieces I have equipped don't actually have weight, I'll drop Portable Power and can live with int 13, and maybe agi 10, but that is a decision I won't need to make for quite some time. Things also get weird if explosive rounds don't benefit from the rifle and sneak attack, but I have some time to figure that out before I'm committed

  9. Strategy First says:

    Some weapons will need science and gun maxed out. And for mods that means you need at least 7-9. If exotics are also needed at the same time then 11. Not 5. Everything else should be exchangeable. I hope its 7 so I can put points elsewhere but well have to see.

  10. Ogre says:

    Not aiming this at you ESO, but Hacking also has a player skill involved aside from the proper facing brackets that get rid of false hits. For some that may be playing for the first time. The Terminal says "Likeness=2" which means, there are 2 letters right in the word, and I'm not sure 100% but I think it may also obtain to their position in the word?

  11. derek Brogan says:

    "Fusion cores arnt that hard to find"

  12. floating spaceman says:

    Where is the perk that increases fusion cores ?

  13. thePr0fessor says:

    So I haven't played the beta or anything but my friend and I have been planning on getting it on release. And he was going to do a strength and charisma focused and I would be intelligence and agility but it seems that focusing on those two are going to make me incredibly weak. Should I change agility to endurance or something?

  14. Darius Hartfel says:

    The higher your intelligence the higher the durability of crafted weapons and armor, worth it imo.

  15. Stiora Bloodlotus says:

    no reason to NOT use full Points on the Cards!

  16. MrClassicSteel says:

    You missed a perk card! You missed the fusion core perk where they last longer

  17. MrClassicSteel says:

    I think you misread the scrapper perk, you said scrapping items. It only works for scrapping armor and weapons. Still useful but you either didnt realise this or the way you talked about it made it seem so much more important then it is

  18. Arbiter Of demons says:

    What about home defense card?

  19. PuppyLuvU2 says:

    watching this I had a crazy build idea. get the power armor stuff and all the stuff to craft really good weapons ect with durability and such and then also make a bunch of chems and then use them in fights to buff yourself like crazy and enhance your other stats to make up for mostly being an intelligence build and you can just go on a killing spree with powerful power armor like a crazed super powered drug addict with really high durability and strong weapons 😛

  20. PuppyLuvU2 says:

    Fix it good + Power Patcher = fixing armor once a month 😛

  21. PuppyLuvU2 says:

    here is an idea. make a second character and invest heavily in intelligence like max it out basically and you use that guy for all your crafting for yourself and friends. of course you will need someone to be a transfer between you and your other character but then you can really profit from the best of the best gear.

  22. Xero says:

    If you want better armor you can't leave Armor at level 1. Some mods require you to have Armorer level 2. And I wouldn't be surprised if there are a few out there that require level 3.

  23. Big Bear says:

    You sound like you only invested Five Points into your intelligence. This game heavily relies on Crafting and intelligence is tied into that. But to each their own.I still like your other videos but not so sure about your build advice (Side note you continue to gain perk cards and perk points after the soft cap of 50.)

  24. Bekah Smith says:

    Intelligence also increases the durability gauge on items you craft which means much longer times between repairs. The difference between 10 intelligence and a max of 5 like you suggest is HUGE

  25. Vornalph says:

    Good to know. Thank you. Intelligence is one of my favorite stats.

  26. Brandon Linker says:

    5 points in intelligence only? Seriously? Ok so how do you expect to get the perk cards you need to max out gunsmith? Will you just hope to get them in perk card packs every 5 levels? Yes, you're right, you only NEED 5 levels of intelligence to equip the card, but that's not really the problem. The problem is getting all the gunsmith cards to level it up to level 5, and if you're not lucky enough to get them in packs, you'll have to take a point in that skill to CHOOSE the card you need. Gunsmith levels up to level 5, Armorer up to level 3…. but then what about lock picking and hacking? that's even more points. To me, the MOST important skill to put points into is intelligence. I'll probably have it maxed out at 15 before I'm done. Gotta be able to mod those weapons and armor and finding the cards to do it all is the hardest part. I'll have 15 opportunities to choose though unless I find some in perk packs.

  27. Christian Quinteros says:

    you should do luck

  28. Sunset Rider says:

    Do you need the Tier 5 crafting perk cards to MODIFY a Tier 5 weapon too? Or if you find a Tier 5 weapon, can you modify it as long as you're of the appropriate level?

  29. David Espada says:

    Just got to level 15 recently I have mostly all in STR and Agil and some luck for the junk shield perk. For Intelligence i am simply going for 4 points to make better melee weapons becouse all other perks that provide mods for armor is useless because in pvp they reduce all dmg resistance right?

    If any one wants to go PVP, make sure to pick all the perk cards that give you Defense, Healing and DMG buffs.

    Seems that hunting wanted people its better to be range, and if you want to start a fight or do a duel in close range then melee and shotguns are the best.

  30. boss netoy says:

    Hi.. u said that you prefer 5 points on intelligence only..
    But how can you get the other intelligence perk card if you will not level up intelligence in the first place, aside from getting it in perk card packs?
    I like your idea that i will only invest 5 or 6 intelligence and switch the perks for specific uses only. But since i aim for max gunsmith, im confused on how to get perk card gunsmith while not putting intelligence everytime i level up?
    It doesnt give me a choice that when i level up, i want to put point on strength and get gunsmith perk..
    If i will put point on strength, i need to choose perk card for strength only.. this is kinda disappointing

  31. ZERQ Gaming says:

    How do you only invest 5 points into intelligence? I mean it not like it was where you select your special and then pick you perk. Instead you just select a card. How does you special increase?

  32. Jonn Gunn says:

    The game sucks

  33. michael caley says:

    You keep saying alot of the "crafting" perk cards are a waste to rank up. You will continue to gain perk cards infinity throughout your play through. You can rank these up to get the bonuses and then only slot them in when you are crafting said items.

  34. Holland Griffis says:

    After watching some of your BETA content I went ahead and ordered the game. I wasn't sure about it to start with but you convinced me. Looks like fun.

  35. michael caley says:

    5 Int is a horrible idea. The higher your Int stat the better quality the gear you craft will be. I currently have 11 Int and when I craft a standard melee weapon the "repair" bar is almost twice as long as someone at base Int can craft.

  36. Quick Action Figure says:

    If there is no durability no defensive abilities for crafting gears, so it's easy to be dead by Explosion. I guess, It would be better to use defensive perks for armors.

  37. James Marchiano says:

    Just a heads up, Bethesda just gave out friend codes in the transaction history of the .net accounts. Let me know if you have someone that wants to try the beta

  38. lasse reden says:

    If you spend 15 points in Intelligence you can have: 1. "Power patcher" your Power Armor takes -60% wearout 2. "Portable Power" your Power Armor weights -75% 3. "Power user" Fusion core lasts 60% longer 4. "Demolition Expert" +100% damage for explosives 5. +50% radius of your explosives.
    I think if you want to go for an endgame, nukezone build you need to max out Intelligence because then you can wear Power Armor like boss. In combination with 15 strenght and maxed out heavy gun perks and 7 points in endurance for more health and rad resistance you are good to go in the nukezone. And I found Power Armor that I can use with lvl 30. I am going down the Max int rout. In C.A.M.P I can then swap my Int perks into crafting and repair perks, to repair my Power Armor for 200% and stuff like that.
    We could talk about the -60% wearout because you can repair to 200% anyway but hey that are just 3 Points and I don´t know how long you can stay in a nukezone, maybe you need it there when Deathclaw after Deathclaw hits your face 🙂
    Edit: When power armor weights nothing when you wear it, just swap the -75% weight to the stimpak perk.

  39. kaoslim says:

    I think you will need more than 5 intelligence to craft everything. For energy guns for example youight need gunsmith and science cards. I haven't tested this though.

  40. Darkness Speaks says:

    Bro…. most useful video I've seen. Subbed

  41. drunkjk says:

    #betawipe 1/10 To limit testers from mauling newbies
    #betawipe 2/10 Essential weapons, armor, and items are too easy to get in the beginning at lower levels
    #betawipe 3/10 To stop hackers, cheaters, and exploiters from saving their progress who have gained a blatant and unfair advantage
    #betawipe 4/10 Sure it's depressing to lose everything you FAIRLY EARNED during the "B.E.T.A" (World of Tanks), but at least you know where everything is which makes the game easier when starting over
    #betawipe 5/10 Everyone deserves to have an even playing field as much as possible (just my opinion)
    #betawipe 6/10 Basically not having a wipe would mean the same thing as if it were already released, which isn't the case here considering Bethesda's intentions to have a B.E.T.A in the first place
    #betawipe 7/10 why should B.E.T.A. players get such an advantage? especially considering there is no guarantee they even BUY the game on release and instead ask for a refund when the B.E.T.A. ends…
    #betawipe 8/10 S.T.A.S.H. is limited to 400 storage weight in the B.E.T.A, but will be unlimited the game is fully released (according to Todd Howard himself)
    #betawipe 9/10 Tweak the game so that players are allowed to display their character name in-game instead of their Bethesda account name
    #betawipe 10/10 remove at least half of the power armor respawn locations in the game and make them RANDOM

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