Fallout 76 BIG PATCH! New Content Coming! Full Patch Notes! #Fallout76

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Fallout 76 Patch notes for January 10th 2019: Provides fixes for many issues that were affecting perks, weapons, crafting and more. Check out the full list below to see everything addressed in this update.

Link to Official Patch Notes 01-10-19: https://fallout.bethesda.net/article/7hpeHkKxyM6aMWUCCIkeW6/fallout-76-patch-notes-january-10-2019

Link to inside the vault article: https://fallout.bethesda.net/article/3wohkyIGcEOE8gayy6yCMg/fallout-76-inside-the-vault-january-9-2019

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Fallout 76 BIG PATCH! New Content Coming January! Full Patch Notes! #Fallout76

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49 Responses

  1. Martin Castaneda says:

    I still dnt ubderstand this if we got 2shot explosive weapons we get banned or how this work ??they gona be checking accounts and banning or if they find out you got many stuff?

  2. Drayko Wolf says:

    they need to remove the wanted bounty for damaging/breaking player created structures at pvp zones like public workshops. the fact that it's supposed to be a place you're supposed to fight to stay in control of is the main reason i say this. If a player builds an assload of barricades around the workshop bench so that other players can't touch it without incurring a bounty then it's really not fair. i get why it's like that with player camps but public workshops shouldn't be that way.

  3. Kettu says:

    Still long way to go with fixing the game bugs and balancing game/server stability. They should focus this first before adding new content to the point where the game is yet again in a state where people exploit all bugs and make the servers more unstable

  4. Robert Lawton says:

    If they added dungeons and stuff i would consider takeing team perks instead of solo, just look forward to new explorable areas and more story, i have part of the map ive left alone to explore but just onto that now and after that ive gone everywhere pretty much.

  5. alexkg1 says:

    This patch was the last straw that finally made me quit the game. The lack of content really left me with nothing to do except constantly grind for legendaries, but these patches focusing less on adding in player requests and more on nerfing is just frustrating.

  6. GoCrazyDontMindIfIDo says:

    I really hope they add more difficult challenges. I don't hate the game but at level 114 in a suit of power armor, nothing is even remotely a challenge except for other players at high levels. Still, it boils down to which one of us hits each other a second time with our explosive weapon first. And even then we rarely have a reason to fight. I find so many resources just picking everything up that farming at workshops feels almost pointless beyond spamming claiming them for plans. I haven't once had anyone try and take a workshop for me.

    They also need to drastically improve the grouping/friends system. I mean, I can't even communicate with someone outside of in-game voice chat, it's ridiculous.

  7. Peter Wood says:

    Bethesda so disappointing the games constantly crashes when your in the middle of missions and loose all progress honestly games a bag of shit

  8. Mick Menken says:

    What is that pistol?

  9. Chris G says:

    I need some build advice. I looted a two shot explosive western revolver. I don’t care about quality of life perks because I can get those whenever.

  10. gasdorfic muncher says:

    they need to remove the ability to place turrets in the whitesprings area …a level 6 player can place 1 floor and stairs uper level with 10 turrets and level up to 50 with little effort…people shot a glowing green goul once and a high level player finishes them racking up 70 xp every kill now ..they did adjust the amount was 300 xp a kill

  11. JoJo Mo says:

    I hope they do not have "instanced dungeons" – might as well just play those other games, because what comes next is the elitism and "rank scores" and all that bullshit all over again. exactly why I quit playing ESO and other similar games and got back into Fallout.

  12. Yadriel Cruz says:

    so did they increase the stash capacity or not

  13. Marcus Gale says:

    you play some shitty games lol, destiny and fornite. Literally said you dont care what the game is.

  14. Stephen Zaffarano says:

    Anyone else find that their quest lines sometimes vanish when getting bumped off a server and hopping back on? ANNOYING!!

  15. Peter Whitlock says:

    you will notice multi millionaire sellers with all the best stuff cheaper than the game sells them now in all maps in all places…you can buy ammo ,maps, best of anything soon as you reach level you can have best and be given ways to make money to buy and sell to them..nothing has changed and the game is as dysfunctional and crash prone as ever. You can tell in advance even with vaults open we will be bored silly in 2 weeks flat due to small size and low effort and way too small battles and too weak of multiplayer quests….basically junk used to make fast money and failed. The game NEVER will work right due to the MILLIONS ON END the sellers have and STOCK to last many years cutting out the game seller prices…I seen millions of rounds and millions of caps and millions of stock of all kinds including x-01 fully modded for peanuts. You will now look for stores by popular places and ignore the game ones for much better deals. thousands of people with millions of stuff in stock each… do not even try to think the game is getting better or functional because it is not at all. It crashed on me today 5 times sames as usual. And in case no one noticed the super problem with the photos since so many people CAN"T KNOW WHO THEY WERE WITH BECAUSE NO NAMES =no memories worth anything…just people in P armor and you can't even be sure where you are yourself…stupid and pointless to have piles of no no names of any players…just false memories of could of known who it was but game refused us that. DUMB IS DUMB!

  16. instantsoup says:

    Bought this game for 12 euro.

    Still got ripped of

  17. Flying Shadow says:

    Just give us slooty mods already!!! I want to make a Big Tiddie Goth GF character.

  18. Hank Rearden says:

    Five server disconnects today. This is getting ridiculous.

  19. HappyLemming 345 says:

    This update deleted my inventory

  20. fran goodburger says:

    just fasttrack to the next installment and skip this junk

  21. fran goodburger says:

    hahaha bugs are the least of their problems

  22. Anthm Ant says:

    Beat channel for Fallout 76

  23. DragonAIDS says:

    Out of all the stuff fixed I'm most excited about them fixing the bug that made stuff stuck in your "Stored" tab in the camp, where you couldn't use it, or delete it. I had a Water Purifier taking up 7% of my budget for a long while now. Thank god they fixed this! <3

  24. I made this username really long on purpose says:

    "Can't wait to get this content to you so you can inform us by how much it hasnt been finish"

  25. Mikey Peelmore says:

    if you aint said NPCs, you ain't said sHt.

  26. chepon full coc says:

    Why youre always low level?

  27. Bentley Rhodes says:

    It makes me mad when I select pacifist mode and the other peeps can still attack me.

  28. Hawke k. Koehler says:

    Boo fortnite sucks

  29. DavidSixSixFive says:

    I want all the duped items to poof. I dont know if its possible or if it will help server stability, but I still want that trash gone.

  30. Reid Leonine says:

    Definitely, bored. Looking for that new content. Still have hope. I did enjoy the game, but now I need more to do.

  31. Showharu says:

    I want the level 100 achievement fixed so i can get my plat cause with all the nerfs i cant grind back up that high again!!!

  32. Xellixor says:

    All hail the ex-heavyweight bobby pin!

  33. XxthebossXx Awsome says:

    Channel5 gaming how do you have so much bullets can you tell me please

  34. SharkBoi says:

    I got a question completely irrelevant. I have never found a vault door code access card and I know it’s a random drop. I’ve killed I think 1000 enemies but I have seen not even 1. Is it something different or something else?

  35. Thomas R says:

    Was hoping Escape Artist would be on the perk list as it currently does absolutely nothing it claims it does…Was also hoping to see them address the fact that Deathclaws , do not drop Deathclaw gauntlets or plans as was supposedly added in 10.3 , at least on the Xbox…have killed so many 60+ deathclaws its not even funny…just want to be able to scrap some to actually get the mod recipe…instead of having to find/buy the mod!

     Oh well , still doing fine with my 1 star instigating Deathclaw Gauntlet with my stealth build!

  36. mr. mcgee says:

    I want the power armor pieces to show on the chassis so ik which one I'm gonna spawn

  37. Chris Carson says:

    No fucking wonder you are bored. I play the game solo and its not hard. You and your gang are way overkill.

  38. DigiMotiv Garage says:

    I think the closed captions are missing periods after the last 2-4 words of each sentence.

  39. Jesse DuBose says:

    Really hoping they fix the excavator power armor stash glitch Everytime I get out of the armor

  40. FredRated1967 says:

    What I was really hoping to see was a fix to the duplication glitch that's helping to cause server instability.

    Hopefully they fix that soon.


    Where are the patch notes?

  42. Marcus Gale says:

    Lol at him mentioning Anthem, I already know that shits trash

  43. Liver Bubu says:

    Reading those patch notes make me cringe … I did not knew most of those bugs existed.

    I used to love this game and truly gave it a chance but compared to other game company, they are not trying hard enough.

    This game is online and is an MMO (or very close to it), there should be weekly maintenance / fix… when was last patch again ?

  44. Adhesive Virus says:

    The explosive legendary weapon like explosive shotguns need a nerf. I'm sick and tired of pvper harassing you till you attack them, then you stand no chance because your dead in seconds by their explosive weapons. At least with melee builds require you to get close. At least make it where explosive mods don't affect those weapons that are not like fatmans or missile launchers

  45. TJ Buchanan says:

    Glad to see more Fallout again Johnny. Even if it's just patch notes. Still sad to see no option to see owned plans when a huge aspect is finding an owning plans. Also are settlement spotlights ever coming back?

  46. Romano Seven says:

    Fallout 76 battle royale ?

  47. B Dean says:

    lol all this stuff is gonna create so many new bugs

  48. Daniel Staples says:

    Some of the more interesting highlights
    -Glowing ones no longer deal out large xp
    -Bobby pin wieghts are reduced
    -Legendary rifles now can drop (now having a rifle build may be worth it)
    -20 diseased eye bots will no longer be in the Whitesprings

  49. Jon Wang says:

    Wait…So your telling me my gauss rifle has been at base damage the entire time? Damn I thought 250 (With Bloody Mess) was with all the rifle perks.

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