Fallout 4 – Top 10 Builds

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Check Out Our Ideal Fallout New Orleans: https://youtu.be/EkVAWkpm6ag

Featured Builds:

Disciple: https://youtu.be/zOp6HUBZbYY?list=PLt4dvC3zSbYADD53fVSCNYb_wLMz8Ka8x

Road Warrior: https://youtu.be/rQzypWz2yWQ?list=PLt4dvC3zSbYADD53fVSCNYb_wLMz8Ka8x

Raider Overboss: https://youtu.be/inRDoznaTS0?list=PLt4dvC3zSbYADD53fVSCNYb_wLMz8Ka8x

Mechanist: https://youtu.be/skPC1iM4R7M?list=PLt4dvC3zSbYADD53fVSCNYb_wLMz8Ka8x

Tinkerer: https://youtu.be/H5Go4n-_gTk?list=PLt4dvC3zSbYADD53fVSCNYb_wLMz8Ka8x

Shotgun Surgeon: https://youtu.be/TBpG6B-oCow?list=PLt4dvC3zSbYADD53fVSCNYb_wLMz8Ka8x

Pyromaniac: https://youtu.be/gfDl3nkfblc

Gunslinger: https://youtu.be/JsICmq7RsmI

Paladin: https://youtu.be/cb8_J2vU1So?list=PLt4dvC3zSbYADD53fVSCNYb_wLMz8Ka8x

Sharpshooter: https://youtu.be/k0wWkZcGz_8?list=PLt4dvC3zSbYADD53fVSCNYb_wLMz8Ka8x

Scott: https://twitter.com/NewberryCrunch
Michael: https://twitter.com/OldBerryChew

Scott: newberrycrunch
Michael: oldberrychew



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49 Responses

  1. Mr4luc4rd says:

    am i only one who picked everything ?

  2. Place-chan the cookie legend says:

    i see this video build nothing just talk
    this is annoying

  3. Wesley Williamson says:

    Do you have patreon

  4. doctor leak says:

    Rather make cosworth a synth

  5. SmileForTheCamera says:

    1:27 i'm surprised i saw no comments points this out.

  6. Giratina 123 says:

    deathclaw hunting build

  7. Crunchy Napkin says:

    What would you guys recommend for me?

  8. Yeetus Christ says:

    I like how you can take a tiny knife and make power armour explode

  9. Person says:

    My favourite build is the thief .im surprised it's not here.

  10. NLrenzo says:

    Did i hear a stealth sniper? Oh yes ofcourse i did

  11. vexingsword 13 says:

    Best build is the psycho she just kills everyone and sides with the worst faction she has no morals and doesnt give a fuck about anyone

  12. Jonah Hilmon says:

    Imagine a Alex Jones build lmao

  13. Jonah Hilmon says:

    Im doing a build called the Wendigo build. Nothing but a sack hood and a large deathclaw gauntlet

  14. Menah Atta says:

    Whats this perk at 5:38 ?

  15. Dipin Bk says:

    Do a top 10 for new Vegas too please

  16. James Daly says:

    2:30 Starts feeling like fortnite

  17. Hydration says:

    I remember my old robot companion, he was a bright pink sentry bot wearing a deathclaw skull, he had a sledgehammer on one hand, and a big ass buzzsaw on the other.

  18. Mark Holmberg says:

    Now if we could just combine the Tinkerer + the Mechanist.

  19. Henry Gabriel says:

    Can you guys make a spread list or google doc describing the perk progression / story or is that already one

  20. MCRangerGr33n says:

    i play as a the gunslinger but i tweaked it a little cause i like using companions

  21. Aaryan Assanie says:

    666k subs wow

  22. ThatoneFoxler says:

    Should make a build called the railroad spy

  23. neptune says:

    imagine a crossover between these 10

  24. Adam Thompson says:

    Is there a fallout 76 build. Love your builds and fallout 4 :):):)

  25. Bill The Bull Gates says:

    The DildoDestroyer is the only way to play a melee build.

  26. TheKraken says:

    What is that helmet/armor from on the last build?

  27. VeXd EmBeRz says:

    I’m sorry but 7.54 can we just appreciate that for a sec

  28. Citizen Goose says:

    How about an enclave build?

  29. Husk Gar says:

    Thank you guys, appreciate your work. I love nerding out with you in my Skyrim and Fallout adventures.

  30. rilly1489 says:

    Lol a drugged up mother and 2 dead wives.

  31. Red Fox says:


  32. Alieu Robinson says:

    The only thing i want to know is which build is easy to use! I suck at aiming, I cant play for shit, and i am not good at finding stuff, but i just want a build that isn't hard to use E.G a build that relies on VATS so far im stuck between sharpshooter and gunslinger

  33. Free Speech says:

    Gonna be a strange question but. How would one make a commander shepard build?

  34. Free Speech says:

    Melee power armor build made this game far to easy. Also was a brotherhood member.

  35. CheeseDirt54 says:


  36. 花【Night】 says:

    I think vinylic puma I think made a one hit all enemies

  37. dang dang says:

    Where are the stats all you've done is name builds not show us how to build them

  38. Game Soob says:

    Is it weird I kept Codsworth as a mr handy but just decked him out?

  39. Dejion Jon says:

    Best builds for roleplaying…

  40. Travek Maxwell says:

    Doesn't show the starting stats?

  41. Connor Of Paeleontology says:

    I have a bulid named Hugh Dick, and hes just that-a huge dick!pressing b and x has never been so fun

  42. The Pybro says:

    The dec AI pler

  43. Skipper847 says:

    How do you go about just using one build from start?.

  44. Brooks Blakemore says:

    The sharpshooter kinda looks like Joseph seed

  45. Dr. Berlin says:

    I am really wanting a Gunslinger mechanic build. So we can have robot cowboys

  46. Takkiol says:

    Number 5 reminds me of the pyro cinematic

  47. VomitingDragon says:

    "..and he has great personaNOW WE HAVE DEATH FROM A DISTANCE.."

  48. Brandon. Horrigan854 says:

    I did not see a single picture of the build you could at least showed on for every build

  49. Rocket Gamer says:

    Do a build called the "feral ghoul" the main weapon would be death claw gauntlet and 1 main perk would be the canablism perk the only 2 mods you would need is the ghoul mask mod and a mod that let's your character look like a ghoul the armor that looks best is Harvey leather armor with road leathers under. Please make this a build. The ghoul mask makes it so feral ghouls won't attack u any more and completely immune to radiation.

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