Fallout 4 OP Character Creation (50k Hype)

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I will be answering any and all questions in the comments below, though I recommend you watch my 10k Sub special because I answered a lot of common questions there.

61k at the time of writing this and all I can say really is thank you, I don’t think reality has set in yet on whats happening and what this could mean for my life, the potential for me becoming a full time content creator isn’t just a dream anymore it’s a possibility, the fact that something I have wanted to do for my entire life is now within my grasp is inspiring. And it’s all thanks to you. Here’s to 100k

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41 Responses

  1. French Tomahawk says:

    I will be respond to all questions posted in the comments below just as soon as I get home from work today, so if you got a question that you'd like answered
    fire away. It really is overwhelming to be in a reality where my dreams are becoming reality as a result of all of your support, words don't do my gratitude justice,
    so I'll just focus on getting the next video as soon as I can. I know this video is pretty different, but I just wanted to drop something a lot of you guys have been asking
    for as a thank you. thanks again and I'll see you at 100k

  2. Towarzysz Freeman says:


  3. Rango pistacho says:

    this is humans final form

  4. Nigel King says:

    You should try out commentary on these videos

  5. Fucking faggot Lol says:

    Wtf 2 day 18 k sub gg man

  6. Hugh M. says:

    How can you make these characters with a straight face. ?!?!

  7. pootzilla says:

    The four horsemen of the apocalypse

  8. Llama Gaming says:

    Idea: energy weapon build next

  9. Kieran Goble says:

    I once made a monkey

  10. Moritz Stuck says:

    will you promise to never stop making these videos?

  11. Death says:

    You should make a face thats lopsided all the way to the left

  12. AllegoricSpider says:

    Ive been here since baseball boi and love all of the videos for the humor and especially faces

  13. Jacob Snyder says:

    Yo yo yo congrats for 50K

  14. Treyton Sutton says:

    You should become a fallout youtuber like oxhorn or vinylic puma Ilove your videos and theres and you should do more builds and do build or fallout 76 when it comes out

  15. HostileRaccoon says:

    5 horsemen of the Apocalypse

  16. ckis amazing says:

    18k subs in 1 day

  17. Derpity Doo says:

    Holy shit 50K celebration and not even 3 days later it's another 18K more. When you gonna do an "OP sub growth build" video?

  18. Paizer says:

    Bon comme je suis français je vais balancer quelques clichés. Beret, baguette, moustache. 🙂

  19. Late Page says:

    Grats on the 50k good luck in the future. Expecting more content soon

  20. Kamikaze 987 says:

    How to get a lot of capsul PLEASE

    Je te suce après

  21. Uncle Flansy says:

    68k subscribers the day the 50k sub video comes out. Might as well start working on the 100k video at this point.

  22. Cameron Peterson says:

    You're the bob ross of character creation.

  23. Unknown Rai says:

    When you were making the OP shotgun at one point he almost looked like handsome squidward._.

  24. Cameron Peterson says:

    68k already? damn, congrats

  25. emily dot com says:

    How did he get through this entire video without laughing more than once

  26. Patrick Star says:

    Half hour of making retarded looking characters, my kind of content

  27. Aiden Winegar says:

    "The woman is extremely easy to jack up"

    Yeah… glad we've got context

  28. frenchtomato says:

    better than any other beauty tips out there, super informative might try later

  29. Saviour86 says:

    i feel i lose braincells with every video of yours that i watch, but its too late to stop now…

  30. Chaotic Mist says:

    How to make an OP youtube build ;^)

  31. Pedo Woodie Official says:

    Thank u for teaching me how to build these handsomest of bois

  32. cody says:

    I really really enjoy the editing in these videos. They are really good.

    hopefully you'll make some OP builds on Fallout 76 or just Fallout 76 videos in general.
    thanks for making good content


    A very under appreciated YouTube channel right here. Your shit is hilarious

  34. explosion person says:

    this was yesterday. he just got 17k subscribers in a day?!

  35. Mikhal Mosav says:

    Have you seen the shrine of Azura? They say the dark Elves built it after they fled from Morrowind.

  36. The Black Boi says:

    You should do a "bruh look at this dude" on your characters

  37. OrangeExplosion says:

    been round since 2013 with you and im so happy for you this is my cousins account since I lost my account but yeah love your vids and wanted to say congrats

  38. foolish oxx says:

    Love you dad no homo

  39. POW Gaming says:

    "Yea, Shaun has your smile…"

  40. POW Gaming says:

    Congrats on 50k!

  41. E V E R Y M A N A K I N G says:

    Do a super smash bros meme with all you're characters you dink

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