Fallout 4 Mods: Subscribe to Pewdiepie – A Companion Mod

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He’s also essential, so sorry everyone!

Subscribe to Pewdiepie by Recluse

Glock 86 – Plasma Pistol by 3nikhey


Niarms HK416 by Legacyslayer and Toadie

Archimedes-II by Niero and TheKite


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35 Responses

  1. Sean Quek says:

    24:31 what most of us want to happen to pewds

  2. Wild Wastelander says:

    You can definitely tell Al isn’t subbed to pewdiepie

  3. Marcell Favalora says:

    There should be a mod where it replaces or adds the Dave Chappelle gotcha bitch every time the robots explode

  4. DesmondDentresti says:

    From one cage to another: the life of a youtuber is never kind…

  5. PonyUpTillymahoo says:

    ghoul crazy

  6. SeboTrzyDe3D says:

    Ah, good old lore friendly mods. Always been my favorite.

  7. RinKagamineX3 says:

    Dont really subscribe to him tho. The YouTube top holding spot is pointless and if you care im just amazed you have the good-taste to have found Al

  8. DongoBot says:

    Aaahhhh I want pewds for xbox!!!!

  9. Sarah Smith says:

    20:20 Hahahh Steve u crazy son of a gun…Meow

  10. Sgt Trip says:

    Just when I thought there’s no way any companion could ever be more annoying than Preston, someone goes and makes a pewdiepie mod and I would rather find another settlement that needs my help. Well done, Al, I’m glad I’m not the only one that doesn’t get the references.

  11. Sarah Smith says:

    Usually i don't have any grudges against anyone or other youtubers out there but PewDiPie is the exception. Sorry Al…Meow

  12. nobody important says:

    Bitch lasagna was an odd insult used by an Indian man when asking a random women on the Internet for pics of her bobs and vagean

  13. navigator of none says:


  14. Matt says:

    holy shit. was not predicting to jump on the bandwagon

  15. Dustin White says:

    Nice laugh..

  16. Rose Lightning says:

    Omg This was highlarious! Al and Pewds! 😀 I love these two

  17. Drinkin Buddy says:

    11:18 I’ve been telling ya for months you have to get the pew lasers mod!!!

  18. speed0spank says:


  19. Steven Hiller says:

    PewDiePie: sings Country Roads

  20. LambertsPlays says:

    Al can you do an entire… playthrough… of fallout.. new vegas. Again?

  21. 厶gれひる のヨエ says:

    For some reason 10:06 reminds me of Ludwig from Bloodborne lol

  22. Daniel Kniffin says:

    This is a Pewdiepie mod?
    Where are all the barrels?
    Where’s Stefano?

  23. Tim Kerr says:

    This was too funny!

  24. DaiNoShoujoNoYami says:

    Oh my god, even Al is doing it xD

  25. Wayne Hampton says:

    If you can't get enough racial slurs and rape jokes in your Fallout 4 experience this companion is perfect for you!

  26. TailAbNormal says:

    So, seriously, WTF is up with the lasagna?

  27. Undecidedable says:

    damn… sneeze snatcher got me good

  28. Fredbob392 says:

    Personally haven't found Pewdiepie funny in many, many years, and the antisemetic stuff, even if it was meant as a joke, definitely solidified my decision to stop watching him a long time ago. I don't think he's literally a Nazi, I just think he's like a lot of right wing people who view legitimately dangerous ideologies as a joke.

  29. Sterling Archer says:

    Whenever I see someone say sub to PewDiePie I always reply sub to Al Chestbreach

  30. GraandMasterWalrusz says:

    Only Al would get a meme mod, not get any of the references, spend the first half of the video playing the mod and the second half trying to get rid of the companion he saved. That's why I love this goofy baby.

  31. The Green Gamer says:

    "Subscribe to Poodipie"
    I love you Al

  32. Antler says:

    This was the most confused Al has ever been.

  33. NazzaN says:

    Nooooooooo they ruined Fallout 4 with this mod 🙁

  34. DoubleDoubleNoPickle says:

    It's the crossover I never knew I wanted

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