Fallout 4 Mods: Concealed Bunker Busters

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Concealed Armours

Colour Map 4k With Locations

Lore Friendly Posters

Snap ‘n’ Build – The Bunker

Snap ‘n’ Build – The Capsule

Intro/Outro Music:
CC BY 3.0 – http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/

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26 Responses

  1. Schleets DahMonsters says:

    I ended up here by a Skyrim Immersion Mod list.

  2. Comical says:

    I hate it when people say "as you can see".

  3. Laezar says:

    waow I got kinda surprised seeing this in an immersion playlist of what I thought would be only skyrim mods xD

  4. Kalle Persson says:

    G2A is realy good just bought fallout4 for 40 dollars on steam it would have gone for 60 dollars

  5. Vincent Bédard says:

    About the mods on console , do we know how many will be available from the start ? Or will there even be some at the start ?

  6. Michael Freeman says:

    How am I not subbed to this channel yet? I watch your videos all the time. I love your work in Skyrim Modding and it's good to see you keeping me up to date on Fallout 4 mods as well.

  7. Ekinlabberer says:

    is there already a mod that lets you grow a beard?
    i loved it in skyrim 😛

  8. BAHB420 says:

    You misspelled concealed.


  9. B. Milkam says:

    Does anyone know what is the white suit the character is wearing at 1:24 and how to get it ? It looks like the institute suit the synth gen 2 are wearing, is it only available through console commands ?

  10. ANGRY TURTLE says:

    Do you guys even know what a bunker buster is?

  11. Дмитрий Грущанский says:

    Which microphone do you use?

  12. CuppedSilverRamen says:

    boom!! pom

  13. ljudde87 says:

    hey, is mods coming to the Xbox one and PS 4? thought I heard something about that?

  14. ljudde87 says:

    hey, is mods coming to the Xbox one and PS 4? thought I heard something about that?

  15. clap hands says:

    Skyrim music lol

  16. Mr. Jo says:

    Misleading title…I thought this was some kind of wrist mounted projectile for power armor I've been waiting for…I WANT TO BE IRON MAN GODAMNIT

  17. Kappa Kek says:

    +Brodual PLEASE do a video about mods that can improve fps!!

  18. They Told Me I Could Become Anything, So I became an Eggplant says:

    Currently there are over 6 THOUSAND mods on the Nexus! Once the Creation Kit is Released, I won't be surprised if it goes beyond 10k on the first month. This is more than Skyrim Before the creation kit! Its Amazing!

  19. mufelfuchs says:

    GUYS! The Skyrim online mod is not dead:
    Brodual please make a video about this and get some attention to this!

  20. Carl Vitek says:

    this title is very misleading, cool mods though.

  21. Nocluse says:

    oh yhea cool concaled armors

  22. jamie tobin says:

    Please tell me how you made the outfit in the thumbnail thanks!

  23. Sebidee says:

    Wow brodual, you are great at picking mods, I'm going to use all five of these 🙂

  24. norpdorpknorp says:

    Brodual, is transforming Skyrim ever gonna make a return?

  25. N.N says:

    No dancing at the end of the video??Awww… dissapointing! 😉
    Didn't matter much though since I've already liked it before the end.
    GJ Brodual. As always!

  26. e21big says:

    wait, the creation kit is coming out VERY SOON !!!?

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