Fallout 4: 5 Strange and Rare Random Encounters You May Have Missed in The Wasteland

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Fallout 4 boasts a plethora of immersive moments, many of the most unique stem from the game’s random encounter system. While some of Fallout 4’s random encounters can be as mundane as a group of traders on their way to Bunker Hill, others can be incredibly fascinating and unique. So today we’ll be taking a look at five strange and rare random encounters you may have missed in Fallout 4.

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  1. john doe says:

    Had a strange occurance yesterday night in game, as I randomly made my way through the landscapes from Recon Base Theta heading south towards concord.

    I met a NPC called "Mac" and had his Bar "Booth" set up in the middle of nowhere and was a completely chat-able alcohol vender and tells you he "Always wanted to run a bar since he was a kid" if I remember his script correctly.

  2. Keith Lyons says:

    What about Good ART and bad ART. I met (randomly ) these two characters several times while they were having a firefight with pistols, only stopping when one of them died.
    I suspect that they were synths in an Institute experiment.

  3. General Oliver Von Bismarck says:

    What's funny is that the fake Preston Garvey was the first one I meet on the way to concord and I gave him the caps and when I met the real one I felt so stupid

  4. ulises martinez says:

    Should i replay fallout agian without cheates ive beaten it without them like 4 times but like 10 times with cheates i was wondering cause i wanna play it agian should i play with or without??

  5. trliv29 says:

    Love Football Head by Flamingosis in the background ❤❤❤❤ and love the vids

  6. reviscerator says:

    When it comes to random encounters, I like the single wounded dog you can happen across in various locations. It's been a while since I encountered it but it you pet or feed or cure it (I don't remember what the action is) it will become friendly to you and fight any enemies in the local area with you. Later you can come across it again in another random location and it will still be friendly to you and still hep you fight. The sad thing is that I believe it only has one global instance so if you don't recognize it and kill it immediately (or if it dies in a fight), no more random wilderness friend.

  7. Tom John says:


  8. Joseph Moore says:

    There is an "a" in Vault… stop saying "volt"…

  9. Memes9823 says:

    I feel I need to find manta man and help him fight crime

  10. Yotit Banana says:

    I knew it wasn’t Preston when he did not ask me to go help another settlement.

  11. Molten Legion says:

    is that sans undertale in the thumbnail

  12. Lost Khajiit says:

    Don't let this video make you forget the fact that Dorothy Mantooth was a SAINT !

  13. Matthew Henderson says:

    The Henderson fella probably was just a slacker. Usually they are.

  14. Patrick O'Neil says:

    V O L T

  15. Cody Hayes says:


    Just a follow up: How tall are you?

  16. Kalen says:

    It's extremely impressive how you put out so many videos, yet they're all amazing quality! Love your channel, and I hope you gain many more well-deserved subs

  17. dann756 says:

    I miss Fallout 4.

  18. Maureen Johnson says:

    Heyyy! What about the fridge!?

  19. Heather Cuffed says:

    Spartan like super soldiers? Sounds like halsay was there I vault 75!

  20. Preston Garvey says:

    if you take the castle, you can ask the impersonator if there are any settlements in need of help as sarcasm

  21. McFlury Shake says:

    3:01 “know and tolerate”

  22. Daggers says:

    "volt tec"

  23. Corn field says:

    “Oh shit”

  24. jesse baker says:


  25. Dylan Yarbray says:

    Apparently there is no unique dialogue when you encounter the fake Preston with the real Preston as your companion, even between the two of them. Seems like Bethesda really missed an opportunity to make something funny happen, or at least entertaining.

  26. DE SO says:

    I never got a chance to talk to Stash. As I was approaching her, we got interrupted by a Supermutant Suicider. Sad Life

  27. Ben Kenobi says:

    I hope, it's unlikely. But I hope we get to go to California, Navada, or New Mexico for the next Fallout. I'd like to see the NCR and Enclave but heads. It'd be nice to have the option on picking the faction you want.

  28. Padraig Pearse says:

    I remember coming across the travelling bartender a few months after the game came out and I hear the dialogue "of all the caravans in all the commonwealth you had to walk into mine". Its obviously a reference to 'Casablanca' but I haven't been able to find it on any other website/video. Has anyone else come across it

  29. Dustin James Adams says:

    Fake Preston tricked me when I saw him in V.A.T.S when he got closer I knew it wasn't him because of his smaller frame to actual Preston

  30. - MightySpriteKnight - says:

    Today I came across a ship that had a hole in it and was turned onto its side. It had bodies inside of it and a whole bunch of civilian bodies littered around it. I came to the conclusion that it was an evacuation shuttle that had been shot down and killed everyone around it. It was pretty unnerving.

  31. Casey Roy says:

    wheres cookiewookie

  32. Jeff 525 says:

    Manta man idk he was a thing

  33. derp taco says:

    he lived in "A VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER!"

  34. super eagle says:

    its funny that you can actually become the general of the minutemen before encountering fake preston and then telling him that you are the general

  35. James Anderson says:

    Player McPlayerface X'D

  36. tyler jenkins says:

    I have to leave a like because I honestly didn't know about any of these I knew about stash but not the story

  37. Kruuz says:

    3:00 "The Preston Garvey we know and LOVE." Speak for yourself, I hate that annoying, map updating, weird hat wearing, overly attached NPC.

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