Extra credits are against gamergate and also full of shit

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35 Responses

  1. Propop pop says:

    How many times do I have to tell you…

    Gamer gate was bad!
    It started good with pure intentions that i will champion and help as it helps the industry but it failed why becuse a ton of dick bags came along and somothered their shit with this pure cause to make it seem ok and as a community to hide into when their shit hits the fan then when the pure are attained they just say your mixing us up with those guys and now the industry is harmed don’t believe me our shame is on the news on the first page of Twitter we should of cut our losses or shamed the dick bags! But no we where defending ourselves instead of cleaning our community! The response should of been education not defense! In the end it helped give gaming a bad name especially core gaming alienating our selves less people playing games and supporting the industry. Yess etc has exaduated a lot but still it’s our job as gamers not to harm the games and our job as humans not to cause ourselves shame. Also we should listen to feminists as not taking in some of the things they are saying is childish no two ways around it! Not being able to own up to your shit and think differently that’s childish and reinforces stereotypes (ironic, is it not)

    As for game it being more the time will come when gameings audience will expand it will happen slowly with experiments but as we see this don’t fight it it will only alienate core gameing more. And if you notice they never say Mario needs a message they are just telling games that do to “git gud” plus books have messages and people still love them (a lot of people do)

  2. Xenovista says:

    They bend the knee to the likes of Anita. They have ZERO credibility.

  3. Beef Chavez says:

    I still consider myself neutral on this, the problem is that I also stand with the truth, and the truth is that the gaming media and social justice advocates are corrupt.

  4. Sean Feeney says:

    This video made me want to choke Vee. I stand with Gamer gate because I want journalistic ethics but at the same time I stand away from Vee because he wants AAA games to remain a lowest common denominator hobby. Seriously Vee. More Artsy games does not mean less fun games.

  5. da nerd says:

    stop hating on extra credits they are cool

  6. MaverickhunterXZero says:

    I'm surprised they didn't change their slogan from "Because games matter" to "Because we say so"

  7. Little Miss Funny says:


  8. xor sama says:


  9. Atlasmas Samuel101 says:

    I still watch em on my mobile with a block.

  10. Crimson Ghost says:

    I also stopped watching Jim Sterling. That piece of shit is a massive hypocrite. Censorship is bad..unless it is something that offends SJW's.

  11. lolpl0000 says:

    at least you can provide an actual argument. thank you.

    even if half of the points dont have any links or sources, but at least you are trying to form some sort of an argument.

  12. Jonathan Morgan says:

    Considering how masturbatory contemporary "art" often is, I'm not sure I want to "elevate" games to the status of "art."

  13. Justin Bates says:

    400k subscribers?  Every feminist on facebook, I bet.

  14. Ocin Avas says:

    Don't forget lewdgamer .com based Dracula new site lol also yea fuck then they got arrogant going after tb n got schooled for it twice n cowards for replying when he's out due to chemo

  15. TheBlackSerpentBeta says:

    Literally just went and unsubed to extra credits (I ignored them for ages, only staying subbed for their history series)
    That said, as a someone who is training to become a developer, I can understand with desires to improve the media
    Hey, spreading the knowledge to help make better games is never a bad thing
    That said, they decided to said against the gamers, the majority and most devoted customers of gaming. This is tantamount to suicide from a business angle
    You don't fuck with your audience, least they fuck you over. Simple as

  16. Robot Devil says:

    EC videos full of shit?

  17. Other Gamer25 says:

    Took me some time to find by here is Daniel Floyd's musings on #GamerGate: http://bit.ly/1zkS7FP  back in October. This was the first time Daniel has said anything about it. Learn about his background and you will understand my conclusion that his attacks now are clearly personal issue.

  18. brainplay says:

    EC is headed up by James and Dan which is a weird bromance.  James is a HUGE SJW and fairly thin skinned.  He gets vocal about stuff which doesn't always line up with content that's been put out by the team.  Case in point was using the EC brand to attack TB which was a ploy to get support from their subscribers.  Dan seems to be the pet and follows James on most stuff.  Dan comes off as level headed but as long as he's tied to James' hip he won't be changing his tune anytime soon.

    To be fair, much of their educational stuff is well done (albiet with some creative license).  However, we're talking about historical stuff where you can follow the research.  That's their strength and was how they built such a huge fanbase.  Their more recent stuff over feudal Japan is very good stuff.  But it's when they get into more subjective matter when James takes over and it goes downhill fast.  Take a look at their harassment video and realize how bad their solutions are considering the tools already in place for that kind of stuff and how their proposals can be abused. 

    Also take note of how they keep referring to gamers as "us".  This is a big red flag when someone tries to put a personality on any gamer out there.  Us is a very diverse group of people and we've become less of a community of gamers and more of a community for individual games.  When we were a gaming community, it was through the fact that we were outcasts and exiles for liking video games.  That's being eroded as games become mainstream and more inclusive.  Much like fans of movies or TV shows, our interests and behaviors span a wide range.  But when you enter into competitive play, things change as do the attitudes of people who want to win.  You won't get the same kind of banter in a CoD match as you do in a Minecraft game.  Not until they start playing a competitive mod.  There's a reason for that.

  19. Diogenes says:

    At this point it is just riding on PC (Politically Correct) inertia. All the leftist garbage is PC by default and anyone that opposes any of it is a thought criminal. They've been doing this for decades.

    The good news is that it is working LESS then it did in the past.

    A lot of people don't seem to understand, this is as good as it has ever been. In the past , they did stuff like this all the time and you didn't even know they did it. It was the like the Matrix. You don't know what they don't want you to know.

    This is why the US has an explosion of alternative media. Because our media is corrupt and lies pretty freely about a lot of things. They see it as "shaping public opinion" without especially realizing they don't have a right to shape opinion. That isn't the contract we make with a news organization. We don't say "here is my money, please mind rape me."

    So, they're losing. And they're losing everywhere. The process is not going to be fast because it took us a long time to get to this place. But they're already doomed. If they cannot control the narrative then they cannot refuse to intellectually engage. And if they are forced to engage they'll have to have logical arguments to back up their positions… and the very nature of political correctness is not needing to back up anything.

  20. B̶a̶d̶a̶s̶s̶ ̶S̶a̶l̶m̶o̶n̶ ✘ says:

    Almost 4 years ago Extra Credits raised $103,000 to pay for surgery for Allison, their artist (at the time). The surgery only cost about 1/10th of that, and they said they were going to forward the rest of the money to help someone make a game.

    *"The complete information on what we'll be doing with the overflow can be found here: http://www.rockethub.com/projects/2165-extra-credits/posts/740"*
    Huh? Wonder where that link goes.
    No game. No updates.

    Over a year ago they made another rockethub which got $60,000 to make a gamejam, get some lobbying efforts going, and change how grants work for gaming.
    Nothing. No gamejam. No lobbying. No change for grants. No updates.

    And now, they have a Patreon! Where they make $10,000 a month:

    These aren't people who believe "games matter". These people are profiteers. They are little more than con artists, and it's sad how gullible people are that they are continuing to milk their audience after years of failing to deliver their promises.

  21. Martin Gray says:

    They used to be good. It's sad, but then they sold their souls to anita.

  22. Realraven2000 says:

    Everything is tiny, please zoom in

  23. Khanh Pham says:

    Do they do know that TB witness the whole censorship in front of his face?  His reddit post was a comment graveyard.  It was bizarre.

  24. hereticofyew says:

    Goddammit vee I went to that channel becuase of you

  25. Other Gamer25 says:

    This guys are not SJW and they are not apart general gaming consumer community. #GamerGate  is fighting for reform in ethics and we are winning. Extra Credit probably has some inside information on Kotatu or Polygon side based on there comment about it earlier. I am just reading between the lines. 

  26. LostCaravel says:

    Extra Credits has like 200,000 subscribers versus Total Biscuit's 1,900,000

    Who the fuck do these idiots think they're screwing with?

  27. Solitaire Shamus says:

    I made a comment on their discussion section. Since I didn't get any replies, I think I might as well show you it.
     I recently watched James's Magfest video. You know, this one: http://youtu.be/CbNHIYCV33o?t=9m40s In it, you guys (at the very least) get GamerGate completely wrong. I really do want to clarify some things:

     -GamerGate is a grassroots consumer revolt against corrupt journalism-GamerGate, as such, leaderless. There is no single leader. If there was, it certainly wouldn't be Total Biscuit.

     -GamerGate has NEVER been about harassing women. It is a lie made up by the media we are criticizing. (After all, why would they own up to their mistakes) The claim holds no proof whatsoever. The arguments for this "narrative" are fallacious at best (Commonly containing Fallacy of the single cause, False equivalence, Begging the question, Fallacy of relative privation, Confirmation bias, Circular reasoning, Cherry picking, and, above all else, faulty generalization).

     -Gamers, at the very least GamerGate, has been slandered in the media for the last several months. (Again, as their own way of deflecting that THEY did anything wrong)

     -There has been sources of collusion, cronyism and, well, a HUGE amount of unethical behavior. Saying it was all because of Zoe Quinn is like saying that World War 1 was purely about Archduke Franz Ferdinand from beginning to end (which Extra History covered, if I am correct). The "Gamers are Dead" articles where the when it truly became as large as it is today (the worst of which was on Gamasutra, found here: http://archive.today/l1kTW Other "wonderful" articles are http://archive.today/2t93l and http://archive.today/vT7vp). It all was the "straw that broke the camel's back," so to speak.
      -Highlights of unethical behavior in the last few years:

     -Our main "weapon" is not harassment, but sending polite e-Mails to advertisers. The advertisers then decide whether or not to answer the requests. This caused advertisers to pull from sites like Kotaku, Polygon and Gamasutra. Note, we only started doing this measure after Gawker called to bring back bullying.

    -Gamergate has increased traffic to good, ethical sites like Nichegamer, Good Gamers and Techraptor (even if we disagree, I recommend you give them a look).

    -Sites like Kotaku, Polygon, The Escapist and IGN have updated their ethics policies.

    -Gamergate has donated at least $115,000 to charities since it started (Specifically, TFYC, anti-bulling, suicide prevention, action against hunger, UNICEF, Extra Life and at least one one Multi-charity). Here is a page detailing them: http://gamergate.me/charity/

    -GamerGate actually made up a harassment patrol to stop what Zoe, Anita and Brianna were receiving. It turns out that they were only receiving criticism after making inflammatory posts (Anita's "the US bombed the Japanese back to traditional values" is a potent example that springs to mind). Heck, most tweets about them were neutral! (as shown here: https://medium.com/@cainejw/an-actual-statistical-analysis-of-gamergate-dfd809858f68) Those that did, legitimately harass them turned out to be third-party trolls, a lot of which (especially near the beginning) where not even using the hashtag!

    – Interestingly enough, there is actually a whole lot of harassment from the other side. Not to say that this is any points in GamerGate's favor, but it certainly makes the issue less black and white. Please, take a look: http://gamergateharassment.tumblr.com/

    -Probably important to also mention is that anyone can use the hashtag. Heck, all you gotta do to be a part of GamerGate is to say "I support GamerGate." Heck, you don't even have to be on twitter. This opens up a large area for third-party trolls and false-flags. Heck, Gawker openly admitted to hiring trolls at one point (The tweet suspiciously disappeared. Funny, that).

    -These are not cis, white men. This has been proven to Hell and back with NotYourShield. Here, have two videos to showcase this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYqBdCmDR0M#t=192 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tzwGIHUCtjU

     -Heck, GamerGate Supporters have displayed great responses on places like the three women on the Huffington Post (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qtzrUsi6Y1s) and the many interviews on the David Pakman show (http://www.youtube.com/user/MidweekPolitics/search?query=gamergate). Then again, Pakman interviewed Total Biscuit, which I'm sure you guys don't like. However, the other supporters make great points, in heavy counter to Anti-GamerGate's illogical responses (especially in Wu's interview, in which Brianna accused Pakman of doing a hit-piece, despite being asked fair questions).

    -It bears repeating; GamerGate has NEVER been about white men harassing three completely innocent women. These three women are being used as shields by the media. They also profit off of the controversy. Quinn's (https://www.patreon.com/zoe) and Wu's (https://www.patreon.com/user?u=439829) patreons earn thousands a month due to the GG controversy. These are, quite clearly, professional victims that gain money from the spotlight and, as such, are VERY biased sources. I normally wouldn't mind, but Anti-GG's arguments base heavily on these biased testimonials.
     So… I've been subscribed to you guys for awhile. I thought that "hey, they are pretty smart" back when I was first on my current account. I have stuck with you for this long out of loyalty. But, as GamerGate came out, we got to see how creditable you really seem to be. Much like Jim Sterling, I thought you where on the gamers' side, wanting to actually make games better for everyone. And, much like Sterling, I thought that they'd actually make something of a stand against corrupt journalism. But then, GG becomes a controversy and you… drank the Kool-aid (that is, wholly believe it without reason or question). There's no better way to put it, it seems. At first, I thought that they were merely uninformed and heard from the wrong people, but, hearing THAT… hearing that caused me to realize that this display are the people I've been spending Wednesdays listening to for who knows how long. A part of me still wanted to stick around, even after you declared that you are against GG and even after Dan1's ridiculous TwitLonger. But… now…
    In the case that you'd like to discuss this like the kind, intelligent people I thought you were, I'd be happy to. I'd be truly ecstatic to. However, until then, you've swiftly lost a devoted, regular viewer. You do make some good content, but I just don't like where the EC cast has gone.

  28. bebobli says:

    A flat chest is fine too…

  29. morthim says:

    i'm not subscribed anymore but they do occasionally have some good thoughts. i visit them once every 6 months.

  30. dattebenforcer says:

    No links.

  31. Jate Litherius says:

    I don't watch TB
    I'm no PC gamer, and thats basically it. I don't even know what he sounds like

  32. Moebs Chan says:

    >flat chests



  33. Doom Paul says:

    Their feminist agenda is being set back, that's what they mean when they say that.  People are becoming less receptive to their bullshit.

  34. avmf8 says:

    IF getting 14K and over per month is abuse please someone anyone abuse me. I am willing to take 14K a month to personally be the internets punching bag. I can even be as ugly as Briana Wu sure I would have to use my ass instead of my face but I can do it. I can even make shitty text based games off shit I know nothing about if that helps.

  35. Musou Tensei says:

    I never even heard of those punks before they pulled that stunt.

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