Exclusive Xbox One X Features And Services That Sony Fans Wish They Had on PlayStation | Xbox News

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EXCLUSIVE Xbox One X Features That Sony Fans Wish They Had on PS4 | Xbox News
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Performance Source: https://www.youtube.com/user/DigitalFoundry

Dolby Vision Source: https://www.windowscentral.com/xbox-one-dolby-vision

Freesync Source: https://www.windowscentral.com/xbox-one-freesync

Load Time Source: https://allgamers.com/article/488/xbox-one-x-load-times-seem-faster-much-faster

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18 Responses

  1. Hi Hi says:

    Us Sony fans wish for a defective $500 console?

  2. Toyota Boi says:

    Anybody know the song around 2 min mark

  3. Ben Fogarty says:

    Follow up on what you said about crossbuy in crossplay. I was on my laptop and I saw Ori and the blind forest for $10 so I purchased it there and then for my Xbox One X because it was more convenient to buy from a laptop while It was on the screen. This title even though it's first party does not support cross play. I found that out the hard way after calling Microsoft customer support. They said it was my fault for making an assumption and I should check the list. That may be true but when Phil Spencer makes a big public announcement about Crossplay and how consumer-friendly it is. I didn't expect it to be a few cherry-pick titles I thought all first party titles would be a safe bet. Then I go and purchase a first party title in find out that it's not supported. I feel cheated. it is a type of game I can play on a laptop but if I can I rather play it on my X and big screen TV

  4. turtlehead2 says:

    Xbox is perfect for someone with a 3 thousand dollar tv to show it off. Not a lot of 12 year olds have that. On a Walmart Black Friday tv, both look great. Fortnite looks great on both. Tech specs matter to guys like this, not the average kid. Try to convince some kid's mom that you need a 4K Oled to be better than Sony

  5. RedVGFox says:

    Free Online play… Oh, wait.

  6. Tim Sevigney says:

    Especially syncing game data every time you start a game, wish Ps4 had that

  7. KnygnešyS says:

    fuck x box there is only one compny worth peoples money it is PlayStation keep suporting bloodsuckers you idiots or you asholes already forgot new generation press from x box ??????????????????????????????????????????? you gonna pay for air soon die slow
    its because of people like you we are paying for online gaming nowadays !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Beanie Khalifa says:

    Ps4 has more games and more games with better prices. People dont even own both systems to make clear complains on it. Comparing 4k on systems when this youtuber only have 1080p tvs or using someone else videos to do side by side comparison. Its fun to see youtube videos have turn into for 21th worlds

  9. Frank J says:

    Sponsored and paid by Microsoft.

  10. Frank J says:

    PS4 have better and more games on sale online. Also Xbox 1 only support their Xbox products and not 3rd party products.

  11. DippnDonuts says:

    Pa4 users can’t even run fortnite on max settings lol

  12. DippnDonuts says:

    Ps4 users wish they could run their games on real 4k

  13. micah bell says:

    Dolby is a payed service so 90% of Xbox users don't use it, and what about the adds that you cannot turn off!? what about the stupid ass controller that needs to be turned on even though you turned on the console with it … And no games sorry but I didn't payed 500$ for a console to play 360 games don't buy it just don't it doesn't worth it.

  14. John Doe says:


  15. Tyray Pearson says:

    First of all ps4 is the reason y Xbox had to come out with the x …they had no choice

  16. Joshua Bush says:

    Nice Zelda music in the bg

  17. essay yagami says:

    Yo guys on the 7th of january a pre order starts for a game called black desert online get it its exclusive to xbox

  18. Juan says:

    My xbox one x gives me more issues after owning it for 4 days than my first gen ps4 ever did

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