Every Nintendo Console Ever

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From NES to Switch, Nintendo more than any other console manufacturer has revolutionized the space, over and over again.

Every Jedi Ever:

Every Sith Ever:

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35 Responses

  1. IGN says:

    There are so many great Nintendo consoles throughout the years, so what was your favorite and why??!?!??!?!

  2. non so che nome mettere non so che nome mettere says:

    I've got the Nintendo 3DS, 2DS and Switch 😉

  3. Milad Ibrahim says:

    Game boy advance was my last Nintendo product 🙁

  4. Just Add Water says:

    Every blank ever?

  5. Halo Smith says:

    I LOVE NINTENDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. YaGottaStart ThinkinBeeBerry says:

    My stomach still hurts.

  7. LPS Patronus says:

    I have a NES mini and my mom always uses it to play dr Mario and Zelda

  8. emim12345 says:

    full of ads bro

  9. esmeralda vazquez says:

    Nintendo switch!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Alejandro Morales says:

    I think there might be another console (someday) 😀

  11. dimitris manidakis says:

    I am from greec and i knoow the nintento swith

  12. Brighterlemons , says:

    2kb ram??? That's enough to play fortnite.

  13. Splat Tim says:

    Wow the GameCube with a Gameboy advance connected to it reminds me of the wii u

  14. Anna's Makeup says:

    Hello person scrolling through the comment section how's your day?

  15. BjornGaming 3D says:

    GameCube and Wii u are not 32 bit

  16. ProSheikah Gaming says:

    This reminds me of smosh “every blank ever”

  17. What’s up my Neighbour says:

    I got the dsi xl wii and nintendo switch

  18. Super Mario says:

    Thanks for sharing this!

  19. Austin M.C. says:

    I love Nintendo and history so this is a great video in my book.

  20. Miguel GC Gamer says:

    I like how you left out the Wii U in the opening.

  21. ByChris Channel says:

    Even though i'm a hardcore Xbox fan at heart, I still love Nintendo too!
    PlayStation was great for the first 3 consoles, but the PS4 is so MEH.

  22. Aaron Salinas says:

    What will Nintendo think of next? I do have a we the original and a Nintendo switch

  23. Julius Rock II says:

    virtual boy best console ever made

  24. Timless Chills says:

    Ur mom so

  25. BrandonGamer [GD Reaction Vids And More!] says:

    My Father’s BDay: Jan, 27. 1977
    Nintendo’s First Console Jun, 8. 1977

  26. Asian Freak258 says:


  27. mitsukiミツキ says:

    Im going to get nintendo 2ds xl new on xmas

  28. JD Dao says:

    People always say Nintendo is for babies and Xbox and Ps4 are for true gamers. Ironically, Nintendo was the one who brought gaming back in north America. The competition increased so Microsoft became a rival. Nintendo is like the All-father of gaming.

  29. Loc Truong says:

    Nintendo switch support to be 2017

  30. DRAGONJAYV_RED says:

    I like 3ds xl better because it is better than all the nintendo but nintendo switch and all on top of that is better

  31. Ditto Aster-Dreemurr says:

    1.58 I wish the switch is 200 yen

  32. Denise Shultz says:

    I loved the game boy

  33. Courtenay Gilford says:

    My favorite was the GameCube. It had a different assortment of titles that also appeared on the PS2 and Xbox.

  34. Han Shot First says:

    Anyone else remember the Big Time Rush 3DS commercials?

  35. Petar Detlic says:

    Theres no beter company as sega

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