Episode IX Can’t Save Disney’s Star Wars

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42 Responses

  1. StarWars IG.jgg4life 4Life says:

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  2. 2K16 says:

    It doesn't need saving. It's been great (except Rogue One)

  3. Achaeos Salisbury says:

    So, let's say I've been world-building, brainstorming and scratching ideas down. What company should I be
    targeting to make my movies? Is Disney too tainted now? No I have not completed a script. But I have a
    mental outline of a universe that can be developed into dozens of scripts. Not only do they not have scripts
    completed, they don't even bother tying them together worth a shit, so I should be in great shape.

  4. DreamingFlurry says:

    Ok…I don't get it, how can you like J.J. Abrams? Seriously, the guy is a destroyer of scifi universes (he supported Disney destroying the EU and he destroyed (well helped destroy!) Star Trek before!)! He also only makes mindless action flicks or copy-cat bullshit (see 'The Copy Awakens'…seriously, it's 'A New Hope' all over again with some extra scenes and better CGI!)….I doubt he'll make a good movie! Hell, we've seen his "good movie" and it was a shit-show where Han Solo died a pointless death (he could have given the guy a freaking last stand fight to the death or something, but no! He let that…that emo "I wanna be Darth Vader" kid kill him!)….argh, I hate Abrams as a director, he's so overrated that it's not even funny anymore!

  5. Tache says:

    The Clone Wars and possibly The Mandalorian are of interest. But the future is bleak.

    A long rest is needed and then Episode X which will happen despite the hype of .'the last SAGA movie' with IX .

    But the future is bleak. DISNEY has even tucked up Mary Poppins think about that one.

  6. Archangel980 says:

    Don’t hate on my boy Diego Luna, he’s a really good actor especially on Narcos. He was just given a trash character and I don’t think he even gave a shit about Star Wars just that check

  7. Dan Nakagawa says:


  8. Mr. Lee says:

    Fuck David Benioff and Fuck DB Weiss

  9. Raymond Reviews says:

    Episode 9 will be our Endor, we will triumph over the Disney Empire and show them that the Fans will win

  10. LordStarscream100 says:

    "Disjointed" is the best way to describe the sequel trilogy. I still wish they planned it beforehand and figured out the major events that were going to occur – that should've happened back around 2014. Yet here we are following a story that's in shambles.

  11. Greg Long says:

    Is there a link to the article you're reading from?

  12. VIP_Rideshare says:

    Boycott disney parks starwars land galaxys edge. Thats where the big money is at. There will be no classic characters at the theme parks.i dont want to spend $200 a day to ride the millennium falcon with rose tico.

  13. Christopher Thorkon says:

    My prediction — the film will fail and sadly, Disney won't care at all. The reason is that Disney is opening its Star Wars adventure land thing, or whatever the hell it is called, being offered at Disneyland (and yes, they just announced they are jacking up their price for a one day ticket). I think they are figuring they will make their money back on things like video games, Star Wars rides, and Star Wars adventure land crap. Disney is interested only in money, nothing else, and they will do whatever it takes to make more money. Make great Star Wars movies? Or make sucky horrible Star Wars movies and promote Disneyland adventure park shit? Or use Luke Skywalker in the movies? Or kill him off? Or kill anyone off? Or kill everyone off? Disney doesn't give a damn. They will destroy Star Wars, resurrect Star Wars, save Star Wars, rape Star Wars — or any combination of the above. As long as what they do makes money. Money comes first. Star Wars comes second. Star Wars movies and stories come third. Star Wars fans come in at the bottom.

  14. darthb halo says:

    Rogue one was the only good Star Wars that Disney has released and Cassian was a good character but he’s not important enough to make a series about him. Fuck, make a Yoda series that showcases Disney’s version of the old republic, you e got so many great characters to enhance that would make the fans happy

  15. Steven Delisle says:

    Rey is the daughter of Keri Russell's character who was a fellow Jedi teacher at Luke's Academy she split after things went bad never telling Luke she was pregnant however Leia as well as Maz Kanata knew. Rey's mother was hiding on jakku trained her for a while and was tracked she bailed not before giving rey a little Force amnesia to get back at another time lol Poe was clearly meant to get to Rey with the Droid to start her off on her journey rather he knew it or not I think she was also drawn to the lightsaber because she was trained with it as a child I don't know that's my one and only Star Wars Theory and it's not even complete Last Jedi sucks let's hope 9 is good and makes up for it

  16. TheBrowncoat2112 says:

    Mr. Abrams may be a capable director, but there isn’t enough lipstick in this galaxy or one far, far away that can make the Disney Star Wars pig look good. Ep 9 will fail because the the fans are slowly abandoning the franchise. Sure folks will go (myself included) at least once to see how the train wreck ends, but the highly desirable repeat trips to the theater, the merchandise sales, and the eventual Blu Ray sales won’t meet their expectations. It’s a shame, really…. as a 42 year fan of the franchise it’s hard for me to watch the desecration of Star Wars and I know I’m not alone.

  17. TheeSolo_Starkiller Gaming says:

    Deiego Luna is an amazing actor. Can't wait to see what he does in the show!

  18. Cam E says:

    Kathleen Kennedy is to movies what a 40 year old running back is to an NFL team.

  19. Cam E says:

    What in the world could we accomplish without Kathleen Marie Antionette

  20. chrono2959 says:

    The last Jedi was the last movie I want to see from Disney with a Jedi in it or anything from Disney . I'll watch fan fiction short movie's etc. But FUCK DISNEY!!!!!!

  21. K S says:

    I don't know how blind, how ignorant or how stupid you have to be to think, that you can kill two of the most interesting characters: Snoke and Luke and still think that this is gonna be a great movie.

  22. Random Star Wars Fan says:

    There's only one way to save Star Wars. Reset from episode 7 and give it back to Lucas. No matter the flaws, it is better and it feels like home. Fuck Disney and all of its nonsense. Episode IX will have a time jump of 1 year (supposedly) and I bet Rey will be unbeatable and unrecognisable. There's no plot or meaning left.

  23. Ken V says:

    Jeremy to blame Ren, Poe, and Rey is unfair to them. I don't blame acting for the failure of TLJ I blame poor story telling and direction. Adam Driver and Daisy Ridley did a pretty decent job. Finn's story was utterly useless and could have been cut or at least improved upon. Anyway just my opinion.

  24. raijinmeister says:

    Wow, suddenly TLJ is not the most amazing thing EVERRR and things are not perfect for Lucasfilms.

  25. Daniel Roden says:

    johnson sucks. kennedy sucks. the future of star wars is SJW gutterballs

  26. Gil Druid says:

    Episode 9 is all about damage control from 8 , abrams is gonna take all the things that fans hated in 8 and try to explain and make sense of 8 , this saga is already dead and buried because no matter how good it is ; it could of been way better . This was supposed to to the final climax of this trilogy, abrams has to make this single movie feel like all 3 ,rip Star Wars

  27. Gary says:

    It will be a billion dollars.

  28. Cthulhu Wayne says:

    I heard Poe was supposed to of been killed of I'm tfa. If the cassian show has Alan tudyk then I will watch it all for sure.

  29. Luluko says:

    what ever for a shitshow episode IX is I am looking forward to all the angry youtube channels which will entertain me for months

  30. ArcTrooperMaize says:

    just give us an OLD REPUBLIC TRILOGY PLEASE! or at the very least a clone trooper film

  31. Mawkush Brody says:

    How can you be so critical of a show that hasn't even gone into production yet? TLJ looked amazing even when the trailers came out. It sucked. I'm taking a wait and see perspective for all Disney Star Wars from now on. Some I like and some I hate.

  32. t3h51d3w1nd3r says:

    I think ur way too easy on jj, I can see why tho, he can replicate and modernise the visuals of source materials but he cant tell a story at all, he just copies and pastes previous film plots and adds something idiotic, and 9 is going to be made a hundred times worse with the shit show roundhead Johnson handed him, as for during the casian tv show, "I wonder will he survive his current predicament? will he be killed by his enemies"……oh wait we know what happens to him, theres no sense of danger at all

  33. WashuHakubi4 says:

    I interpret Disney Star Wars' message to me as "F*** you, we don't need you". So my message to Disney Star Wars is "F*** you, I don;t need you, either". If Disney apologizes to every fan they have insulted, I will not see Episode Nine. If Disney gives everyone a free screening at the theater and time of their choice, I will not see Episode Nine. If Disney brings back Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford, and resurrects Carrie Fisher, I will not see Episode Nine. I will not knowingly spend even one penny on ANY Star Wars-related Disney product. Period.

  34. Joel Pearce says:

    I don't get why you hated Rogue One. The Cassian spin-off doesn't sound that bad. Rogue One is the only SW movie made in the Disney era I really liked.

  35. vlenhoff says:

    Poorly written characters never attract any attention.

  36. vlenhoff says:

    TLD killed Solo, and possibly SW itself. I don't know how many times do we have to say this, when it is obvious.

  37. Everton Porter says:

    There IS a way to continue the Skywalker saga beyond Episode IX….it's right there in the word 'family'.

  38. John's Technical Channel says:

    Tico & JarJar FTW!

  39. harnois75 says:

    I would be interested in the Game of Throne writers trilogy….. except that where they veered from R.R. Martin in the later series of GoT, they've flown a little too close to SJW storytelling. Not to the ruination of GoT, but you can tell there's a different woke ethos creeping in. Might mean their Star Wars effort isn't quite as layered as one might hope. Fingers crossed that they are aware of the fan opinion and don't double down on the current Lucasfilm approach.

  40. fox b5 says:

    End it luke and then bring him back again and again and again until the money start to run out.

  41. Inside Barry's Mind says:

    I like Rogue One. I'm a fan of Donnie Yen.

  42. Inside Barry's Mind says:

    Rey, Poe and Finn? ROFL! Stop your joking, please.

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