Eagles @ Bears 2018 NFL Wild Card Game | Last Drive and field goal attempt | January 6 2019

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The Eagles score on 4th and Goal with a minute left to take a 16-15 lead. The 2 point conversion try is no good after Smallwood reached the ball over the goal line but just didn’t make it there. It took a video review and the original call on the field was confirmed.

With a 1 point lead and 56 seconds remaining in the game, Chicago got the ball back.
At this point (Before kickoff after the failed 2pt try) the live odds were Philadelphia -213, Chicago +169.
Tarik Cohen’s kick return set Chicago up with a chance, before a big pass play got them into range, and an 8 Yard pass got the bears to the Philadelphia 25 Yard line before Trubisky had to spike the ball. After one try for the endzone, Cody Parkey came out to attempt the winning kick.
Parkey’s first try was good but the eagles took the timeout.
Live odds before the kick: Chicago -400, Philadelphia +310
Parkey’s 43 Yard attempt to win the game hit OFF THE LEFT UPRIGHT, THEN BOUNCED OFF THE CROSSBAR, to end the Chicago Bears season, as 2 flukey mediocre teams battled to the end in chicago.

Philadelphia Eagles @ Chicago Bears
January 6 2019
2018-19 NFL Playoffs – Wild Card Round
Soilder Field
Chicago, Illinois
Spread: Chicago -6.5
Total: 43

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34 Responses

  1. nerzk says:

    how bout the Bear mascot collapsing in the background after ball bounces out.

  2. PRHILL9696 says:

    Serves the Bears right for having a kicker that is into weird occult god crap! We were waiting for him to chant over a cauldron soon!

  3. Ge In says:

    Doink don di o ink doin koi doik kod doin doink da bears.

  4. kitdacraze phillyphilly says:

    Both under andy Reid Kansas City ….


  5. kitdacraze phillyphilly says:

    Doug call it out and it's smart

  6. PHILLY PHREAK!!! says:

    Doug never had a doubt!!! That why he's got a ring! And working on his 2nd! Let's GO!!!

  7. PineKushDude says:

    Poor Carson Wentz. He wanted Parkey to make that FG more than Parkey did, lol

  8. Max Lopez says:

    I’m gonna be honest the sound of it hitting the upright was more satisfying then parkey himself missing the kick

  9. Eric Almazan says:

    I swear the bias against the eagles from these 3 is crazy. They really didn’t want to see eagles win.

  10. there are 2 genders says:

    Man I respect Foles he said we have a bright future man Foles you earned my goddamn respect

  11. Marcus Aschettino says:

    How bout Chris collinsworth’s reaction MAN

  12. John Ming says:

    Double doink baby!!!!!!

  13. fastmirage says:

    That was the only way the eagles could have won otherwise the beats had thete number

  14. Dr. Bombay says:

    Cody Parkey is the new Steve Bartman…

  15. walterlv01 says:

    People can talk about the lousy kicker all they want – but the fact is the Bears wanted this game to come down to their defense at the end and it did just that – their excellent defense, the strength of their team, failed to stop the Eagles from going on the late drive and scoring the go-ahead TD at the end. The D didn't make the plays when they needed to.

  16. Phone and Guitar Only says:

    It was partially blocked.

  17. Samantha Howell says:

    Was too scared to watch live. Thank you!

  18. Eric Harvey says:

    27 dislikes are from Bears fans

  19. Infernum Paradiso says:

    Qué buena puntería tiene este vato! Darle cinco veces al poste!

  20. John Miller says:

    Chris Collingsworth and Al Michaels sounded so down after the missed field goal.

  21. John Miller says:

    Well, take that "Fog Bowl".

  22. Allan Love Jr says:

    How is it even possible for just one person to even make that many misses by hitting the goal post? Un-real.

  23. Terry Robert Zimmerman says:

    After further review the Eagles are able to beat a 12-4 team.

  24. Meklo says:

    17:06 Cody Parkey leaving the field lmao!

  25. Pickle Productions says:

    I was thinking to myself I don’t care if we get blown out by the saints let’s just win this

  26. Sean Milstead says:

    Did anyone else hear a dying pig squeal at 9:13?

  27. Clifton Photographer says:

    It's a shame football allows douchebag moves like that timeout and running out the clock by taking a knee.

  28. teddy mills says:

    The football gods did the double doink to show the NFL refs they got the Eagles 2 point conversion call wrong even after review. That was a good 2 points. Cannot do a dirty play like that to end the Eagles season. So instead of 18-18 tie with a good Bears FG (both sides are ok going to OT), the Eagles won 16-15. Showed up the NFL refs. THATS what happens when the refs play favorites..Next time just call the damn game.

  29. cambonious 23 says:

    Hester got his fingers on the kick and got just enough and I mean just enough to redirect it, so it isn’t entirely on the kicker.

  30. Swampforlife says:

    ha ha suck it bears fans. back into your holes. come back in ten years when ur relevant again.

  31. George Bronson says:

    @11:15. THE COACH ICED DA KICKER!! everyone cracked open a crackpipe and take a HIT! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  32. jeffs1000 says:

    Al Michaels needs to fucking retire. Just when the home team is about to kick the game winning field goal, IN A PLAYOFF GAME, he says, "no one is headed for the parking lot."

  33. jackals1982 says:

    i'm going to watch this tape over and over and over. lol. anyway next week saints 9 eagles 10 book it.

  34. wl34nkw says:

    You can hear the ball hit the posts before the video shows it. Was the actual broadcast out of sync or is it a glitch in this video?

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