Drew’s Board Games: RoboRally

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Video exploration and review of RoboRally by Richard Garfield.

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13 Responses

  1. ReductioAdAbsurdum says:

    To make your "video" better you might want to start with… video.

  2. Stefan Knetsch says:

    The video is lagging very hard…

  3. zach stoner says:

    clear and easy to understand- great job

  4. rocaluma says:

    Very good video. Easy to understand instructions and good voice and diction. Great introduction too!

  5. thoughtsthroughsound says:

    @androsphynx just read that your a law student who now has better shit to do then work your ass off on youtube videos. Peace man, good luck with your game

  6. thoughtsthroughsound says:

    @androsphynx No no no, seriously, the script was really well written, and the photos made your explanations and examples that much clearer. 5 star video in my opinion. If you keep reviewing board games, and spend this much time and effort into the video, I will definitely subscribe.

  7. thoughtsthroughsound says:

    This video is sooo well made. Really impressive

  8. Aerohawk Productions says:

    i used to have a yughio card named "andro sphynx". awesome

  9. Logicfray says:

    @androsphynx not even a brief overview? you dont need do give mechanics or rules, just basics like is it a card game, trading game etc.. good luck with the game!~

  10. Logicfray says:

    how is progress on your game? and can you give an overview on your game?

  11. Homemadegameguru says:

    Nice video. Just like me, it's good to see other people who enjoy games.

  12. Joachim Erdtman says:

    "but now that we've left the 19th century"?! Roborally was made in the 20th century, and we're now in the 21st. 😀

    Another good review, although, while I own the original Wizards of the Coast edition and its first expansion, I'm not that big a fan of it. I will try it again with some larger groups, fewer boards and flags though.

  13. marzzbar says:

    Great review. Although I think the rules say that you flip the timer when only 1 player hasn't finished programming their robot, rather than when 1 player has finished. Apart from that, nice work!

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