Dorks Gone Wild Top 10 “2 player” Board Games

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Send us suggestions for your favorite 2 player only games.!

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  1. Per Sørlie says:

    Big thumbs up for DVONN and Battle Line. I like YINSH. However TZAAR is the best of the GIPF-series 😉 A masterpiece with random setup.

  2. Emilio Estrada says:

    I am working on a two player game; art is near completion, and it has been playtested for a while; would you guys like to give it a go?

  3. Jonas Box says:

    Nice video! I'm really enjoying Arimaa for 2-p.. I want to try Hive!

  4. Crystal Lacy says:

    Thanks this was great! Oh, by the way, we use printable life dial counters (from BGG) to keep track of life because it really does suck to use those authority cards.

  5. WWEisnotPunkrock says:

    Favorite two player is probably BioShock Siege of Columbia. But to be fair I was a big fan of the BioShock video games.

  6. qvistus82 says:

    I mostly play one game, backgammon. It's a very deep game but also incredibly fun and much more approachable than chess for example. I've watched many of these "top 10 boardgames" videos and they always overlook this game. Every now and then someone mentions chess or go but the classics always seem to be underappreciated by board game enthusiasts. I don't know why is that.

  7. fatalmystic says:

    good inspiration! thx!

  8. purpleturtlegirl says:

    I just found out that you guys are making videos on youtube, so excited.  I miss playing games with you guys.  Love 2 player game recommendations, thanks for making this.

  9. Andy Andersen says:

    Enjoying your videos

  10. winterplum says:

    Since you seem to enjoy abstracts, you might enjoy 'Tash Kalar'. My husband and I both like this confrontational game where you need to complete a particular puzzle shape with chips on the board to activate a card's special ability. There are VP cards that have requirements to obtain, and that is done via the arena, (board), where you do the puzzling. Another two player game we enjoy is 'Revolver'…it is direct confrontation with an old-west theme. Anywho, nice top ten! 🙂

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