Don’t Underestimate the Wicked Witch of the West

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The Wicked Witch of the East might be defeated, but we still have troubles in the Anglosphere.

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40 Responses

  1. Kristian Søgård says:

    i thought this was about Maxine Waters

  2. Burner 9 says:

    I like how the question isn't "who do you think is gonna run as Democrat in 2020?", no it's "who is the party going to tell us to vote for from up on high?". Fucking Democrats man.

  3. Gregory Rogalsky says:

    Leave the door open for toxic Hillary.. And than when she goes through it.. Slam it shut on her face.. Fucking evil bitch..

  4. C Burk says:

    I just imagine her kneeling before George Soros with his melty face and wearing a gold pimp robe as he berates her "Look at you, you were unbalanced, bested by a Kekistani who had never held political power before, YOU FAILED!"

  5. Dwayne Mattson says:

    Quick, throw water on her. Or drop a house.

  6. The Pyro Jawsome says:

    I needs to find me a bucket of water.

    Or a water nuke. They have those, right?

    Edit: Water howitzer. There we go

  7. Coleton Tewinkel says:

    If she wins world war three will begin not long after.

  8. Randy Marsh says:


  9. Proto Type says:

    Abracadabra …..Alakazam ☁ ϟ ☁

  10. Michael Jenner says:

    If he’s running I’m voting for Ice bear.

  11. Derek Chuan says:

    Oscar De La Hoya 2020!

  12. SamuraiBatgirl says:

    Robert O'Rourke has the potential to run. A shit ton of his money came from out of state.

  13. ruining ur day says:

    tulsi GABbard
    /our girl/?

  14. jamoecw says:

    who does the democrat have that is better than hillary?
    tim pool
    my sister
    stephen colbert
    some random homeless guy

    that is just a few that i can think of. sure they aren't very progressive next to her, and they won't pull in the same amount of cash, but they will get more votes.

  15. JasnoGT says:

    BETO…..keep an eye on him.

  16. Ned Dubh says:

    Tulsi gabbard is a shill for gun control. She fits right in to her chaotic, retarded party. Last dem with any sense was Jim Webb.

  17. Arcrombie says:

    Pedoesta must step forward to lead the armies of the night. All his servants have failed him.

  18. bousim20 says:

    I know Hillary is almost impossible to actually like as a person, but I still need to ask: when did we all decide that the President needed to be a walking PR stunt, rather than somebody with decades of experience and a moderate temperament? Doesn't the rampant dysfunction in the Trump Whitehouse give anybody here even the slightest pause for thought? When was the last time you saw an American leader who was so powerless to stop himself being stabbed in the back by his own team on a daily basis, or who was so incapable of gaining the trust of the people around him that they openly undercut and subvert him for all the world to see? Christ, we have Whitehouse staff brazenly admitting to the public that they regularly snatch documents off the President's desk for fear that he might be stupid enough to sign them into law! Jesus! We're actually at the point now where Intelligence officials are admitting that they deliberately keep the President in the dark about important matters for fear that he might blurt the info out to one of America's enemies (again.) Somehow I don't think this will all seem so cute if shit ever gets real on his watch. But yeah, Hillary. Let's keep talking about that bitch.

  19. Rojoyerf says:

    Dr Phil 2020

  20. Speek No Evil says:

    That thumbnail is the best!
    Should've had a little Bill flying monkey in the background.

  21. Lashaun Wittfield says:

    Sargon is witty and fun to watch.

  22. Natural Theist says:

    Is she heavier than a duck?

  23. Charles Grey says:

    Lock her up!!!

  24. Musica says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PUT UP AL SHARPTON, PLEASE OMG that would be hilarious Trump VS an actual racist.

  25. PeferG17 says:

    Wait wait wait wait wait! Did I see Oscar De La Hoya the fucking boxer? Why?!

  26. nmgh marquis says:

    Ha Xb sooo the end of the world is still active like a radioactive lake kinda nice nothing but doooom still kinda funnies

  27. SpadeGhostVampire7777 says:

    We have 2 years to worry. Till then we will Keep America Great.

  28. LuisEdGm says:

    I want Hillary to run again, i want to see her lose again.

  29. Outlaw Jaw says:

    I've met Tulsi Gabbard IRL and can say she definitely deserves the nomination, she is a radical centrist who is ready to drain the swamp as instantly as she can.

  30. Nick Donnelly says:

    Don't call for May to step down – you'll endup with frikking SJW Commy in chief Corbyn.

  31. rufusquiks says:


  32. Destroyer Inazuma says:

    Would be hard to create a Third Party big enough to be on the same level as Democrats and Republicans. Not before 2024. But that could be healthy for democracy and representation.

  33. Drac139 says:

    Schultz is even more extreme than Merkel and is likely to take her place.

  34. Bobo's Gonna Get Yi says:

    I think she’ll run and I think they’re sitting on a lot of “dirt” that they’ll throw at Trump. Now wether said dirt is fake, overly exaggerated or real, doesn’t really matter, her supporters will vote for her no matter what, same goes for Trumps. It’s going to come down to the so called swing voters, the independents and who and what they believe.

  35. Gonzalo Ayala Ibarre says:

    Nah, man, I wouldn't wish that shit on my worst enemy, If I was Hillary I would just relax, semi-retire and live the good life. I don't enjoy old men and women doing the most stressful shit imaginable, even if it's Hillary.

  36. Gerald Ford says:

    Joe Biden is one year younger than Bernie, that fact that you dont even talk about it just gives me the vibes that you only listen to MSM on who is capable of being president.

  37. Johnny Whitsel says:

    I think we (conservatives/classical liberals) need to be VERY careful approaching 2020. We need to not let our victories make us complacent, as we have NO IDEA what the dems are planning for this year and 2020… we should 'prepare for the worst and hope for the best'.

  38. Mr. Bubbles says:

    My god Sargon. Are you a British person trying to influence our elections? Don’t you know we don’t stand for that? The only foreign nationals we support influencing our elections come from a place south of Texas.

  39. Captain McDog says:

    "Al Fucking Sharpton" is a pretty good slogan.

  40. Aczxser says:

    Chiiiilll, Hilldog is dead

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