Do Dual CPU Sockets Matter in 2018?

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Xeon Scalable is Intel’s “true” high-end workstation CPU line, with multi-CPU support baked in. But that comes at a cost…

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48 Responses

  1. excited box says:

    I doubt that on something like a 3U server using 50% more area is more expensive than the premium on the price for chips and components.

  2. Tom Glod says:

    hey man…how are u allowed to do this on the kitchen counter? lol….

  3. rayproductions backup channel says:

    my main rig is hp z600 work station with 2x xeon x5675 and a gtx 1060. soon upgrading ram from 16 gb since that doesnt cut it

  4. Sherman5k says:

    There are no dual socket intel consumer processors motherboard?

  5. blasterman789 says:

    Hey dipshit….basically what's you've come to the conclusion is "more cores don't do any good unless they are utilized". In this case provisioning extra VM's. Now, bang a couple of rocks together and apply that same logic to AMD vs Intel desktop scnenarios and mabe the light bulb might go off. BTW – was running quad processors with Windows as early as 1998.

  6. cantsolvesudokus says:

    How many FLOPs does it compute?

  7. Light Science says:

    Machine learning tells us, this audience likely really enjoys high quality underwear, given they use it so much.

  8. Daniel Combs says:

    We need a new weird build video Linus…

  9. Jonathan Wilson says:

    Someone should make a benchmark specifically to replicate the kind of database and web server workloads that these high-thread-count systems are really good for.

  10. alkafrazin says:

    Who needs two 28core CPUs when you can buy a 64core single CPU?

  11. ADL KHDR says:

    Dual celeron?

  12. Kevin Walker says:

    2018 and Linus still doesn't understand ESD…lol

  13. Console Peasant says:

    2 AMD EPYC 64 core CPUs in dual socket…….

  14. Thomas Spaziani says:

    You need 2 CPUs in server machines for PCIe lanes. Especially things like the Supermicro NVME storage machines, for instance: . Some of the PCIe slots require the second CPU.

  15. mhvenom80 says:

    I'm curious to see if you use actual work loads like BOINC on these units. Other than major businesses using such CPUs, research could also use them but they will never have the funding for such things.

  16. Qbix says:

    When you guys are going to overclock this? Revenge of blowie!

  17. Tyler Middaugh says:

    numa numa yay

  18. Twilight Sparkle says:

    But will it run Crysis at 60 fps on ultra?

  19. Brent Polk says:

    The purpose (Idiot Canuk) is that some of us can not afford the "FREE' viewer/ad revenue driven tech waste you are provided. Some of us need "affordable" solutions to get REAL work done!

  20. Robert French says:

    who's like you but in Linux? right on…

  21. JN Pohjoinen says:

    More processing power in a small package. I know lets put them in fighter jets. And more!

  22. James Leighton says:

    We use these at work because of the number of PCIe lanes available with multiple sockets and high processing density.

  23. CoolHandLuke says:

    You should give no warning about the sponsor, and just launch into it, lol! The warning enables time for us to skip, lol! I'm just not a fan of such pushy advertising. I accept the adds on youtube and even let them play out in support for 'the tips'! :p But filling your videos with sponsor advertisements well, I skiparoo, sorry. But if you stop giving warnings might not be so fast on the trigger :p

  24. jwdickieson says:

    so that's how you got lucky

  25. Ben Hatto says:

    I always run my Xeons in SLI

  26. Cody says:

    but can it run crysis?

  27. enticeman28 says:

    Bitcoin mining rig?

  28. enticeman28 says:

    Bitcoin mining rig?

  29. Conker The Squirrel says:

    Super technical question related to the video: What's the title of the song in the background at 7-9 min ? xD

  30. Freerider says:

    My main concern has always been the cpu socket itself. For the common consumer it sure can be a hit 'n miss for upgradability when it's just common that cpu and motherboard goes hand in hand. I wish one gen of cpu sockets would last over several generations of cpu's, so it would be way more viable to change only cpu, only gpu or both. If I have to change motherboard in an upgrade, I see that as a complete rebuild, adding in cpu, ram and gpu, cooling solutions, maybe even a psu and well… It quickly becomes way pricier than it needs to.
    It could be done if they decided for it to be done.

  31. Giordano496 says:

    This is the only dual socket system for consumer i remember

  32. Eric Masson says:

    Awesome hardware but who has the $$$ for that? Please consider reviewing stuff that 90% of us can afford. cheers!

  33. Robert Phoenix says:

    @End: "MANY video editors, ONE cpu."
    Me: Ehrm, don't you mean TWO cpus? XD

  34. Danny Fonseca says:

    I have one question the motherboard Asus WS C621 SAGE support intel ES engineering sample. Or i have to update the bios.

  35. Sinistar 26 says:

    How about for bitcoin mining?

  36. SIC66SIC66 says:

    WOW 28 cores!! Oh… wait…. Didnt AMD present a 64 core chip today?
    Yes, yes they did…..
    And didnt the single AMD chip beat 2 of these 28 cores chips?
    Yes, yes it did…………

  37. Patrick says:

    @2:55 That Canadian accent spilling out.

  38. Digby Dooright says:

    BAHAHAHA! I love the little guy with the cat on his head in the corner. ;p

  39. happy b.s. productions says:

    Yes… Yes they do matter Linus, the more cores the better! For many applications. Not all.

  40. Agostinho Silva says:

    some enterprises just need the best of the best and that can be the difference between 1 or 10 more millions at the end of the month

  41. RuralPrepper says:

    I generally enjoy your videos, but I feel this one is off the mark. When you get into the high core count, most people will be using that for video, or server applications. Install Linux, throw 10,000 emails at the machine and see how it does. Set up a Virtual Private Server farm, install 100 websites on it, and see how it does. Just about everything in this video misses the mark for what high CPU machines will be used for. I use to work for an ISP in Houston Texas, so I have seen stuff like what I suggested. Most hosting providers that use machines like you show in this video will not even be using windows. The testing you did on these machines is probably going to be a lot different than running CentOS, Apache, and MySQL applications with hundreds of virtual private servers.

  42. Mamdouh Tawadros says:

    Linus there will always be dual and quad Xeon sockets. The number of cores will not be a limitation. If you have i9 9900K, then you can have 2 i9 9900k (the Xeon equivalent) Speed wise the cap is 5ghz. But the cores and cache will always expand.

  43. gj rt says:

    THE only reason to have dual CPU SYSTEM Is to kill every motherfcker in the room.

  44. gj rt says:

    so in other words that is one fast I9! Good video great to see hardware videos again. BS on the on task exicution, that's written out by board design or another component in front of both CPUs.

  45. Stephen K says:

    Linus, you don't think Intel is going to be selling a ton of these? You don't know much about enterprise computing then. A small compute cluster is going to have hundreds of these chips. Large centers like Amazon and Google will have many thousands. Also you are missing half the point of having e.g. 56 threads, it's not just about running one process on 56 cores but also being able to run 56 processes on one core each, and all combinations in between. And dual socket is pretty standard, the really fat servers run quad socket and 2TB+ RAM

  46. Nick K says:

    A couple advantages… PCIe lanes. More CPUs, more PCIe lanes, more dedicated PCIe bandwidth. You can of course use a PLX / PCIe switch solution, but that has it's own issues associated with it, lots of compatibility and timing problems with different hardware.

  47. Lubomir Ivanov says:

    Why not use EPYC ?

  48. Thomas DRT says:

    play with it archeage or second life or Riders of Icarus for the test

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