Dissecdead – Oblivion (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

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song taken from the album “Swamp Of Suffering”
shot in Spremberg @ GAHLEN MOSCHT METAL OPEN AIR 2016


An empty shell is left of my once beloved world
My Soul was trapped then descends to the shadow realm beyond
A dimension insane of torture, pain and torment
I’m falling spiral downwards banned to the unknown depths

A sickening future lies ahead
In this maelstrom of chaos we’re all dead

Pass the gate to find oblivion
The suffering souls gave it a name
Further down into oblivion
In this unholy vaccum you’ll stay

All forms of violence represented here
My body is deformed materialized anew
The consciousness still alive but yearning for fresh blood
Death’s dark seemen in me infected and took control

I must search a way out of here
Reach these voices in the distance without fear

A new hope shall rise but where will my way lead me
To escape from oblivion destiny only can tell
Follow the moanings through the dark they enlighten a path in front of me
But this hunger for flesh I can not bear it anymore

But these voices lead him further into this maze
And his bloodlust can not be tamed his human side begins to fade


© Dissecdead 2016

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