Did Every Game get LEAKED From January Nintendo Direct!? (Rumor)

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30 Responses

  1. Nintendo Prime says:

    As always folks, these Nintendo Direct leaks, especially one that I can't even chase down the source for and it all points to a youtuber who isn't say they are the source, are generally just wet fan dreams. However, I do think it's perfectly fine to dream once in awhile. We'll likely know a week from now when the next big direct is landing.

    That being said, what do you hope is announced in the January Nintendo Direct? What already announced games do you want to see more from? What games do you need release dates for?

    P.S. – If Link's Reawakening is legit, I don't care about the rest if it's fake. I'll legit need new pants.

  2. Kurtis Lee says:

    Quit talking about leaks! Stop spoiling stuff that may be true. Even if they are obviously fake, I just want to go in with no predictions and just be genuinely be surprised

  3. MrSRArter says:

    I'll save further new viewers time, it's the obviously fake leak that has 90% Mario, a compilation of the forgettable Sonic Storybook games, and an Animal Crossing with the negative title "Back to the Basics" (you can tell the person that typed up the fake leak hated the additions in the newer Animal Crossing games).

  4. Dizzylemon says:

    THe game cube version is the best one. It had a lot of real life stuff in it along with the barter/auction system. I don't think @NintendoPrime knows the game well to say AC New Leaf is the best. It isn't.

  5. Captain Piano Tutorials says:


  6. Jeremy Wethington says:

    Worst fake leak ever

  7. Pot8o.v324 says:

    NintendoLand is the best and if there was a sequel I feel like they would call it NintendoWorld

  8. JT64128 says:

    Last I checked, the Mario Baseball games were developed by Bandai Namco. Not Camelot.

  9. Kacj Aioig says:

    Here’s the think Pictures Damn it I want pictures

  10. Eggs ‘n’ Bacon says:

    Well, YouTube recommended apparently is wanting me to spend the $240 I have saved up.

  11. Swag Man says:

    I am positive that this leak is fake

  12. Finn Crowley says:

    It seems really safe and fake but a new super sluggers or even a port would be perfect on the switch

  13. Jay Fuse says:

    Only thing I believe is joker and plant being teased because why not

  14. Sgt Silock says:

    You only need to google animal crossing back to basics and you'll see it's a fan made design. The leak is fake.

  15. Cheng明耀 says:

    No one gives a shit about BlockedContent, neither should you

  16. Barney The Brioche says:

    This ‘leak’ is someone making up some bollocks. The names for these new games are awful. Nintendo I think are basically done with labo at this point there will be no integration with crafted world.

  17. Devin Lucas says:

    Who wants a paper Mario game for switch

  18. Kay!!! says:

    short answer: no
    long answer: noooooooooo

  19. philosophicaldoctor says:

    The Daily Express is NOT a reputable source. It is a right wing rag that
    publishes racist content daily and is one of the rags that helped bring
    about Brexit by its anti EU propaganda.

  20. Buff Muffin says:

    if we got nintendoland on switch, i would freak out. i never had a wii u, but i played that game a bunch at friends' houses, and i loved it. the problem is, it was a wii u tech demo, and a lot of the games on it need the gamepad, so i dont think a port is realistic. maybe a sequel though.

  21. booyo boi says:

    Someone with the name of Teochard made the leak and told us on LaxChris Server ( I joined the server a while back but never left any comments until today as i have been looking at the server alot and trying to know everyone before I leave any comments and now I have finally spoken in the server thanks to someone named Keatz, congrats to you who pointed it something out)

  22. BalmungHKs says:

    I see a pattern here, leak possible games that will be announced in the Direct, games that are unthinkable and that would be awesome to have in nintendo switch. this way, when the day of the announcements arrives, everyone is disappointed when the direct is over and the critics crap overflow begins

  23. Westy says:

    Random question, but it reminded with the background gameplay. What's the best Fire Emblem game to start on?

  24. Loke Man says:

    Companies leaking their own products is a VERY common thing. It’s free advertising and it provides feedback BEFORE a product is even released. It’s standard operating procedure at this point. Look at Nvidia and their new card. They have it to YouTube channels and asked them to purposely leave them in the open and not say a word about them. This is the NORM for the video game industry. Where have you been all these years?

  25. put4558350 says:

    Nintendo land is … possible.
    Nintendo + Universal studios theme-park will be open in jan 2020. Time is not right for Nintendo land (As theme park cross promote)
    But With Tokyo Olympic Games 2020. Title like Mario & Sonic Olympic Games Might also get big promotion budget too… so …

  26. Emily Sweets says:

    You think that Express is a reputable site? LMAO!!!!! Just look at some of their headlines. It's almost non-stop fear-mongering and clickbaiting. Express is considered a joke in the news media world.

  27. The Last Paladin says:

    Sorry friend but as someone who lives in the UK the express is full of lies. It's one of the most clickbaity news publications going. And the print edition is nearly as bad as the online.

  28. Damian Prentice says:

    Just here waiting on Wii Sports Club on Switch haha! But no, keeping expectations low because I always enjoy what is shown on the day.

  29. ReZaHydra says:

    Odd that he got so much wrong, yet so much right, including Labo…

  30. Steven R says:

    Also missing is a new „Fit“ Game, we Can say that this was confirmed.

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