Demiurg – Death Grasp Oblivion

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Death Grasp Oblivion by the Death Metal band Demiurg. It is taken off of their latest album: Slakthus Gamleby.


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5 Responses

  1. localescariaco says:

    I am for sure, Dan Swanö and Ed Warby on the same band, pure genius man!!!!!

  2. Adriano Wotan says:

    Reminded a little bit of Dan Swano's work.
    Amazing Swedish Death m/

  3. jani lahtinen says:

    Indeed…dan are god !!

  4. frostwound says:

    Ed Warby power best drummer ever since 1988

  5. Hrimthur666 says:

    Great album… I'm more into Black Metal, but this kind of stuff is just great! Swanö and Co. are some excellent musicians!

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