DC Vertigo writer Zoe Quinn is back to her old tricks

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27 Responses

  1. Jeremy Snead says:

    These reviews can kill borderline comics. Readers find comics too late because this or will miss out on something good because critics opinions. I remember when Wizard would recommend a comic and 7 our of 10 it was worth the read. Wizard had its problems but their was not ad lag. Fan were able to hold Wizard reliable by not buying what they are selling. These sites pay to be at the top of the queries and sell ad space on number of hits.
    Journalism is garbage today.

  2. craig holmes says:

    And it will all fail in the end….sjw and npc nonsense always does…. granted DC is becoming less woke and from what I'm hearing marvel is starting to as well, "or so it seems" but in the end it's all for nothing except losing readers which in turn loses money

  3. Kaiser DaShawn says:

    Did she fuck guys to get this comic greenlit XD

  4. Miguel Carlos Torres says:

    I can already feel someone pull the gender card on someone who will call her out. Seriously, only toxic feminazis will side with her since they are also clouded with judgement against "straight white privilaged male" who call them out on their attitudes, ethics or practices.

  5. blackgalager says:

    Once again the verge proves it’s not a legitimate source of news.

  6. Rev Bear says:

    Surprised that she is not riding Pinocchio nose!

  7. Sky79 says:

    still sleeping her way to the top midpoint i see

  8. Henry says:

    Maybe she did like it, it is possible. She should have disclosed her relationship before she Bagan the article.

  9. William Baker says:

    Of course? She's a whore that's never actually produced anything herself.
    Depression quest for as simple as it was was mainly made by others, this comic? The same.

  10. Apollyon Katastrefia says:

    Zoe quinn is such a whore, fucking any guy that might be able to do something for her.

  11. Happy 2BeHere says:

    I would fuck her though. All I need is a job where I can promote her.

  12. Carlos Caraballo says:

    This is not even news. Saying she whores around for good reviews is like saying the suns comes out at daybreak.

  13. Fig Jam says:

    i only clicked on this video because i want the thumbnail picture of that disgusting pig OUT of my recommended list and i don't want to block vids from this channel. i'm not actually watching it. it's got to the point where the sight of that whore enrages me. sorry, bye.

  14. Tahu33446 says:

    I love that media critics who are disconnected from fans can yet see how they are dying and that what they think is good is so far from the truth that they cant stomach the fact that they are wrong.

  15. The Political Agitator says:


  16. Heaven Piercing Man says:

    Chelsea Van Valkenburg is a cancer.

  17. Lessthanmediocre says:

    that comic is stealing art, or at the very least, not very inspired.

    the artist(s) seem to borrow HEAVILY from "kill la kill"

  18. heimatlos says:

    She is so gross

  19. finian jeory says:

    Zoe Whore of Babylon

  20. Gary Heighway says:

    I swear she's just fucking her way through DC. LOL

  21. jack goff says:

    She's kinda hot, shame.

  22. IkariMadness says:

    Zoe Quinn.  Trading snatch for good reviews.  Yet again she peddles some nonsense and starts getting good reviews… hmm.  Wonder what she traded this time.  Ill give you a clue, it rhymes with snatch…. DAMNIT… I suck at rhyming.

  23. Evan Crissinger says:

    Zoe Quinn is a cunt. I hope she dies of syphilis or some vag disease.

  24. Your wise cousin Joe says:

    Zoe Q is a whore or prostitute…same in my book.

  25. Super Sheepy says:

    Wait has noone spam send the ass hole photos to dc yet??

  26. The reality you fear says:

    Isn't this how GamerGate started? So all this bullshit by the media, and the same shit is still happening? Zoe Quinn is a slut (nothing wrong with that) . The issue is with the "journalists" who give her preferred treatment cause they are fucking her.

  27. Ulf Sark says:

    Wow, she really is a whore.

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