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Yes its true, DC Comics ignored the thousands of talented artists, people who are actually fans of comics and hired the most cancerous person on the planet

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44 Responses

  1. TheQuartering says:

    I Want to thank ALL Of You for Being So Awesome LIKING & SHARING These Videos! It's Really Making A Difference & Our Voice Continues To Get Louder & Louder Because Of It! Don't Miss Any Of the 5 Other Videos I Uploaded This Week Too, Let's Build The Army!

  2. Jim Hall says:

    Get woke, go broke.

  3. David Nymann says:

    Honestly Zoes sounds like it COULD be interesting.

  4. Crimson Hawk says:

    Write a comic book? Like with art and complexed characters , plot and sub plot? With a begining middle and end?
    …. alright xD

  5. David Allen says:

    How prophetic this video was. Nice call Jerm.

  6. 本刀に村正 says:

    oh boy lemme get my popcorn dis is gonna be spicy!!! :3

  7. ̪E͇z̞̖e̥̪k̥i͇̠e̪l says:

    She will fuck up and they WILL use it to their advantage and as a proof in the future to tell those "whiny snowflakes" to fuck off 😀

  8. kaczan3 says:

    This chick, or whatever, earned more on Patreon for just existing then I'll ever make in my job.

  9. Jeff Osborn says:

    lol, that is some seriously cringe-tastic shit right there! 😀

  10. Vido Vidotto says:

    They don't care about money. They get plenty of SOROS OPEN SOCIETY funds. They just want to destroy ESCAPISM AND MORALE!

  11. OSRS Fiend says:

    I got chills when you read those comic books titles she is making.
    I then proceeded to throw-up and make some chicken noodle soup

  12. Nocturnimancer says:

    That "safe sex" comic sounds like exactly the kinda thing Zoe Quinn would pen, considering how she made her way into the last industry she threw a wrench in.

  13. Mitchel Raziel says:

    OK, The womans is great but why specify only woman in GoddessMode rather that giving the impression that woman can do a better job then any many at that Theoretical job? I'd read a Social swap but one that describes only women being capable of knowing about this subculture is not enough to make me able to suspend my disbelief.

  14. Facemushroom says:

    Fat prostitutes are in demand these days. Especially when, like Zoe, they work cheep.

  15. Lieutenant BaconWaffles says:

    Remember when she made a kickstarter for a game & spent all the money on a vacation to Japan & a pair of fake tits?

  16. Lieutenant BaconWaffles says:

    Because it WORKED SO WELL FOR MARVEL, amiright?

  17. Hugh Janus says:

    Considering becoming a trans just get my OWN comic line. Forget the years of writing experience, just put on a wig and shave my gams.

  18. Able Baker says:

    Oh well… farewell DC.

  19. T.K. McNeil says:

    This one shouldn't be too bad. The comics industry already survived a major crisis starting with the imposition of the Comics Code and really came to a head with the Mike Diana case in early 1990s and, unlike video-games, comics have an effective advocacy group.

  20. Hayden Higdon says:

    G E T W O K E G O B R O K E

  21. Patrick Allen says:

    I gave up Comic Collecting thanks to all this shit, Thank you Feminists and SJW fuckheads for killing Comics …. RIP to Marvel and DC, it has been a hell of a ride but now its time to part ways.

  22. SSchithFoo says:

    Without scumbags like her, assholes like you wouldn't have a youtube channel. So you should be grateful.

  23. Lauren E says:

    Fuck vertigo was my favorite branch of comics.. I am a woman and I don't fucking like this feminist evasion

    It's such a shame hex wives sounds so unbarely awful I'd love to each it out the art is amazing

  24. thomjames66 says:

    If your a kickstarter Quinn backer and she's blown you off just contact DC Comics with proof of your claim and get them to give you a refund from her paycheck or make it known she's bad for the company and see how that goes as DC Comics has to answer for its employee's !
    Zoe can't run from this and keep a real job nor can she offer sex to solve this issue!

  25. lorgariiix says:

    Welp goodbye dc have fun picking up your fan base after the pc sjw crowd fuck everything up

  26. GreenLionGuardian says:

    That looks like a kingdom hearts knockoff…the mouse may not be happy about that.

  27. Nivrae Lacanlale says:

    Seeing the slate they have, it will definitely go down in flames in the next 2 seconds.

  28. Flymagnet2007 says:

    How many blow jobs can an under-worked, talent-less girl be expected to give for them sweet, sweet reviews mmm?

  29. Love Segarra says:

    I wouldnt want to give you more work, but whats the probability all companies filing loses on their taxes, as well as getting diversity tax breaks?

  30. Canadian Turtle says:

    The american comics industry can learn so much from the manga industry. The japanese are kicking our asses in that department

  31. Canadian Turtle says:

    I gotta disagree with you on one thing. The crime comic with the bi-racial cop going undercover as a white supremacist actually looks interesting. The cover art is pretty stunning. All the other comics look crap though.

  32. Antonio H says:

    Goddess Mode! Hummmm! I liked this story better when it was called TRON and it didn't involve SJWs.

  33. Antonio H says:

    DC to Zoe: "So you have no experience in the comics inbustry? You scam morons with ridiculous crowd funding ideas that go nowhere and milk your fabricated victom status for fame and profit, correct? Great you're hired!" Morons! Get ready to bleed money DC!

  34. Mortar team and a pooch says:

    Safe Sex — it's what you get if you take any self-awareness & humour from Shimoneta

  35. DeadlyFredXXX says:

    Zoe should go back to porn.

  36. Mirrorwarrior says:

    This is good as well. This will finish off the "mainstream" industry which has gone full SJW and is just insulting fans and customers now. It will give the opportunity for new indie authors/illustrators/companies and new methods of distribution like e-publishing a chance to flourish.

    It's the same principle as rotten trees collapsing under their own weight or being purged by natural forest fires to help a new generations of trees and plants to grow.

  37. Preatorian says:

    The border one would be good, minus the illegal imigrants… Itd be ok… Minus the trump hating…

  38. Sean S says:

    Is it me, or is this at the point where it just seems like a poor joke? I really thought DC was mostly ahead of the curve AFA this SJW bullshit goes. It seems that they are SO woefully BEHIND the curve and SO ignorant to math as to follow Marvel into the void like a lemming on meth.

  39. B2D 327 says:

    Great marketing strategy. Comics aimed at people who don't buy comics.

  40. Brett Naysmith says:

    To be fair, i've been collecting for thirty years, and this is the first time of commented online about it..

  41. tiredof beingsilent says:

    I'd rather read a comic book about la chupacabra

  42. Subi_fan says:

    Nerd culture wasnt killed, it was murdered.

  43. hemlock dripps says:


  44. lvloneratata says:

    dc and marvel comics have gone completely to fucking shit this is just icing on the turd cake

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