DarkLab playing Test Match – The Board Game!

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We found the board game Test Match, can you believe someone was going to throw this out? Not a piece missing! DarkLab, Brisbane band, takes some time off to have a game! Out!

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12 Responses

  1. gaming explosion says:


  2. paraffinalien says:

    People loved this game i had England Australia New zealand west indies teams.Spent hours batting and bowling

  3. paraffinalien says:

    Awesome game had hours of fun playing test match.Now it's all pc and console sports simulation.Alien

  4. Cuttlefish Pie says:

    ‘You fuckin little barstard’ Love it! This was a mainstay game in my house growing up also subbuteo….so many fights with my brothers. Love it!

  5. Totally Anonymous says:

    Jesus I spent so much of my youth playing this amazing game…the feeling of cracking a 4 was awesome

  6. adabala john says:

    Super video

  7. Atul Inferno Pandey says:

    Cool tho

  8. Hedley Richards says:

    i had that game and it is crap..

  9. Gary Walsh says:

    Don't suppose you characters are interested in selling this game???

  10. RajatsubhroCR7 Chowdhury says:

    Best video ever seen on youtube

  11. Paul Harris says:

    Darklab's greatest video

  12. Paul Harris says:

    people love this video

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